Immortal Songs 2 | 불후의 명곡 2: Lyricist, the late Ban Yawol (2015.09.05)

49 thoughts on “Immortal Songs 2 | 불후의 명곡 2: Lyricist, the late Ban Yawol (2015.09.05)

  1. Those who hate the guy who is very talented is insecure.he has a right to be recognized even veterans singers praise him…he's such a humble guy.good son and good person.he deserve all the love not the hate…
    Keep fighting oppa hwang chi YEUL saranghe ❤❤❤❤❤

  2. Yeoeun/Melodyday wasn't even in this show much and everytime when they did really good they had to compete with kids which is imo….a cheat way to win no matter how good the singer is…a show with this prestige should keep kids out of it…because people always will give vote for kids no matter what n it's just not fair, and seeing some ppl here go rage n calling those who criticize the unfairness of stage with kids as jerks….it's proven that you just won't win over kids no matter what….that's how people are typically. eh…whatever. …but i guess seeing her got a fanboy and even other singers there had good reaction for her singing so it's not too bad i guess…in fact, Horan, Hwang Chiyeul n Oh Junghae seem to show more support/admiration for her than so-called fanboy lol(Oh Junghae is so cute btw n Horan is just really cool). and the vibe seems good between the singers here n not awkward/imbalanced like some episodes that focus heavily on only one or two popular singers. anyway i really hope there'd be more of Yeoeun guesting on singing shows. Yeoeun on stage just singing is just mesmerizing, honestly think her solo stage is better than melodyday since them as a group often chose songs that don't even showcase much vocal so it's kinda underwhelming…. and having become kinda hardcore fangirling her after watching The Unit recently(even though she's always been my fav in Melodyday anyway)….it's kinda weird since Hwang Chiyeul was part of the teachers/mentors….and watching them as same level competitors some two years before…… did people manage to sleep on Yeoeun's amazingness for so long….with her level of awesomeness, she should be guesting shows like this often.

  3. Come back to watch this because of Hwang Chi Yeul. His version of "Bakdal-Jae crying and passing over" is superb, His singing is remarkably stunning.

  4. that outer space comment f chiyeul cracked me up…I almost swallowed my candy😂😂😂😂from firts love to outer space😂😂😂

  5. Park sangmin's daughters were born as singers/performers..!..daebak!👍👍👍…the younger sister was also an entertainer,,jajaja…jjang👍👍👍👏👏👏

  6. I loved Han Jisang's powerful performance – he reminded me of Im Tae Kyung this time – awesome, loved it! Park Sangmin's performance and his daughters were cute lol – that young one is so bold! lol, and Hong Kyungmin's performance last was great – loved how he brought the sadness out – very emotional. I loved watching Jisang watch him and get sucked into his performance 🙂

  7. I literally didn't want Hong kyungmin's performance to end!!! His voice and the surrow he expressed along with the amazing guitar's playing, just made it sensational!!! <3

  8. Hahaha Park Sangmin is in SO much trouble with that younger one 😀 I don't think she'll be working in anything but entertainment. 😉

  9. even Horan got lol an 1.25.05 upon hwang chi yeol comment. He definitely brought so much fun on the IM2 waiting room

  10. We just accept whoever KBS or the PD decide to invite on the show.

    The results also depend on the scenario, feeling or aura of the audience and stage throughout the show on and off camera. The TV duration maybe 1 and 1/2 hours, but not the whole show and recording process..

  11. Hwang Chiyeul is simply an amazing singer and after every performance I just want to hear more. Just can't stop loving that amazing voice and that funny personality. He is absolutely perfect. 🙂

  12. Just looking at Oh Junghae…she's so beautiful. I remember a director awhile ago talked about how hard it was to cast for historical dramas b/c of the prevalence of plastic surgery; it was hard to cast korean beauties. Well, OJH is korean beauty personified.

  13. Han Jisang always showcases very charming skills. It sounded like a sad disney song, I loved it.
    Chiyeol really impressed me today; sometimes he's a hit or miss for me (I really loved him the most on CYSMV) but his vocals were great today.
    OJH's pansori is amazing. Nothing else to say.

  14. I really liked Yeoeun.. Her song was the best performance for me.. it's a shame that the kids won her..they were cute but they are kids..

  15. Hwang Chiyeul does not deserve hateful comments posted here. He won the right to be here fair and straight. So please let's be respectful.

  16. Wow…I'm so sad Hwang Chiyeul didn't bring home the trophy once again this week, but I was quite inspired by the performances of Han Jisang as well as Park Sangmin. When he bring out his daughters that was truly amazing.

  17. hahahahahahaha… that little girl cracked me up!!! I saw myself in her!! thats how I was!!! Lol..

  18. Kyungmin just can't catch a break. I loved his performance. Great show. And folks; it is a show no need to get all bent about the results. Seriously if the stars are fine wtf you all griping about who won how? Plus grumping about cute kids? I always thought I was pretty much a jerk, but you got me to thinking I'm a saint. Peace 'til next week.

  19. I like this episode.. Hwang Chiyeul is getting better and better every day. I love his wittiness, especially when talk about Han Jisang's outer camping. I laugh so hard. Chiyeul is so special and he got special character that makes him become a Rookie Star. Hope he will become star in very long time.
    Horan musicality is daebak! I want to see all her performances. She is a true musician and she is funny too.
    Yeoeun's voice is amazing! Jisang's performance is awesome and Park Sangmin's maknae is so cute.

  20. What really surprised and shocked me today at the start of the show Oh JungHae having to defend herself from all those people who thought she was pregnant. Omg, really? She is a Beautiful, Graceful lady! For anyone to ask a woman IF she is pregnant is simply Rude. She is a Talented Respectable Artist and people should NOT be Disrespecting her like that. Wow! I am truly Dumbfounded! I think she is Beautiful just the way she is! I loved her song today & on her last visit. She's a phenomenal singer. Horan is also another Beautiful woman who shouldn't have to justify her weight! SMDH

  21. Hwang Chiyeul is on so much because he WON Rookie of the Year 2015 and I believe he was given the chance to appear the next 3 shows. STOP being so Hateful to him. I think he is a gifted singer who also has many talents. I adore him! He has to show his fun side on IS2 or he would be Boring! Come on Give the man a Break. I think he's a Great addition to the show. He always brings a smile to my face. I wish Hwang Chiyeul nothing but the Best & all the Success. I was hoping Hong Kyungmin would WIN today. I thought he blew away the competition. Excellent performance by Kyungmin. He never disappoints. I thought all the guest were super funny in the waiting room. That is the Best part of the Show at times!

  22. The youngest Park daughter was absolutely adorable and so charismatic. I can see her becoming a future star as a comedian or maybe even an actress. She had me laughing so much

  23. Mr Parks two daughters were incredibly cute and the youngest with her exuberant enthusiasm was absolutely adorable and could easily become a child star .. that said it was not the best performance of the show and aside from the cute factor i think any one of the other performaces could and should have won

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