[Applause] everyone Adventures of Tom Sawyer a few words to begin most of the adventures in this book really happened one or two were my own experiences the others were experiences of boys in my school Huck Finn really lived Tom Sawyer is made of three real boys my book is for boys and girls but I hope that men and women will also read it I hope that it will help them to remember pleasantly the days when they were boys and girls and how they felt and thought and talked what they believed and what strange things they sometimes did Mark Twain in the state of Connecticut hartford 1876 chapter 1 and Polly decides her duty Tom no answer Tom no answer the old lady looked around the room when I find you what she did not finish with her head down she was looking under the bed only the cat came out she went to the open door and looked toward the garden no tom was there she shouted yo Tom there was a little noise behind her she turned and caught a small boy stopping him before he could escape what were you doing in that corner nothing nothing what is that on your hands and face I do not know Aunt Polly I know you've been eating sweets I have told you a hundred times not to eat those sweets her hand was raised in the air it started down it was very near oh look behind you ain't the old lady turn the boy ran in a moment he was up on the high board fence then he was on the far side of it his Aunt Polly was surprised then she laughed a little that boy I never know what he would do next and he knows that I do not want to hit him but I should and if he does not go to school this afternoon I must make him work tomorrow he does not like work especially on Saturday when there is no school he does not like work all the other boys will be playing but I must try and make him a good boy he is my dead sister son and this is my duty I must do my duty Tom did not go to school and he had a very happy afternoon he came home late he hurried to do his share of the evening work his brother Sid had already finished his share Sid was a quiet boy who had no adventures and also no troubles while Tom sat eating his Aunt Polly asked questions she hoped to learn about his afternoon tom was it warm in school yes ain't Polly did you wish to go swimming Tom Tom began to feel afraid what did she know about this afternoon no ain't Polly not very much she touched his shirt it was dry but Tom knew what she would touch next he said quickly but some of us put water on our hands because we were hot my hair is not dying yet he watched her face yes she believed him he was safe and Aunt Polly was glad to believe that he had been good the summer evenings were long Tom walked along the street whistling like a bird then he stopped whistling he had met a stranger a boy a little larger than he was the boy's clothes were new and good and he was wearing shoes Tom would wear shoes and good clothes like these only to church on Sunday Tom looked and looked the boys clothes seemed to become better and better and his own clothes seem to grow poorer neither boy spoke if one moved then the other moved but they moved only to the side in a circle they remain face to face and eye to eye then Tom said I can beat you try I can no you can't yes I can no you can't I can you can't can Kate a moment of quiet then Tom said I could beat you as one hand do it you say you can do it that hat hit it off my head if you came I will you are afraid I'm not afraid you are I'm not you are more moving in a circle now they were shoulder to shoulder each time to make the other fall back and then suddenly they were rolling in the dust each pulled at the other's hair and each hit the other's nose and now through the dust Tom appeared sitting on the new boy beating him with hard closed hands have you had enough said he the boy tried to get free he was weeping with anger have you had enough then the new boy said enough Tom let him stand up and walk away but as soon as Tom turned the new boy threw a stone hitting Tom's back there for Tom followed him home and waited the boy did not come out again his mother came and said that Tom was a bad child she told him to go home it was late when Tom got there very quietly and carefully he entered through a window but his aunt was waiting for him she had learned from Sid about Tom's afternoon now she saw his clothes and knew that he had been fighting she knew what she must do Tom would work all day on Saturday chapter 2 strong desire wise action Saturday morning came all the summer world was bright and full of life Tom appeared in the front of the house with paint and a big brush he looked at the fence and all joy left him a deep sadness settled upon his heart the fence was long and high wet the brush and moved it along the top board he did it again and did it again he looked at what he had done the painted part was very very small ol fence was very large he sat down he felt that he could not continue Jim a boy who worked for the family came through the gate he was going to get water and he was singing happily Tom said Tim I will get the water if you were paint Jim said no I must get the water are you afraid of Aunt Polly she won't hurt you she talks about it but Tom never hurts it never hurts except when she weeps also you should not be afraid of her Jim I would give you one of my playthings and I will show you my foot I will show you where I heard it Jim was only human he took the placing and he put his head down for a look at the foot in another moment he was running down the street Tom was painting as fast as possible and Aunt Polly was returning to the house but Tom began to think of the pleasure plan for this day his hands moved more slowly soon the other boys would come and laugh at him for working from his pocket he took everything that he owned he looked at it there was nothing of real value it was not enough to buy another boys help at this dark moment a wonderful idea came to him it was like a great bright light he took his brush and went quietly to work then Rogers appeared soon Tom had been especially afraid of Ben's laughs Ben was eating an apple also as he walked he was making noises like those of a big riverboat he would shout loudly then he would say ding-dong down like a bell then he would shout again and say ding-dong down again and make other strange noises he was the boat he was the captain of the boat and the boat bill Turner he shouted flower stop he made a slow careful turn came close beside Tom and stopped Tom continued his painting he did not look at the boat Ben said hello you are in trouble no answer Tom moved his brush gently and looked at the result Ben came nearer Tom wished for the Apple but he did not turn for his work Ben said hello work must you Tom turned suddenly Oban is it you I did not see you I'm going swimming I am do you wish you could go with me or would you rather work tom said what do you mean work that is work Tom returned to his painting it may be working it may not be but it is fine for Tom Sawyer do you mean that you enjoy it enjoy it does a boy have a chance to paint a fence every day here was a new idea Ben stopped eating his Apple Tom moved his brush stepped away to look at the result added a little paint here and there stepped away again then watched he was more and more interested then he said Tom let me paint a little Tom saw then he said no being ain't Polly wants this fence to be perfect if it was the fence behind the house you could help but this fence beside the street must be done very carefully there is not one boy in a thousand who can do it well Oh Tom let me try only a little I will be careful tom I'll give you part of my Apple no Ben I'm afraid I will give you all of it Tom gave the brush to Ben slowly but with joy in his heart and while the boy who a few moments before had been a riverboat worker and became hot in the Sun Tom sat under the tree eating the Apple and planning how to get more help there were enough boys they came along the street stopped to laugh but remain to paint after Ben bill Fisher painted then Johnny Miller came each one paid to be allowed to work in the middle of the afternoon tom was very rich he had many playthings a small cat with one eye a piece of broken blue glass and much more and he had not worked and the whole fence had been painted three times there was no more paint with more paint Tom would soon have owned everything belonging to the other boys and the other boys in the village would have owned nothing Tom had discovered a great law of human action a man or a boy will desire something if it's not easy to get chapter three tom is an army officer delightful sadness Tom went to report to Aunt Polly she was sitting beside an open window she was half asleep and she was holding the sleeping cat she was surprised to see Tom she thought that he had run away from his work long ago Tom said now go and play now he already how much have you done it is all done ain't Tom is that true it makes me sad if you do not tell the truth it is true ain't it is all done she went to see and her surprise was very great you came work when you want to Tom but you do not often want to go and play but remember to come home again she gave him a large Apple she did not see him take a piece of cake as he passed through the kitchen Tom hurried to the center of the village there two armies of boys had met for a battle tom was the leader the general of one army and his good friend Joe Harper was the general of the other Tom and Joe did not fight they sat together and sent their orders to the armies when the battle was finished they agreed to have another battle on another day then the armies marched away and Tom started to go home alone as he passed deaf Thatcher's house he saw a new girl in the garden she had blue eyes and yellow hair she was beautiful Tom had loved a girl named Amy Lawrence a week ago she had said that she loved him he had been happy and proud but now in a moment she was gone from his heart he watched the new girl until she discovered him then he looked at other places as if he had not seen her then he began to jump and dance and walk on his hands so that she would continue to watch him she walked toward the house and Tom's heart was sad but she threw a flower over the fence then she was gone Tom looked around there was no person to see him slowly he picked up the flower he put it under his shirt near his heart and he stayed near the fence until darkness game then he went home to eat he was full of joy his aunt wondered why later that evening his brother Sid was a bad boy he took some sweets but his aunt did not believe that Sid could be bad she gave Tom the blow that she should have given the SID she learned the truth later and was sorry but she said nothing to Tom therefore tom was very sorry for himself he began to wish that he would die she would feel sorry then he could see himself being carried home from the river dead his hair wet his troubles passed it went out into the darkness and went to the river it would be good to drown if you could drown without pain he thought of his flower his shirt would the new girl be sad if he died would she put her arms around him or would she turn coldly away this picture brought him much delightful suffering he kept it a long time in his mind then he started home he stopped near the Thatcher house there was a light in one window was that the new girls room he lay down on the ground below the window with her flower in his hands he would lie there and die in the cold in the morning she would look out the window and see him the window opens suddenly he heard the voice of a woman who worked for the sacher's she threw water out of the window and it fell on him Tom jumped up and ran Sid opened his eyes and saw Tom ready for bed looking at his wet clothes Tom's wild eyes made Sid afraid he did not dare to speak but he would remember until his aunt chapter 4 going to Sunday school the Sun rose upon a quiet world it looked warmly down upon the peaceful village the family began the day by praying together then Tom did his Sunday studying he was trying to learn some words from the Bible Sid had already finished his studying but Tom was slow his mind was busy with other things Tom was learning five verses some verses are long and some are short Tom had found five short verses and Polly's daughter Mary helped him and after a time he could say the verses without looking at the book Mary gave him a knife for studying so well it was not a good knife but it was a knife Tom was deeply delighted then Mary helped him to dress in his sunday clothes he hoped that she would forget his shoes but she did not when they were ready the three children went to Sunday school with his whole heart Tom wished not to go Mary and Sid enjoyed going at the church door Tom stopped to speak to a friend Billy do you have a yellow ticket yes will you sent it to me what will you pay for it Tom offered enough and received the ticket then Tom stopped other boys and bought more tickets some red and some blue he was busy with his buying for about ten minutes then he went into the church these tickets were given for learning the Bible verses a blue ticket was given for two versus a red ticket was equal to ten blue tickets a yellow ticket was equal to ten red tickets and for ten yellow tickets for learning two thousand verses the Sunday School teacher gave the student a Bible it was a wonderful day when a boy or girl received one of those Bibles perhaps Tom did not want the Bible but he did want the wonderful experience of receiving it now children the teacher said sit up as straight as possible and listen that is what good little boys and girls should do while the teacher was talking three gentlemen and a lady entered the church the lady was leading a child when Tom saw this small girl waves of happiness went over him he began hitting other boys pulling their hair doing everything to force the new girl to look at him and smile he was quickly forgetting the water the woman threw from her window the night before the gentleman and the lady went to the front of the church and sat down there then the teacher told who they were one gentleman was mr. Thatcher who lived in the village all knew him but one was his brother the great judge Thatcher he had travelled he had seen the world he came from a large town twelve miles away the teacher wished it on this day he could give some boy or girl a Bible he would have been proud to do that the famous judge Thatcher would know then that this was a fine Sunday school but no child had enough yellow tickets at this moment when hope was dead Tom Sawyer came forward he had nine yellow tickets nine red tickets and ten blue tickets it was like a storm coming from a clear sky the teacher had not expected Tom to gather so many tickets in ten years but here were the tickets it was the surprise of the year the teacher knew that it was strange he could not understand how it had happened he did not believe that Tom had learned 2,000 verses he did not believe that Tom had learned twelve verses the other boys watched Tom all wish that they too had enough tickets for a Bible some boys suffered more deeply because they had sold Tom their tickets they were able to understand what had happened tom had become rich by letting other boys whitewash the fence he had been rich enough to buy their tickets and now anger-filled them they saw clearly what fools they had been Tom stood in a place of honor beside the judge the judge put his hand on Tom's head and called him a fine little man Tom could not speak his breath would not come his heart was shaking this was partly because the judge was a great man but it was chiefly because the judge was her father the judge asked his name Tom is that all of it Thomas but you have more perhaps another name tell the gentlemen your other name Thomas said the teacher Thomas sire that is a good boy you are a fine manly little fellow two thousand verses is a very very great many and you never can be sorry that you learned them learning makes great men and good men you be a great man and a good man someday Thomas then you will remember this day then you will be glad that you went to Sunday school now Thomas tell me in this lady some of what you have learned in your Bible verses we are proud of little boys who learn now you know the names of the twelve great followers of Jesus Christ tell us the names of the first two Tom's face became red and he looked down at his feet the teacher knew that Tom could not answer but he felt that he must speak he said answer the gentleman Thomas do not be afraid Tom said nothing surely he will tell me said the lady the names of the first two followers of Jesus Christ were Tom remembered two names from the Bible he did not remember who the people were or what they had done but the two names were always together he shouted them now David and Goliath but David and Goliath had not been among the twelve great followers of Jesus Christ their story was in a different part of the Bible David was a boy and Goliath was a man of very great size and strength they were enemies and David had killed Goliath let us be kind enough to look away from the rest of the scene of Tom Sawyer in Sunday School chapter 5 in church well of the small church began to ring the people began to gather to hear mr. sprog speak to them mr. sprog spoke to them in church every Sunday and prayed with them the Sunday school children now sat with their fathers and mothers who would try to keep them quiet and Polly came and Tom and Sid and Mary sat with her Tom was placed as far as possible from the open window and the interesting summer seems outside other people came in and went to their seats there were the old and poor there were the middle-aged there were the pretty girls and bright summer clothes and the young men with their eyes following the girls there was mrs. Douglas whose husband died she was rich and good-hearted and she lived in the big house on Cardiff Hill there was muff resan the good boy of the village he came to church with his mother all the other mothers talked of his goodness all the other boys did not like him now the Bell was heard again and then the church became very quiet they were ready to begin they began with a song after the song mr. sprong read a very long list of meetings to come in the following week then he prayed he prayed for many things and for many people he prayed for the church and for the little children of the church and for the other churches of the village and for the village and then for the whole country and for the government and then for people of far-off countries Tom did not enjoy hearing mr. sprog pray but he knew he must remain quiet while mr. sprog prayed a flying bug stopped in the back of the seat in front of tom it moved his front legs together one over the other it put them around its head and seemed to pull until Tom thought the head would separate from the body it used its back legs to clean its wings and it did all this slowly as if knowing that it was safe and indeed it was safe Tom did not dare to reach for it he believed that his soul would be destroyed suddenly if he did such a thing while mr. sprog was praying but with the last words his hand began to move forward when the last word came the bug was in his hand but his aunt saw this she told him to let the bug fly away then mr. sprog began a longer talk he read the words he was saying and Tom counted the pages as he turned them after church Tom always knew how many pages there had been he did not often know what had been said but this morning tom was interested for a little while mr. frog talked about future peace in the world the strong and powerful nations he said would be friends of the weak the strong he said would be like a strong wild animal of the forest the weak would be like a weak animal of the farm but the strong animal would not hurt the weak animal they would lie down beside each other in peace they would be so gentle and friendly that a little child could lead them Tom wished to be that child then there was no more talk about animals again Tom began to suffer he remembered a valuable object that he carried and he took it from his pocket it was a large black bug in a small box the bug quickly took a painful hold on Tom's finger the next moment the bug was on the floor on its back and Tom's finger was in his mouth the bug lay there moving its legs but it could not get on his feet again Tom could not reach it it was too far away but he watched it other people also not interested in mr. Sprague's words found pleasure in watching the bug then a dog entered the church he was sad at heart he wanted some new different thing to do he saw the large black bug and his tail lifted and moved a little happily he looked at the bug carefully walked around it put his nose nearer lay down with the bug betweens front feet and began to sleep move down it touched the bug and the bug took a painful hold on his nose the dog cried loudly shaking his head and the bug fell again on the floor on its back people sitting near were laughing gently with their faces covered tom was completely happy the dog seemed like a fool and perhaps felt like a fool there was anger in his heart also he went near the bug again and began jumping at it moving in a circle he jumped again and again then it had enough of jumping he's on the smaller bug and followed it for a while then he had had enough of the smaller bug forgetting the large black bug he sat down on it a wild cry of pain he went running around the church the bug kept its hold the dog ran across the front of the church and across the back his cries grew louder and louder then he jumped into his owner's arms his owner threw him out a low window then slowly the sound of his voice grew softer and was gone as he quickly ran away now all the people in the church had red faces and we're trying not to laugh mister sprog had stopped speaking he began again but it was not easy for him to continue here and there a laugh could be heard all were glad when it was time to go home Tom Sawyer went home quite happy church was a pleasure when something different happened there was only one thing that he did not like he was glad to let the dog play with his bug but the dog should not have carried it away you Chapter six a talk of Devils happy hours the next morning tom was very sad this was the beginning of another week of slow suffering in school he usually began this day wishing that there had been no Saturday and no Sunday because of them school seemed more painful to him he lay in bed thinking if he were sick he could stay home he thought carefully about all the parts of his body but he could discover no sickness then he looked at his foot his foot had been hurt he had an idea he began to cry as if with pain but Sid in his bed across the room continued to sleep Tom's voice grew louder now he seemed to feel real pain in his foot no result from sit mom said Sid Sid tried shaking him this time the result was good when Tom cried again Sid sat up and looked at him he said Tom what's wrong no answer now Sid tried shaking Tom Tom said oh do not do that Sid hurts me I must call eight Poli no do not call her he cried loudly again then he said I will forget everything bad you have ever done to me Sid when I'm dead Oh Tom are you dying give back at with one eye to that new girl and tell her but Sid was gone he ran to his end oh and Polly tom is dying dying I can't believe it but she ran her face was white with fear at the bedside she cried Tom Tom what is wrong it is my foot ain't where I heard it the doctor must cut it off the old lady sat down in a chair and laughed a little then wept a little and did both together feeling better she said Tom you stop that and get out of bed stop crying and the pain stop too not to school he met Huckleberry Finn huckleberries father was always drunk none of the mothers in the village liked huckleberry but all the children liked him they wished that they dared to be like him Tom also wished he could be like huckleberry he had been ordered never to play with him therefore he played with huckleberry every time it was possible huckleberry was always dressed in old clothes the clothes were always too big for him his hat was full of holes the bottom of this coat touched the ground he came and went as he wished he did not sleep in a bed he did not sleep in a house he did not go to school or to church he could go swimming or fishing when and where he might choose he was the first boy to wear no shoes in the early summer he was the last boy to wear shoes in the early winter he never washed he had everything that any boy could desire tom said hello huckleberry hello yourself what's that dead cat let me see him hop where did you get him from a boy why do you want him huh take off these warts huckleberry showed tom small spots of thick hard skin on his hands I take them off with the being Huck yes being is good I've done that how did you do it you take the bean and break it into pieces then you cut the wart and get some blood then you put the blood on half the bean you make a hole in the ground you put that half of the bean in the hole and cover it with earth you must do this in the middle of the night where two roads cross and when the moon is dark then you burn the other half of the beans the Peace of being with the blood on it will try to pull the other half to it and that helps the blood to pull the wart and it's gone from your hand yes that is right Huck although when you put the bean in the ground you should say down bean off wart appear no more but how do you take off warts with a dead cat you wait until a dead body or some bad person has been put in the ground then you take your cat and you go to that place before the middle of the night at the middle of the night a devil will come to carry the dead man away perhaps two or three Devils will come you can't see them you can only hear a sound like the wind or perhaps you can hear them talk then when they take the body away you throw with a cat after them you say devil follow body cat follow devil Ward's fun a cat that'll take off any wart did you ever try it not yet huh when you're gonna do it tonight I think that they will come to get old Hoss Williams tonight but they put him in the ground Saturday the Devils would take him Saturday night the Devils can't come out until 12:00 at 12:00 on Saturday night it is Sunday Devils can't come on Sunday I never thought of that let me go with you if you won't be afraid afraid will you come to my house and call to me make a noise like a cat yes but you answer another night I came to your house saying meow meow like a cat but you never answered and your neighbour threw stones at me paint polly was watching me but I will me out this time Tom continued walking to school he went in quickly and sat in his seat the teacher looked at him Thomas aiyah Tom knew the trouble was coming when his whole name was used why are you late again Tom looked around the room he saw the new girl no girl sat in the seat beside her and the girl sat in all the other seats in the girls side of the room he said I stopped to talk with Huckleberry Finn all the children looked at Tom it was very foolish to say that to a teacher Thomas Sawyer I never heard more surprising words take off your coat the teacher had a supply of thin branches cut from a tree he used and broke several of these while beating Tom's back then he ordered go and sit with the girls the new girl turned her back to her Tom then after a short time she turned toward him and she saw an apple on the table in front of her she moved it away Tom gently moved it toward her she moved it away again Tom returned it then she let it remain where he had placed it now Tom began to make a picture on a piece of paper he held one hand over it while he worked and she could not see it she tried to see he seemed not to notice her interest then she said Dennis he he showed her it was a picture of a house it was not good but she thought it was it is nice now make a man the man was bigger than the house it is beautiful now make me he made a picture of another person that is very nice I wish I could make pictures I would teach you at noon viva Hong they eat I would say if you stay good what is your name Becky Thatcher what is yours oh I know it is Thomas Sawyer that is my name when they beat me I am Tom when I am good you call me Tom will you yes Tom began writing something hiding it with his hand she asked to see oh it is nothing you don't want to see it yes I do you would tell what it is I promised never to tell oh you do not want to see I will see she put her small hand on his and then Tom let her pull the riding away she read these words I love you oh you bad thing and she hit his hand but her face showed pleasure at this moment the boy felt a hand on his ear and a pull lifting him from the seat he was returned to his usual seat the whole school laughed but although Tom's ear hurt his heart was joyful seven an agreement is made Tom ran to Becky and said softly inner-ear start to go home with the others and then return here I will do the same soon both had returned now they were alone in the school they sat together and Tom put his hand on Becky's guiding it they made a picture of another house then they talked tom was filled with happiness he said Becky were you ever engaged what does that mean did you ever promise to marry any boy No would you like to be engaged what do you do you tell a boy you will marry him then your kiss that is all it is easy why do you kiss they always do that do you remember what I was writing yes what was it shall I tell you yes but not now tomorrow no now I was saying quietly Becky close to your ear he put his arm around her and he said the words quietly now you tell me she made him turn his face away then she came near her breath moved as hair as she said I love you then she jumped away from him and ran around the seats with Tom running after he caught her in a corner with her hands over her face but her hands dropped Tom kissed her and said now it is all finished Becky and always after this you can't love anybody except me I'll marry anybody except me and you can't marry any girl but me certainly that is part of it and we will walk to school together because we are engaged it is nice I never heard of it before oh it is fine me and Amy Lawrence what the big eyes told him that he had said the wrong thing Oh Tom I am NOT the first that you were engaged to she began to weep I do not lover now I do not love any girl except you more weeping Tom took from his pocket the thing he valued most it was a ball shaped object of no worth but as bright as gold Becky take this she hid it from his hand to the floor then filled with anger Tom marched out of the school and over the hills and far away he would return no more that day Becky had not really wanted him to go and when he did not return within a few moments she called Tom come back then she wept again you Chapter eight Tom decides what to do our later Tom's beyond mrs. Douglass's house on Cardiff Hill he entered a thick forest went to the center of it and sat down under a tree he was very sad he wished that he could die for a short time but soon you began to think again of living he would go far away to countries across the sea how would Becky feel then he would be a soldier and return famous after many wars no no he would join the Indians and hunt and fight with him in the Far West but no there was something better he would sail across the seas in a long fast black ship he would follow other ships take the gold and silver they carried and then send them to the bottom of the sea that was it he would be a pirate famous in the whole world Tom Sawyer the pirate yes it was decided he would start his journey the next morning at this moment he heard a call from far away in the forest he went to a place very near where he kept some of his things from this place he took a long knife made of wood he tied it to his side he was not Tom Sawyer now he dreamed he had become a famous leader named Robin Hood who lived with his men hundreds of years before in another forest he advanced slowly moving carefully from behind one tree to another believing for the moment that he really was Robin Hood he said stay where you are my man do not move until I call now Joe Harper appeared he too had a long wooden knife Tom called stop who comes here into Sherwood Forest no person enters my forest until I say that he may I'm Guy of Gisbourne said Joe Harper continuing the game I go where I wish who are you I am Robin Hood as you shall soon know when you lie dead there on the ground are you indeed that famous man gladly I will fight with you they took their two long knives and began a slow careful fight then Tom said now fight faster they were soon hot from their efforts fall Tom said you must fall you fall I'm fighting better than you but the story of Robin Hood says that I kill you turn to let me hit you in the back Joe turned receive the blow and fell niall Joe said rising you must let me kill you I can't do that it is not in the story it should be Joe you can be Robin Hood for a while I will be Robins enemy and you can kill me this was agreeable and more fighting followed then Tom became Robin Hood again and he was hurt and all his blood ran from his body and Joe who had now become all of Robin Hood's men watched with tears in his eyes as Robin Hood died then the boys went home they were sad because Robin Hood had lived so long ago they would have liked living with him and Sherwood Forest better than being president of the United States you chapter nine Indian Joe explains at 9:00 that night Tom and Sid were sent to bed as usual they prayed and Sid was soon asleep tom was waiting time passed very slowly little noises came out of the darkness the cry of a far-off dog was heard in the night air and was answered by another dog by that time tom was asleep then there came among his dreams the call of a cat a neighbor opened a window Tom heard this and a minute later he was through his window he me out as he went then he jumped Huckleberry Finn was there with his dead cat in half-an-hour the boys were in the graveyard the graveyard was on a hill a mile and a half from the village there was an old board fence around it a light wind sounded in the trees and Tom was afraid that the sound came from the spirits of the dead the boys talked little the time and the place and the quiet were heavy on their hearts they found the new grave and sat down under the branches of three big trees near it they waited a long time after a while Tom felt that he must talk Huck do you believe that the dead people are pleased to have us here I wish I knew Huck do you think Hoss Williams hears us talking his spirit hears us I wish I had said mr. Williams but all the people said Hoss you must be careful how you talk about dead people come there was no more talk for a while then Tom touched hooks arm did you get that is again now you hear it the two held each other with fast beating hearts Tom they're coming what should we do I do not know will they see us Tom they can see in the dark like cats I wish I had not come oh do not be afraid we are doing nothing if we are completely quiet perhaps they won't see us I would try Tom but I'm shaken listen the sound of voices came from the far end of the graveyard look see there said Tom what is it is devil fire Oh Tom this is very bad some dark shapes came here carrying a light huckleberry said shaking more it is the devil's three of them Tom we are in great trouble I can kick can you pray I would try Tom began to pray Tom they are human that is old my Potter's voice his junk as usual he won't see us Huck I know another voice it is Indian Joe Devils would be better than that happen dude what do they want here then the boys were quiet because the three men had arrived at the new Grave here it is said the third boys in the light the boys saw the face of young dr. Robinson he was so near that the boys could have touched him hairy man he said the moon may appear from behind the clouds the other two men began opening the grave for a while no sound was heard except the sound of their work then they came to the box which contained the body they opened it and lifted the body out of the box the moon appeared and the dead man's face could be seen Potter held up a knife nyah Daka the thing is read him and here it stays unless you pay us five dollars more you have your money the doctor said you and your father once sent me to jail Indian Joseon five years ago do you think I would forget now you pay the doctor hit him suddenly in Indian Joe fell Potter dropped his knife you hit my friend he said he jumped at the doctor and the two began fighting now Indian Joe was on his feet again he picked up Potter's knife and began moving like a cat around around the fighters he was watching for a chance to strike the doctor suddenly the doctor was free he picked up a board and used it to strike Potter who fell quickly to the ground at the same moment Indian Joe saw his chance the whole length of the knife went into the doctors body the doctor phil partly on potter covering potter with his blood clouds covered the moon and the two boys ran into the darkness when the moon appear de ghin Indian Joe was looking down at the two men lying on the ground the doctor made some sounds that were not possible to understand and then after a long breath he was quiet the Indian said now that is finished knife in Potter's right hand then he sat down and waited Potter began to move his hand closed on the knife he looked at it and let it fall then he sat up and looked at the doctors body what happened go he said it is a bad business said Joe why did you do it I I never did it Potter was shaking I was drunk I do not remember what happened did I do it Joe I never wanted to do it he hit you and then you did it but you have always been good to me muff Potter I won't tell Oh Joe well I will bless you for that as long as I live and Potter began to weep mmm this is no time for weeping you go that way and I will go this way move now Potter started running Joe stood watching him he forgets his knife because he's drunk when he remembers he will be afraid to return for it two or three minutes later the dead doctor the body from the grave the open box were alone under the moon the quiet was complete again 2:10 the promise the result of fear the two boys ran toward the village they look behind them off and afraid that they were being followed after a while they came to the edge of the village there stood an old building which was not used they ran through the open door and fell to the ground huckleberry what do you think will happen now if the doctor dies they'll hang Injun Joe Tom spoke who would tell about it you and I if we did an opinion Joe did not hang he would kill us I was thinking that Huck let muff Potter tell if he's fool enough he's usually drunk enough Tom continued to think and then he said Huck muff Potter does not know what happened the doctor had hit him with that board are you sure that you won't tell Tom we can't tell you know that Indian Joe would drown us like two cats if we told Tom we must promise never to tell it must be a strong promise with writing and blood I'm agreed with all his heart this idea was what must be done it was deep dark and fearful this was the hour and the place to do it he found a clean broad piece of wood in his pocket he found something to write with the moon was his light painfully he formed the words Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer promise they will never tell about this and they wish they may die in their footsteps if they ever tell then each boy cut a finger and signed in blood TS mhf Tom help talk to right as H and F then they made a hole in the ground near the wall of the building they placed the piece of wood in the hole and covered it with earth now they were certain their mouths would never speak about what their eyes had seen when Tom entered his house through his bedroom window the night was almost gone he took off his clothes very quietly and laid down he believed happily that his hand would never know that he had been away but Sid was not asleep the next morning his aunt gave him some food then she wept and she asked him why he hurt her old heart she wished to help him to be good she tried and tried but she could try no more thousand beatings would have been easier for Tom he wept he promised to be good but he felt that she did not believe his promises to school and there the teacher beat him and Joe Harper because they had run away from school the day before then he went to his seat a hard object covered in paper was waiting for him there he opened the paper inside was the bright shining ball that looked like gold that he had given to Becky Thatcher this was too much now his heart was broken haha

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  2. thanks a lot … the language the accent the intonations all is amazing … the way of reading is but awesome …. the audio book is something really fantastic mainly for busy short of time people Like me … I am reading (listening) to many books that way in a record time … I have just finished Huck Finn … 🙂

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