Impact of proposed additional China tariffs on U.S. publishing industry

I would say that there has been a trend printers in China to do cheaply and quickly and when you're talking about cookbooks or children's books travel books or than a coffee table book photography anything that has four color images the best place and the the fastest expensive I think it's a very scary prospect for being a publisher if their ability to come is affected and it's the publishers would be hurting has so I would politics so I'm hopeful tariffs on books at all you

4 thoughts on “Impact of proposed additional China tariffs on U.S. publishing industry

  1. China don't deal with Trump how can you trust him Americans need inflation help them out give them some NO DEAL

  2. I hope Trump goes ahead with the tariffs as Americans need a wake up call on how heavily their economy relies on China, and the only for that to happen is if the American people suffer another great depression. Trump keeps bragging that America built China's economy but he doesn't realize that America's economy in the same 30 year period also rose accordingly because of the massive profits their corporations made from utilizing low cost Chinese labor, manufacturing and supply chains.

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