IMPROVE LISTENING SKILLS VIA GREAT NOVELS – The Adventures of HuckleBerry Finn [Part I]

[Applause] everyone chapter one educating Huck you don't know about me unless you've read a book by the name of the Adventures of Tom Sawyer that book was written by Mark Twain and he holds the truth mainly not all the parts of story are true but most of it is I don't know anyone who tells the truth all the time except perhaps ain't Polly on all the way to Douglas or Tom Sawyer sister Mary now these people are written about in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer that book ends like this Tom and I find money that was stolen and we are allowed to keep it we become rich we each have six thousand dollars in gold judge Thatcher put the money in bank for us and we could have a dollar a day that is more money than a person can know how to spend the winter Douglas took me into a home to live but I did not enjoy living in a nice house I put on my old clothes and ran away and was free and happy but Tom Sawyer found me and said that if I wanted to join his club and be friends I would have to return to live with the widow for this reason I returned to live with her we're too cried over me and gave me new clothes to wear I hated those new clothes I felt too warm in them I could not move my arms and legs freely when supper was being served the widow was rang a bell and I had to come quickly I was happy when I could eat whenever I chose to though this meant I had to make meals of the bits of food other people had thrown away when I asked permission to smoke the widow said no she thought that smoking was a dirty habit and told me that I must not smoke her sister miss Watson the woman who had never married and who had no children of own came to live with her she thought that she could change me and make me a better person by educating me and teaching me the spell she worked with me for an hour until the widow made her stop miss Watson complained about everything I did don't put your feet up there huckleberry sit straight in your chair why can't you improve the way you act don't be so disrespectful to those who are trying to collect you then when she told me about Hale and said that it was where bad people go when they die I said that I wished I was there already she got angry when I said that but I didn't intend to make her angry all I wanted was a change I wanted to go somewhere anywhere I didn't care where it was hell had to be better than the life I was forced to live Miss Watson said that it was sinful to talk that way she lived in a way that would allow her to go to heaven when she died well I could see no advantage and go into heaven if she was going to be there so I decided that I wouldn't try for it but I never said so because that would only make more trouble miss Watson told me more and more about heaven and all the good people were going there they would do nothing all day but sing and sing forever I didn't think much of such a place but I didn't say so I asked if she thought Tom Sawyer would go there and she said no never I'm glad to hear that because I wanted to be where Tom Sawyer was going to be Miss Watson continued to complain about my behavior which made me feel unhappy and lonely in the evening before we went to sleep she said prayers for me I went to my room and sat in a chair and tried to think of something cheerful but I couldn't I felt so lonely that I wished I was dead stars were shining the wind moving in the trees sounded as though it was whispering to me I couldn't understand what the wind was saying far away in the trees I heard the kind of sound that a ghost makes when it wants to tell about something but can't make itself understood I became so sad and frightened that I wished I had some company then a small bug walked on my hand I shook it off the bug fell against my candle and burned completely I didn't need anyone to tell me that this was a bad sign which would bring me bad luck to try to change my luck I stood up and turn around three times and made a cross on my chest each time then I tied a thread around some of my hair but I didn't really think that it would change my luck I didn't know of any way to change the bad luck that comes from killing a small bug a sat down again feeling very frightened house was very quiet everyone was asleep wait I heard a clock go twelve times midnight and I always cried again soon I heard a quiet yeah yeah outside my window I answered yeah yeah as quietly as I could then I climbed out of my window and onto the porch roof from the roof I jumped to the ground and walked slowly among the trees there was Tom Sawyer waiting for me chapter 2 Tom Sawyer's Club and I walk quietly along a path among the trees when we passed near the withers kitchen I fell and made a noise we lay there is still miss Watson's black slave Jim was sitting in the kitchen door we could see him clearly because there was a light behind him he stood up and asked who's there I'm stood listening they walk towards us we didn't make a sound then he stood where Tom and I were hiding and asked again who are you I knew that I learned something I don't we just sit here until I hear the noise again Jim sat on the ground between Tom and me he leaned against the tree we were hiding by he almost touched my leg my nose began to feel uncomfortable and I wanted to rub it but I did not we sat quietly for a long time then Jim began to breathe heavily and we knew that he was asleep very quietly Tom and I stood up and walked away then Tom decided that we would need some candles he also wanted to play a trick on Jim I said no forget the candles Jim will wake up and then the widow learned that I'm not in bed but Tom loved jokes and he loved danger he walked quietly into the kitchen and took three candles he left five cents on the table to pay for then he walked quietly to Jim and took Jim's hat off his head and hung it on a tree nearby Jim moved a little bit but he didn't wake up later Jim said that a ghost had played a trick on him and left his hat on the tree as a sign Tom and I walked quickly in the town where we could see only three or four lights almost everyone was asleep near the town was a big river mile wide very quiet at this time of night near the river we found Joe Harper Ben Rogers and two or three other boys hiding we climbed into a small boat traveled two and a half miles down the river before we stopped the boat and when a show Tom led us to some bushes where he made everyone promise to keep his secret he pushed aside the bushes and showed us a hole in the hill we lit our candles and use them to light our way through the hole and into a large cave soon we came to a kind of underground room where we stopped Tom said now we start our club and we'll call it Tom Sawyer's club everyone who wants to join has got to make a promise and write his name in blood everyone was willing to do this Tom wrote the program on a sheet of paper and read it to us all the boys had promised that they would never tell any of the club secrets if they did other members of the club would kill them and would burn their dead bodies some boys thought that it would be a good idea to also kill the families of the boys who told the club secrets Tom added this to the promise then then Roger said Huck Finn doesn't have a family I can we let him join the club well he has a father said Tom Sawyer yes he has a father but you can never find him a few years ago his father would lay in the road drunk from too much whiskey but he hadn't been seen in this town for more than a year the boys talked about this problem they decided that I could not join that club I became very sad and felt like crying then I thought of a solution to my problem miss Watson can be part of my family you can kill her if I tell any Club secrets everyone agreed to this and I was able to join the club each boy made a small cut in his finger with a pin to get blood to write his name what will we do in our club ask Ben Rogers Oh kill people and take their money said Tom most we always kill people Oh certainly killing is what they do and all the stories that I read said Tom we have to add just to do in books people who wrote the books knew the correct way to do saeng's when that was decided Tommy Barnes said that he wanted to go home we said that we would go home and meet again the following week at that time we would plan whom we would steal money from and kill when I got home I climbed up onto the porch roof and in through my window my new clothes were wet and dirty with mud and I was very tired two three park is disappointed miss Watson was very angry with me in the morning because of the dirt on my clothes but the widow was and she was very sad and unhappy though as she cleaned my clothes because I didn't wanted to feel sad I promise to be good and do things to make her feel proud of me then miss Watson told me to pray everyday and that whatever I asked for I would get but my prayers weren't answered I talked to the widow about my prayers and she said that my prayers would not be answered with material things she said that I must pray to help other people and that I was never to think about myself I knew that she meant that I would also have to pray to help Miss Watson I walked out into the woods and thought about this for a long time but I couldn't see any advantage and that kind of life for me all the advantage would be for Miss Watson I decided not to worry about praying and being good anymore PAP hadn't been seen by anyone during the previous year and that was fine with me I didn't want to see him again when he wasn't drunk and could catch me he would beat me though I tried to hide from him whenever he came to our town of st. Petersburg some people told me he was found drown in the Mississippi River about 12 miles from town they assumed it was pat because the drowned man was his size and was wearing torn clothes and had unusually long hair not much was left of his face because the body had been in the water a long time they said that the body was floating on its back in the water I knew that the body wouldn't have been packed because a drowned man doesn't float on his back he floats on his face the body had been that of a woman dressed in men's clothing they buried the body before I got to see it but I was frightened knowing that Pat might soon return to find me the boys in Tom Sawyer's club came together for meetings but we didn't really steal money and kill anyone we only imagined that we were killing people and taking their money Tom Sawyer did a lot of fancy talking but the rest of us did very little after a while I tired of this game I told Tom Sawyer that I didn't find the game fun he said that it was because I had no imagination he said that if I read more books I would know of many famous people who had good imaginations like he is chapter foe puck and the judge three or four months passed and winter arrived I went to school almost every day and was learning to read and write and spell the teacher was also trying to teach me mathematics but I knew even if I study forever I would never learn mathematics at the beginning I hated school very much but after a while I hated it less whenever I began to hate school I simply stayed away a few days the teacher would beat me when I returned but the beatings didn't trouble me I'd become accustomed to living in a proper house with the winner and sleeping in a proper bed the widow said that I would become a good boy if I continued to study and to improve my character and that she was no longer unhappy with me my life seemed to be improving morning when I was eating breakfast I poured some salt on the table was an accident I knew that it was bad luck to accidentally pour salt and that the only way to get rid of the bad luck was to throw some salt over my left shoulder but Miss Watson stopped my hand and shouted take your hands away from that salt acha Betty you've already made the table dirty don't make it dirtier I knew that I couldn't stop the bad luck it would follow me always I quickly left the table and ran out of the house I was worried and frightened I knew that something bad was going to happen to me but I didn't know where when it would happen I walked through the front garden and climbed over a high fence snow was on the ground and I could see tracks made by man's shoes in the snow the track showed that the man had walked around the garden fence but had not come into the house I bent down to look closely at the tracks and discovered that the heel of one shoe had left a mark that showed that it had a cross in it made with two nails I knew that someone had put this cross on the heel of his shoe to get rid of bad luck I stood up quickly and was soon running down the hill I looked over my shoulder but I didn't see anyone following me I ran to Judge status' house as quickly as I could hello huckleberry why have you been running did you come to ask me about your money you need a few dollars no sir I answered did the bank send you some money for me there's more than 150 dollars it's a large amount of money I would like to keep it for you together with your six thousand dollars if I give you all the money now you'll only spend it on foolish things I don't want to spend my money I don't even want it ever not even the six thousand dollars I want you to have it I want to give all my money to you the judge looked surprised he couldn't understand what I was saying what do you mean he asked don't ask me questions please just take the money you will won't you the judge said I'm puzzled is is something wrong no I said and walked away miss Watson's black slave gym had a large hairball that had been taken from the stomach of an ox Jim thought that the hairball had special powers he said that it had the ability to tell what would happen in the future I went to Jim and told him about the tracks that I'd seen in the snow I told him that I knew that PAP was in town again because I knew that he had made a cross with two nails in the heel of his left shoe I wanted to know what PAP was planning to do will he stay in st. Petersburg a long time Jim took his hairball and said some words over it then he held it up and dropped it on the floor they have all rolled a short distance Jim did this several times but they have all acted the same each time Jim put his ear against it and listened but he heard nothing he said that they have all would not talk unless I gave him some money I gave Jim 25 cents and he put the money under the hairball this time the have all talked to Jim and he told me what it said yo PAP doesn't know what he'll do sometimes he thinks he'll go away sometimes I think he'll stay the best plan is to stop worrying and let your PAP do what he chooses you have much trouble in your life but also much joy sometimes you'll be hurt and sometimes you'll be sick but always you'll be healthy I returned to the widow's house that night when I took my lighted candle and went up the stairs to my room PAP was sitting there Chapter five hugs father I closed the door I turned around there he was affected to be frightened of him now but I was PAP was nearly 50 years old his black hair was long and uncombed and dirty he had a loud hair to grow on his face where his skin showed the skin was a sickly white just looking at the ugly white skin made me feel sick his clothes dirty and torn his feet showed through large holes in his shoes his hat was on the floor an old black hat with a large hole it I stood looking at him he sat looking back at me I put my lighted candle down I noticed that the window was open that's how he had come into the room clean clothes new shoes you think highly of yourself don't you you sneered maybe I do maybe I don't I answered don't talk to me in that tone you've changed in many ways since I've been away like these changes I heard did you go to school you think you're better than your father cuz he can't read and write who gave you permission to go to school thanks for me the widow gave me permission she told me to go to school winner who gave the winner permission to tell my son how to live she's not part of your family she has no authority to tell you anything you stopped going to school I'm your father and I don't want you to be better educated than I am I don't want to find you at that school again your mother couldn't read and she couldn't ride before she died no members of your family could read all right before they died and I don't want you to be better than the other family members I see you near the school again I'll beat you you sat there looking angry I see that you're now living in a proper house and wearing fancy clothes you have a good bed to sleep in while your father sleeps outside on the ground people tell me that's your rich people lie to you be careful what you say to me I've been in this town for two days and all the people tell me how rich you are I heard about your money when I was far away down the river that's why I'm here I want your money I want you to get it for me tomorrow I don't have any money you're telling a lie judge Thatcher I has your money get the money from him I want it I don't have any money please believe me that's judge Thatcher you tell you that I have no money I'll ask him tomorrow I'll force him to give me your money how much money do you have in your pocket I have only a dollar and I want to give it I don't care why you want it give it to me now Tapp took $2 and said that he was going into town to buy whiskey then he climbed out the open window and onto the porch roof I heard him jump to the ground next day pap was drunk and went to judge Sasha's house he tried to force the judge to give him my money but the judge refused then pap told Judge satchel if you would make the law force him the judge and the widow went to court tried to force the law to take me away from path and allow me to live with one of them a new judge who did not know PAP had arrived at the court the new judge said that the court must not separate a child from his father so the winner and judge Thatcher didn't succeed in their plan PAP would have authority over me though I continued to live with the you Chapter six life with path Papp again went to court to try to force judge Thatcher to give him my money he also tried to stop me from attending school when he saw me going to school he would catch me and beat me but I continued to go to school and tried to prevent path from seeing me I wasn't happy going to school before but now I went because I knew that it made PAP unhappy somedays I would ask judge Thatcher for two or three dollars which I gave the path he would buy whiskey with the money and get very drunk and start fights with men in town that began coming to the Widders house to see me she told him to stay away or she would cause trouble for him this made him very angry he told her that he had authority over his son and she couldn't tell him how he must act around his son what he could and could not do to me the next day PAP caught me alone near the river he pushed me into a small boat we traveled three miles up the Mississippi we cross to the Illinois Shore to a place where there were many trees and no houses Pat took me to a small cabin made of logs this cabin was so hidden in the trees that no one could see it from the river have stayed with me all the time and I never had the opportunity to run away whatever PAP left the cabin he would lock me inside and take the key with him at night he slept with the key under his pillow he had a gun which he had stolen and we used it to hunt animals for our food we also fished in the river every two or three days PAP took some fish to a store where he traded them for whiskey when he returned to the cabin he would be very drunk and he would beat me I didn't like the beatings but otherwise life with PAP wasn't difficult I never had to do any work or any studying and I could smoke whenever I wished we spent most of the time fishing or just sitting and watching the river I never had to wash or put on clean clothes and could sleep whenever I wanted we ate our meals when we were hungry not when someone told us to have stayed away from the cabin often once he stayed away for three days and I was locked inside alone I didn't enjoy that whenever PAP returned from a trip you'd be very drunk and beat me more and more when he was away for long periods of time I began to worry that he would never return what would happen to me I could die locked inside the cabin I began to think of a way to escape I found an old dirty saw that PAP didn't know was in the cabin with this tube I began to saw a hole through one of the logs in the wall behind my bed I wanted to make a hole large enough to climb through and escape making such a hole was going to take a long time and I worked at it whenever PAP was out of the cabin I kept the saw hidden while PAP was home when PAP would leave I pushed the bed away from the wall and solid it to log when I heard him returning I hit the Sun push the bed back to its normal position PAP never knew about the hole that I was making one day pap returned from a trip to the stoah filling very angry he began to shout and knock furniture the floor his lawyer told him and he would never be able to force judge Thatcher to give him the money he also said that he heard that the Widow Douglas was again asking the court to take me away from him and this time the lawyer thought that the widow would succeed I knew that I did not want to return to living with the widow I could never return to living in a proper house and going to school I had become accustomed to the type of life that half and I lived I didn't want to change again Pat said that he would never allow the courts to take me away from him he would hide me in another cabin six or seven miles away no one would ever find I began to worry I knew that I had to escape before we moved out of our present cabin Pat told me to go to his boat and bring the food and whiskey that he had bought at the stove I carried one heavy load into the cabin and returned for a second i sat by the boat and thought about my problem where would I go once I escaped from the cabin I began to make a plan I would take Pat's gun and walk through the forest as far as I could go I would walk mostly at night and hunt animals for food I would travel far away it means a path no the winner would find me again Pat drank a bottle of whiskey and got very drunk I would complete the job a song through the log and could leave tonight that was my plan I finished unloading the boat and carried the last of HAP's things to the cabin it was beginning to get dark and pap was very angry because I had taken a very long time to unload the boat he shouted at me to cook his supper then he drank some whiskey and began to shout about the government I hate the government I hate his laws Allah wants to take my son away from me a very own son I had all the trouble and all the worry and all the expense of raising him and now the government was it take him away from me now that my son is old enough to work and give me money the government wants to take that son away from me the law and the courts help judge Sasha to keep my son's money I could be a rich man if the law would force Judge Thatcher to give me the six thousand dollars I have to live in his dirty cabin where old torn clothes and he food the pigs will not eat at all because the government won't force Judge Thatcher to give me my son's money continued to shout about the government and the wrongs that it had done to him finally he ate the supper that I prepared and drank some more whiskey I expected him to be very drunk in the sleep suit then I would steal his key and unlock the door run away pop drank almost a complete bottle of whiskey but he didn't go to sleep he shouted and threw furniture against the walls and made many loud noises like those an animal makes but he didn't sleep it was late at night I became very tired I could no longer keep awake myself I don't know how long I slept but suddenly I heard a loud scream and was awake PAP look while and was running around the cabin shout about poisonous snakes that were attempting to kill him he was having a dream but I've never seen him act this wild before take the snakes off let me take them off they're biting my neck that's green and threw chairs against the wall and knocked down on the table he ran around the room waving his knife in the air and threatening to kill me he held on to my jacket and would have killed me with his knife but I slipped out of the jacket and ran away before his knife cut me finally he was too tired to move he took a blanket and wrapped it around itself and lay on the floor he would cry quietly and shout then would cry again I had many bad experiences with him in the past but nothing had ever been as bad as this he finally said that he was too tired to chase me anymore he would sleep then he would kill me in the morning when he felt stronger I knew I had to protect myself was asleep I took his gun and sat with it in my arms I would shoot Pat if he awakened to threaten me with his knife again I didn't sleep again Chapter seven Punk escapes stayin up why are you asleep I opened my eyes and looked around I could see paps standing over me looking very angry and sick too why are you holding that gun yes I knew the PAP had forgotten all that had occurred that night before I answered someone tried to get into the cabin last night I took the gun to protect us you should have awakened me I tried I really tried I shook you but you continued to sleep don't stand there talking all day go to the river and catch some fish for breakfast I'm hungry happen lock the door and I walked along the river till I find a good place to fish I noticed many branches floating on the river the river was much deeper than was normally and was flowing much faster several large logs floated down the river I became excited what else might I find suddenly I saw an empty canoe floating on river it was 13 or 14 feet long and in excellent condition I jumped into the river and began to swim to the canoe when I reached it I jumped in and rode the shore at first I planned to give the canoe to PAP to herself for $10 but when I reached the shore I couldn't see PAP then I had another idea I would hide the canoe and use it to escape instead of walking many miles through the forest to get away from pap I could use the canoe to go 50 miles downriver to a place where no one would be able to find me I hid the canoe in a small stream near the river and covered it with tree branches I knew the PAP would not be able to find it when I returned to the cabin Pat noticed my wet clothes I told him I fallen into the river then I cooked the fish for our breakfast after breakfast pap said that he would sleep awhile i sat and thought about my escape plan I was troubled by one part of the plan I knew that when PAP discovered that I had escaped he'd begin searching for me and I would always live with the fear of being found I needed a think of a new plan finally an idea came to me this new plan would assure that no one would search for me at noon Pappa woke can walk to the river he called to me to say that he saw a raft made of nine logs floating down the river he wanted to get the raft because he knew he could sell the logs at the store we jumped into our boat and rode out into the river I seized the rope tied to the raft and pulled the raft ashore PAP was eager to sell the logs to buy more whiskey he locked me in the cabin and said he would slowly pull the raft down the river to the store I knew that this would take a long time and that he would not return until the following day I quickly got my saw and moved my bed away from the wall I soon finished sawing the hole through the log wall and climbed through to freedom I carried bags of food from the cabin to my hidden canoe I also took blankets and dishes and pots and pans and everything else I thought might be useful the last things that I took were Pat's gun and his axe then I pushed the piece of log back into the hole I didn't want PAP to know how I'd escaped I took Pat's gun and walked into the forest to hunt for a wild pig soon I shot one and dragged it to the cabin with the ax I cut a large hole in the front door then I dragged the pig into the cabin and cut its throat blood poured out onto the floor next I got a large bag and filled it with rocks I dragged this heavy bag across the cabin floor towards the door across the ground outside the cabin and all the way to the river I threw the bag into the river and watched it disappear in the deep water marks made by the sack were left on the ground anybody looking at these marks would think that they were made by dragging a dead body over the ground not came and I was very tired i sat in the canoe and waited for the moon to rise I smoked some tobacco and thought again about my plan but PAP returned and found the cabin empty and blood all over the floor he would think that I've been murdered he would assume that my body was dragged across the ground and thrown into the river he might search for my body for a while but he wouldn't suspect that I was alive and therefore wouldn't attempt to find me the river was very wide nearly a mile across to the far shore the moon was bright now and I knew that it was time to begin my journey I began to untie my canoe when I heard a faint sound on the river I knew that it was the quiet sound made by a man rowing a boat could Pat be returned it I had not expected him until the next day the boat came nearer it was now close enough so that I could have reached out and touched the man in it it was past I could see him in the moonlight but he couldn't see me all my canoe because I was hidden in the tree branches it grew out over the water PAP didn't appear to be drunk I waited until pappad rode past me then quietly moved my canoe down the river I stayed close to the shore so that I'd be hidden by the tree branches when I became too tired to roll I lay in the canoe and let it float gently down the river as I lazy I smoked my tobacco and looked into the sky not a cloud was in it the sky looks very deep when you lie down on your back in the moonlight I've never known this before a person can hear voices a long distance on such nights I heard people talking on the far shore I could understand every word they spoke I heard one man say that it was 3 o'clock in the morning daylight would come soon as my canoe floated further down the river with the current the men's voices became faint then all was quiet again i sat up and could see Jackson's Island fire head of me it was in the middle of the river large and darkened with many trees growing on it there were no lights on the island and no signs that anyone lived on it that's where I plan to live I rode the canoe to the edge of the island and hid it under some tree branches then I sat quietly watching the river the sky was beginning to turn gray I knew that the Sun would soon be in the sky I found the safe place under the trees they went to sleep Chapter eight exploring the island the Sun was high in the sky when I awakened I lay in the grass and the cool shade of some large trees I felt very comfortable and planned to wait before I cooked my breakfast while I lay under the trees I heard the distant sound of a large gun being shot across the water I sat up and listened I heard the sound again then a third time a large boat filled with people was traveling on the river I knew what they were doing they were shooting the large gun in an attempt to force my dead body to float to the top of the water I was now hungry but it wasn't a good time to build a fire to cook my breakfast the people on the boat might see the smoke i sat there watching them for a long time the boat passed close to where I was hiding I could see many people I knew Pat judge Thatcher Joe Harper Tom Sawyer Tom st. pauli and his brother Sid and many more everyone was talking about my murder the captain shouted look carefully current flows toward the island here river may have carried Huck's body to the edge of the island all the people on the boat crowded to one side and watched the show I stayed hidden they shot the big gun and the knower has made my ears hurt the boat floated on and was soon out of sight round the island I could hear the noise of the gun further and further away then I didn't hear the gun anymore Island was three miles long when the boat came to the end of the island had turned and traveled up the other side I crossed her that side and watched it travel toward the far shore I knew that the people were returning to their homes I was going to be safe now no one would search for me again I carried my supplies from the canoe to a place under some large trees near the center of the island there I made a tent out of my blankets and put my supplies inside I caught a fish cleaned it with my knife and cooked it for supper I said by my camp fire smoking tobacco and feeling well satisfied after a while I became lonely walked to the edge of the island I listened to the river current counted the stars in the sky then I counted the logs and rafts floating down the river there's no better way to spend your time when you are low soon you lose that feeling of loneliness for three days and nights my life followed this pattern nothing was different each day I did exactly the same things on the fourth day I explored the island the whole island belonged to me and I wanted to know everything about it I was also growing bored needed a change I found grapes and other small fruit to eat I carried my gun and hope to find an animal that I might kill for food I had walked a long way and knew that I must be near the end of the island suddenly directly in front of me were signs of a small campfire smoke was rising from the burned wood hot jumped I held my gun tightly as I slowly backed away quietly I began the long walk to my tent I would walk a short distance and stop to listen I was so frightened that I could hardly breathe I knew that another person was on the island with me my tent I quickly gathered all my supplies and carried them to my canoe then I scattered bits of burn wood from my fire I was satisfied that I've left no signs in my camp I climbed a tall tree looked around I stayed in the tree for two hours but could neither see nor hear anything I couldn't stay in that tree forever and finally climb down I stayed hidden most of the day listen for sounds made by the other man Jacque I quietly got into my canoe and traveled to the far shore near the town I was very hungry and look for a place to get some food suddenly I heard the sounds made by many horses the sounds came near and I could hear men talking we'll stop here the horses are very tired we can continue our search in the morning we're sure to find him I didn't wait I ran to my canoe and returned to the island no place was safe I tried to sleep in the canoe but I didn't sleep much after a few hours I said to myself you can't live this way you had to find the other person living on this island I haven't decided to do this I felt better immediately I rode the canoe close to shore staying in the shadows made by the trees that grew out over the water the moon was shining brightly and outside the shadows it was nearly as light as day I rode quietly for an hour nothing else moved except the river current when I reached the end of the island I came ashore I carried my gun out of the canoe and walked through the trees overhead the moon was gone from the sky mana and the Sun would soon appear I took my gun and walked quietly toward the place where I had seen the campfire a fire was burning I approached it slowly there lay a man on the ground he was wrapped in a blanket with his head toward the fire i sat behind some bushes and watched him the day was getting brighter the man slowly sat up he stretched his arms and his blanket fell to the ground the man was Miss Watson's black slave Jim hello Jim am I glad to see you I shouted Jim jumped up and stared at me widely then he dropped down on his knees and put his hands together and said don't hurt me don't I've never done you harm I've always liked ghosts and and did what I could for them get back into the river where you belong I quickly made him understand that I was not a ghost and I was not dead I was very happy to see Jim I wasn't lonely now I talked for a long time but Jim sat quietly he never said a word I cook our breakfast and add more wood to your fire we need a large fire for cooking what we would cook all I've been eating are some of the fruit that grows on the island fruit doesn't have to be cooked how long have you been on the island Jim I came here that night your PAP said that you were murdered you've been here that long time and I've eaten only fruit you must be stopped I'm hungry what have you been eating I have a gun and I've been shooting small animals for food I'll get my supplies from the canoe now while you put more wood on the fire after eating a large breakfast Jim turned to me and asked who was murdered in that cabin and why did your PAP think that you were dead I told Jim the whole story and he said that I was very clever that even Tom Sawyer could not have thought of a better plan then I asked how do you happen to be here Jim Jim looked unhappy and said nothing for a moment maybe I shouldn't say why Jim I had my reasons promise you won't tell anyone you know I won't tell Jim I believe you hook ran away Tim remember Huck you promise not to tell I won't tell Jim people will call me an abolitionist and I will hate me for not telling but I don't mind I never returned the st. Petersberg again anyway tell me why he ran away you know I belong to miss Watson she didn't always treat me well but she promised that she would never sell me down the river to New Orleans the city of New Orleans is as close to hell as a black slave can get on this earth last week I saw a slave trader token – miss Watson this made me feel uneasy one night I listened at an open door as Miss Watson was talking to the Widow Douglas I heard her say she was planning to sell me for 800 dollars and that I would be sent down the river to New Orleans she said that she hated to do this but that $800 was a lot of money and she needed money as soon as I heard this I started and run I hid in town all day I heard people talking about how you were murdered and I saw them leaving a boat to search for your body when it was dark I jumped into the river and swam to this island and you've had almost nothing to eat until I found you I couldn't look for food along the shore because someone might see me I've had to stay hidden in the bushes during the day and all I could find there was fruit chapter 9 the cave and the floating house I wanted to explore the middle of the island where I had seen a high hill Jim and I had a difficult time climbing to the top of the hill because it was covered with bushes growing close together near the top we found a cave in the rocks it was as big as two or three rooms and Jim could stand up straight in it Jim suggested that we hide the canoe and carry the supplies up to this cave if anyone would have come to the island to search for him they would never find him in the cave also when it rained our supplies would stay dry after we moved our supplies to the cave and built a fire we cook supper then the sky got dark and it began to thunder and lightning the rain poured and I never saw the wind blow so hard it got very dark and looked blue-black outside rained so hard that we could barely see the trees the wind bent the trees until they nearly touched the ground and when the night was at its darkest it was as bright as day the Lightning gave us a quick view of the treetops bending in the storm suddenly it was dark again we heard the Thunder crash and then roll across the sky Jim this is nice I said I didn't want to be anywhere but here in this cave with you the big storm calls the riveter eyes the next day we saw that the low places on the island were flooded as we looked across the river to the far shore we saw that parts of the land were flooded too we watched many trees and logs float down the river and one lucky night we caught a section of a log raft a very nice raft 12 feet wide and 16 feet long with a solid level flow another night just before sunrise we saw a complete house float down the river we rode out to the house and climbed in through the window we could see a bed a table and two old chairs and clothes hanging against the wall there was something lying on the floor in the far corner that looked like a man gym called Lou but the man didn't move he can't be asleep he must be dead Tim went to check you're right he's dead you've been shot in the back he's been dead two or three days don't look at his face hook it's awful I didn't look at him but I threw some old clothes to Jim's he used to cover the body then I looked around the room there were two dirty dresses and a woman's hat and some men's clothing too we took everything of value we could find candles a cup a blanket and ax some nails and a few other supplies but most of the things were torn and quite dirty then we left the floating house it was already daylight I made Jim lie down in the canoe and cover himself with a blanket if he were to sit up in the canoe and someone might notice that he was black and come to get him however I rode all the way back to the island without seeing anyone at all chapter ten bad luck the following day I wanted to talk about the dead man and why he was murdered but Jim refused he said that talking about the murder would cause bad luck I said no more about this but continued to think about the dead man and wish I knew who had shot him and why I searched through the pockets of the old clothes we had taken from the floating house found eight silver dollars in an old coat I showed the money to Jim and said y'all was talking about bad luck when I showed you the snakeskin I found yesterday you said the touching the snakeskin would bring me the worst luck in the world you call is bad luck we found all those clothes and other supplies in that old house and now we have eight silver dollars I wish I have this kind of bad luck every day don't make a joke about bad luck hook it's coming listen to me bad look is coming it did come to four days later we were rested on the grass after eating a large meal I went into the cave to get some tobacco and found a large poisonous snake I killed it placed it on Jim's blanket in such a way but the snake appeared to be alive I thought this would be a funny trick to play on Jim and was waiting to see him jump with fear when he saw the snake when it grew dark and we returned to the cave for sleep I forgotten about the dead snake while I was lighting the candle Jim lay down on his blanket and suddenly screamed he was bitten by a live snake he wasn't wearing shoes and was bitten on his foot I felt like a fool I had forgotten that whenever you kill a snake a second snake will come and curl around it Jim told me to cut off the snake's head and throw it away then he told me to remove the snake's skin and cook a piece of its body I did that and Jim ate what I'd cooked he said that this would kill him I carried both snakes out of the cave and threw them as far as I could into the bushes I didn't want him to see two dead snakes and to discover the trick that I had played on him Jim became very very sick I thought he was going to die snakes poison caused his foot and leg to swell to twice their normal size we had found some whiskey in the floating house and I gave that to Jim to drink he was too drunk to notice the pain in his leg after four days and four nights the swelling in Jim's leg began to grow smaller he felt less pain and was able to walk again I made a promise to myself that I would never again touch a snakeskin all Jim said to me was that he hoped I would now believe him when he spoke to me about bad luck Jim was no longer sick and I didn't have to care for him I began to get bored I was curious about what was happening in st. Petersburg what were they talking about people continue to talk about me I told Jim that I wanted to return to the town for a day or two Jim liked the idea but said that I would have to go when it was dark and that I had to be careful he said that no one would recognize me if I dressed up like a girl and I agreed I rolled up my trousers and put on a girl's dress and hat that we'd found in the floating house all day I practiced acting like a girl until I could do it quite well when a grew dark I went in the canoe to the shore near the far end of town I saw a light in the small cabin that had been empty for years I looked in the window I saw a woman that I did not know she was a stranger in this town which is lucky for me I began to worry the people who knew me would recognize me even though I was dressed like a girl I decided that this woman to be able to tell me all I wanted to know about what was being said in the town I knocked on the door and tried to remember that I was a girl the you

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