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  1. I don’t have an exam I just have a poetry analysis paper due tomorrow and as mentioned my professor isn t exactly looking for us to analyze just the poem itself but literary devices and structure as well. This video helped a lot, Thank you.

  2. hi could someone give me feedback for this:
    Ozymandias, power of man

    Browning and Shelley are attempting to portray the power of art over the power of man. The sculptor’s art ‘which yet survive’ defeat Ozymandias’ legacy as his legacy didn’t last. Browning, also does this by showing how the artists can do the impossible and make the Duchess look ‘as if she was alive’. This irony, again shows how art lives longer than man since the Duchess’ painting still exists, but she doesn’t. Browning and Shelley also convey the ideas of narcissism throughout their poems. Browning also makes the ‘Duke’ seem irrelevant as he is unnamed and therefore not powerful as his identity can only be presumed as the Duke of Ferrara. However, Shelley is also trying to illustrate the impermanence of power itself.

    Shelley illustrates the lack of power that Ozymandias has by making the ‘sculptor’ show ‘well those passions’. The pronoun: ‘those’ emphasises how the ideas that the ‘sculptor’ wants to convey are his own and isn’t taking into consideration what Ozymandias wants from his statue. The ‘sculptor’ could possibly have made this statue based on society’s idea regarding Ozymandias, too, and therefore shows how the people and their view regarding Ozymandias, was more powerful than Ozymandias as Ozymabdias had no input on his statue whereas the people did. Additionally, the adverb: ‘well’ conveys how the sculptor was good at his job and that the statue was an accurate interpretation regarding Ozymandias and subsequently shows how the sculptor had power, as he had the ability to show Ozymandias in a negative light’.

    Similarly, Browning also shows how the Duke relied on ‘Fr Randolf’s hands’ to show how his wife was ‘looking as if she was still alive’. The Duke has to name famous artists at the time to re-enforce his power and wealth and therefore he relies on the artist in order to illustrate himself as a wealthy figure. Also, the noun: ‘hands’ conveys the how ‘Fr Randolf’ was single-handedly the only person to produce the painting and therefore more powerful than anybody else as he would’ve been the only person to have any input into the painting.

    Ozymandias claims to be the ‘King of Kings’ and tells future generations to ‘look on my works… and despair!’ The imperative sentence illustrates how much power Ozymandias thought he had since he thought that he could control the future generations despite his death. Shelley does this to make Ozymandias seem foolish as his legacy, in hindsight, didn’t last. The Biblical reference illustrates how Ozymandias believed himself to be equivalent to God due to the fact that Egyptation pharaohs thought they were mortal Gods, which evidently isn’t true as their legacies don’t exist today. Shelley contrasts a tyrant with Jesus to re-enforce how evil Ozymandias truly was.

    Alternatively, Browning conveys the permanence regarding political figures such as the Duke since he is essentially ‘cast in bronze’. The semantic connotations of the noun: ‘bronze’ could possibly be strength and therefore illustrate how the Duke is strong and above the law and everybody else in hierarchy. This narcissistic view regarding himself makes the reader dislike the Duke.

    Moreover, Shelley utilises structure and form to show the pwer of man. The ABAB, regular, alternate rhyme scheme makes the poem memorable. This contrasts to how Ozymandias’ legacy isn’t memorable and is ironic. Additionally, the iambic pentameter makes the poem more memorable due to the fact that Shelley wanted to contrast to how art was memorable with how political power was temporary. The embjambent also makes the poem have more natural speech.

    On the other hand, the structure and form in ‘My Last Duchess’ illustrate how the Duke has control and therefore the power of man. The rhyming couplets are only in certain places as the Duke wants to control his language and try to have control over something in his life since he couldn’t control his wife. Moreover the 10 syllable lines emphasise the love of control the Duke has as he believes being a man in a patriarchal society and wealthy makes him entitled to have power over others.

  3. Guys…
    I wanted to know. I dropped literature out of discouragement but now I picked it up and Just 1 year later is my IGCSE. Is it possible to achieve what I am trying to? Please I need someone's help at least.

  4. I'm in my first 6 months into year 7 and got a test based on war and because of this vid I got a Fluent

  5. A change in the rhyme scheme = A change in the mood; which often leaves a message behind. That helped me a lot in approaching unseen poetry, thanks!

  6. last minute revision… good luck everyone. get shit grades for me so the grade boundaries are low x

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