Immortal Songs 2 | 불후의 명곡 2 : Lyricist Jeong Doosoo Special [ENG/2017.08.26]

21 thoughts on “Immortal Songs 2 | 불후의 명곡 2 : Lyricist Jeong Doosoo Special [ENG/2017.08.26]

  1. Great episode with amazing artists. They really matched together because of jokes and teasing each other. 😁😎😉
    .. Park Ki Young (my) , she's indeed a #DIVA of Immortal Songs and in general! 👑❤ She never stops amazing me.. She really can sing all genres. 👏💖
    Woo Hyuk who I also love very much, I can't believe how much he gives a real feeling when he sings. His whole body is into each song. Indeed a truly artist. ❤ He stole my heart with his voice and acting. ( And he's a GOOD joker😍😄)
    I agree about Woo Hyuk that it's over when his determined! 😎😍😆
    I'm glad Bonggu won, he's a big competitor to Woo Hyuk. 😈😆 kk

  2. This program absolutely changed my perception regarding entertainment all together. Il love the program for connecting me back to the Korean of me. I thank you and as well as my American family.

  3. Ok everyone KBS is on strike and all their employees are fighting for fair news broadcast and against their unfair and politically incorrect news from their company. So they are using non union members to do the jobs . So please support all these employees who is fighting for Korean broadcasting democracy.Korea really need this to be achieved for better democracy to be built. So do MBC is on strike too. These two broadcasts are public and they are politically corrupted past9 years and run by wrong people. Now some employees are fighting to fix it. It is extremely hard fight. So international fans please support them to be able to achieve things they are fighting for.

  4. Can you please translate the songs?
    I love the show because he helped me to know alot of great songs .

  5. KBS please fix the subtitle problem! We, the international fans really enjoy this show but if the lyrics are missing it's really hard to get the whole meaning of the songs! We are missing out the highlight of the show and we can't really appreciate the performances at all! Please fix this soon!

  6. I've been a fan since day 1, however, watching becomes miserable this past few episodes because of late subtitle on the second part, it kills my enjoyment..

  7. 신현희와 김루트?? 작사가 정두수 분도 😠…노래중 가사도 틀리고…암튼 연습부족이겠지

  8. And if they decide to correct the captions, please go back to all the other shows too. So we can go back and watch them.

  9. I guess we who don't understand the Korean language but love watching this show, we are not important to KBS.

  10. Min Woohyuk – you brought me through this episode ^_^ The main reason I wanted or shall I say was even willing to watch this episode despite very few singers I actually enjoy lol – In my view, Min Woohyuk deserved the trophy – he was AMAZING as per-usual 😉 Huge Fan Min Woohyuk and Im Taekyung are my musical singer bias' <3 Love them. Can't wait to see more performances by them and more wins! Min Woohyuk deserves more wins lol

    and please bring back Im Taekyung – I'm starting to wonder where he is…. I don't know how to find info on him about what he's doing right now – so it reassures me when I see him here. I miss him!!! T_T

    and also BRING BACK THE FULL SUBS!!!! PLEASE!!! and not just for the talking but for the SONGS! It makes it much more meaningful and also gets the right emotions out of a person (especially tears) when we understand fully of what's being said.

  11. Here for Min Woo Hyuk. Even though he didn't win outright, his performance was still terrific. Well done! 👏👏👏 Hope you'll be back on IMS2 stage soon.
    Please sync the subtitles KBS. 😕😧😧😧😦

  12. KBS, I really love this show. Can you please sync the subtitles properly. #제발

  13. Well, the pattern is still the same, unfortunately. No lyrics for the songs! Too bad, I really wanted to understand Park Kiyoung's song. She's my all time favourite. But, also, I would like to understand the rest of the songs, because of the theme for today's show. I love heartfelt songs!

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