In cold blood literature review

hello my name is Jaime Shaw Hernandez and I'm in your creative fundamental creative writing class so for my literature review I decided to write about in cold blood what my plan is for this video it's kind of good over what I wrote but also my initial thoughts I didn't add on to the paper so my first stop that I want to talk about is the fact that in cold blood is a true crime novel and it kind of hits the line between real life and fiction lives because Shubin compose also added luck added a lot of fictionalized events to the actual but so a lot of people have a hard time deciphering what's real and what's not another point that I want to add to this is that Truman Capote it's one of the greatest writers alive and I say this because of his ability to humanize people who were murdered as people who would be deemed as monsters in modern day society and someone that we should look at we should really look at their past and wonder why what led to their future but one quote I included in my essay or my literature review about the novel that Truman Capote I think really resonates with my point is the fact that says I guess isn't Matt it okay the fact that it it's okay there's no shame in having a dirty face but they're shaming so my point is it kind of helps to support my whole argument in this novel is because these anti-heroes yes they had a traumatic background they grew up Perry Smith for example he grew up both his parents are alcoholics I'm not sure the history of his mother but till their siblings committed suicide his father abandoned them he had to grow up orphanage where he was severely abused and then once again to the army he had a month but a bunch of failures Perry Smith he got married at a young age he was happy but he had an accident and from that point on he wasn't the same but that there's no excuse in their actions for the murder of the clutter family if you think about it the Clara family were ups and instances okay they were people they were really disguised as type of people that would give their shirt off of their back and yet two people came in two people who didn't know them and they had no mercy and that is why I think Truman Capote is one of the greatest writers ever he was able to make people ignore he helped people ignore the fact that they had no mercy on the clutter family and the audience had mercy aunt Harriet Smith when you think about the beginning when Harry Smith was reading a letter from his father and how you thought about how wrong he had been as a child and you fell for that then you really fell for him I felt for him I felt like oh my God look how traumatic he hadn't grown up look how sad his life was but at the end of the day there's nothing that can erase their actions so I'm gonna go into my actual review literature can turn boxers into literary interference anti-heroes are characters that are not innocent by societal standards they murder still and teeth yeah the audience are able to empathize notable antihero such as Dexter from the TV series Dexter as Sarah Kelly at the audience included myself to live as crimes due to their nature though a murderous sociopaths he only murdered other murderous psychopath in this context it was an act to go even if murder was wrong Dexter was helping society out by taking these bad men off the street Dexter was forgiven for these trespasses Peter Pan another notable aunty arrow he soaked them in bread she gets the pearl for as we relate it to modern day to the modern day wealthy 1% society understands I understand why the needs a cell from the bridge will be helpful for the other 99% because you look at the number one percent to 99 99 % you see such a huge difference and you feel as if there needs to be a balance these are trespasses that society couldn't forgive morals are touched in that at this way and things become less black and white if anything the most in Cobourg were clear there was no gray in this novel dig impaired irritability straight up herders somehow along the line in history it has been a discussion about where sympathy should life but parador de dick forget the family who was murdered let's compare the two antagonists who had the most comet ison pass that is where sympathies could play these men were monsters were made and that's why I messed up my mates I messed up they were made into monsters and that's what people want to believe and that's why it's so easy to sympathize with them because they want to believe like hey it's not their fault that they this way it's not their fault they didn't do this to themselves they didn't make themselves monsters but another thing that kills me about pool flooding is that the victims are afterthoughts you don't hear about nancy clutter you don't care about him for a Keyon and clutter about you know their lives before the murders about what they wanted in their features about their plants you only hear about deke and pear but to that murder and there's a real big problem enough not a problem in truth both side because he was able to convince the audience that they were more important than her victims because readers empathize with this their situation they understood how traumatic childhoods could impact the dots again in people forget that these men pass it they murdered an innocent family in cold blood Harry and dick want to make a pitch for do an animate dick learned of the farmers walk then mate told dick he kept ten thousand dollars in the safe dick and Perry did not cheat more than forty dollars from the Berlin and and so they sort of radio and binoculars these items help them to eat crow I mean I'm Harry and dick lived very traumatic life yeah we admit that yeah cool they have dramatic up brigands and as a writer he helped to humanize these people and helped us understand why they've become officers and again I want to point out the fact that he summarized it very well as novel and he said there's no shame to have a dirty face this shame comes from when you keep it dirty the clutters of up Santa family they were murdered due to tragedies that were not theirs their lives served as reminders of trauma committed in the past and the audience understand we must also take note that Perry's only surviving sister was scared of him she does not give him her address dicks as wives were also fearful oh man they were a menace to our society refusing to ride when hitching to ride with black men they were competent man they knew what they were doing there him in humanity was real but they gave it all away when they took the lights when they took the color family sides away in the end they will always be the monsters of the song

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