IMBL – J.R. Juz Real vs. Knight The Poet – Championship Battle – Season 6

[Applause] no white area never been pop beats randomly bitches make some noise classy town I'm your host AC touch original IBL shit only a region co-host okay why no one check us out every Thursday I say fresh out the tree but that shiny shit I'm on my grandma shit fuck dressing up for a nigga the wrong move y'all gonna be dressing up for black suits black ties trying to transport the casket safe what the fuck is these fruits doing fucking with a neck a fucking with a basket case hey I'm BM finally a champ night it's a night only be kind of timid broad and broke three rounds and a note on bitches all fuck the time of limits any way you try to shine that Dimmick all of a sudden junior some type of gangster this must be some kind of gimmick but I watch you and your demon seen what type of player I was trying to run bitch you won't make it past the line of scrimmage game time smash now you about to go forward now the piece made in America that mean it's domestic now watch it not so boring out now I know y'all thinking that I was tweaking in the forward part was proud of your reach nah cuz host shit shouldn't be in a nigga mind so by I'm just putting a business out in the street nigga de salud Megan it's the new way you're always this the age of space that do say you know they top shelf so go ahead and hate dose off for these slugs do not melt rule of thumb rule of thumb never go to war with a nigga you cannot beat that's common sense now I gotta embarrass you in front of company that's the consequence then putting the Bursar's between me and your name really for you was a compliment but then your mouth gonna check that put you in debt so up top I'm fuckin money up like a garnishment ain't how I said boy you know raised in the hand believe I said boy you don't read in the Hannibal Lecter animal tension it's a dog-eat-dog world you and the cannibal section so I said boy you two ran in the Hannibal Lector animal tension it's a dog-eat-dog world and you in the cannibal sector after I keep do letting off a couple of rounds the Kendall gonna bless shit why the meeting here I'm not driving alone zero gas and you all know how to handle a Tesla a child nope I let the troll troll they took some low blows I was laughing like what is you doing dummy the whole time I was treating junior like my bottom bitch cuz once he started acting who I knew this pussy was gonna get me straight to the money I said nigga you a lame nigger for a lot of reasons you've been that for alot of seasons your balls into delivery I have season now on the straight white irons I press the nigga leavin with a lot of creases miss my graduation my dissertation ain't got a thesis just not a storyline is in the body and I'm about to end on a high note with a high point like a Nazi cretin they're gonna go I sent about to get it on a half-point with a hard nose get out I bought it on a high note with a high point like a Nazi greeting and getting still I think it's fucked up they sent you out here to get fucked up on everything you fucked bro and everything that you got me fucked up time therefore moving disloyal fool-ass bitch-made pump this real-life night you don't need no punch cuz you walked away from a family but still raping do you know how crazy that sound to a nigga that face that burst of these verses that nigga just facing verses but claiming my shit in Israel's left on the bed gotta help no matter his fuck what you heard how much just push this nerd head I will finish that combo and a third cuz I heard a nigga say that I'm gonna lose tonight well if I do ain't gonna lose tonight this chance night I do at night this chess not checkers the king move once you get an L nigga and use the night in you you is nice you wanna go to walk but if you do then you got the right type I'm like a mean father wife I came to take away that night life life life life like you a boy you put your fingers on the pin and feelings pouring my nigga if I put my fingers on the pin you're feelin I don't think I'm coming in a crib talking spoken laying around that's well you have to pee like a drug test I'll get it but let's see what you do when you got a drug in front of you that they came to take moving a drink means you get sick at night one we neither do i but since you got rid of people i got i'm gonna show you how i get the job done nigga yo what you dog huh tell about fuck battle rap guns your guns don't need muslims well fuck battle rap because these guns go through every one of these muscles bitch I breathe Oh bitch I bleed struggle I really hustle just to get out mind firing man was on me I was wiling the K you got in your name nigga and even this silent speaking of silent let me use that word and prove that I'm a violent tight nigga don't get sliced full on the day I'll be waiting that's the temptation nigga a silent night we embrace you in the crude nigga either way you're gonna light at night angles light at night keep a sword cuz backstab and what they do nigga you tonight I'm the king this is dope these are things this is hope purchase dreams I smack bellies baby clean Danny this man Amy here a business thing this nigga so freely but if we get into a scuffle you get shot off the muscle since you got so many nigga you not no enemy you was once one of us just bagged up will she get bad that's right y'all heard his ass you was ripping my shit bro we're now my shoplifter I still gotta put them in the bed beats of me it's a rap names your boys they like saving kill go to the wait staring in his folks faces they early like I said bitch I'm amazing even though I did bad girl from better reppin this on my hate to this day because if I did not be great because then it's raining niggas know I stay in my bag bitch I'm like jake the snake' now so you can say that these balls are faking these punches is me cuz you're probably right but somebody get knocked all night [Applause] Oh that's where I won you get two more to go yeah no I'm gonna treat this bitch like my you tried to make this into the night sources of barberries you tried to make this in tonight versus the barbarians some of you niggas let them do this shit salute to the lead for keepin it 100 cuz y'all seeing straight through this shit stupid bitch started popping shit now you want to cry victim then they say J are the underdog well I'm about to put your dog under now y'all can really live with him hey I guess tonight you're supposed to talk to me teach me a lesson well I'll be cool calm and collected with a night I got the questions for instance how can you question me season 4 when I was president you was absent how question yeah how can you question me season 4 when you was present when I was present you was absent I built a relationship with each one of these niggas like a brother my question is how you owned the studio ain't never heard of song you Jones are gonna how is this so you own the studio and yo ain't never heard of song we used Jones the gutter see he want to say night they rip the barbarians right that's what he want y'all to believe well you just shot a video for Mac Darrow McSwain do music why you never shutting up a Steve I'd say you just shot a video format Dara explaining you crew you ain't never shot none 15 what you won't believe in his dream oh you still mad cuz when he battle becoming he made it rain catch on breeze no no J I was mad like they got my girl twerking on cam this shit all wrong this bitch was sold hey this bitch was so worried about me wearing a barbarian shirt he forgot to tell his girl to put some drawers I was pissed off got my girl twerking on cam this shithole wrong bitch was so worried about me wearing a barbarian shirt he forgot to tell his girl to put some drunk my nigga hates him smoking every time you say it I'm like what the fuck is he meaning with it I guess he did have to let that pussy go it was possessed the whole time I had a demon Wow yo I guess he did either let that pussy go who is possessed old time had a demon time to walk The Green Mile was you green bow I guess you supposed to side me now got me feelin like Malcolm X cuz I joined the crew I thought was real now the same niggas tryin to gun me down go ahead believe my advice is to pump your brakes for the full 5 pop up out of nowhere like a speed trap boy you can't come to the Congo for Congo that's like going into a hurricane unfurl a bunch oh they mean you ill-prepared I'm ill-prepared I see you and your team masters the ground but still know how to build a bear make it stop really I be lying I'd be lying if I saying enjoy killing you boy I'm so turned I don't even smoke let me eat the dope and show what a gorilla do my gorillas blue going on swinging through the venue like a gymnast I guess I am Breaking Bad I'm on stage cooking like the kiddies but they only gave me nine minutes to kill that's all I need bro you already died you fast bitch please slow donate I gotta bury my son I'm making seeds grow the difference between a pretty child playing Tim Tebow you claim that you can rap and rap that's what we're here for party in my lap when I'm riding it ain't a beard Oh bad guys behind that bad you called Winslow give him the whole car just shit his face like a Nintendo I'm a cool nigga nigga don't get the shit confuse plugged up not boxing get the stick and move Brad a man goes right a blade I'm about to fuck him up most birds Joe Budden time to pump it up listen bro this is listen bro you want some conceited shit but it's a rack on the line eight turning mind over this cake on my defeat of bitchy oh yeah still I think it's fucked up they sent you out here to get fucked up to please you fuck bro and on everything y'all got me fucked up like the boy really know I thought verse a GM I already admitted that I couldn't let the pussy go when I came here for tonight is to run she know what I came here tonight was to run shit mean that God spit not a shot go meet and you Kobe cuz you taking them cuz Homefront like him get his mechanics from the expendables was creepy I did that he was a spine that wasn't safe for him cuz every movie may prove this actions was a road that he played for him but if I'm lying and promoting barbarians was on this mind then those times I want to hear Jason Statham with Krugers eggwin is rich so the shell won't drop in the street let me go but me pull up on them with a meal in a bank form like it's over easy oh we got on the beach not the mission it cliff like a stork BK I have a bird little after the battle the talk gonna be about how I work night typical third shift and nobody go come take my prison slightly don't give a fuck if you to Grich at night niggas get to a point spiral I start firing less you're standing in a box just rhyming I like this better wrap people want to hear you get it in like me I control reactions but it's expected to happen when you gotta be big boys the mean despots niggas landing blows his family knees screaming no cuz it's so hard to say [Applause] [Applause] no no no ain't no way I'm gonna miss this shot there's a free-throw you we know cause you live but you still rip so you basically better give so team this Pete Rose the Galilei three go nobody can save but heroes so don't bring that Cape shit to me cuz basically you relevant cuz I rock well now you gotta talk to the Pistol Pete yeah remember Friday the 13th with his boss to remind y'all of a movie that deadly cuz in the ending I'll be ahead of Jason like him first Freddie he put Kashmir on the card again but don't be mad at me she just plain to see and clear it's a rank on my line so all poets down I'm addressing my fine with casualties even though you in my it bit my 240 looking like something you bitch president Jim time we could get in line cuz you want barbarians long enough to get a battle wound or scar this nigga like six nine we knew he wasn't really blood before he got put behind these boss maybe you were I'm gonna tell you why you are it's cuz of the shit that you do blood thicker than water tree when first Jones that explains why you add H to old behind you when it comes that's cool I mean yeah you knew but that's cool hey you knew but that's cool because they're saying well you had a pretty good night same boy and then she was suspicious because the only thing is that do this and talk is police Undercovers you niggas of snitches switchin a buck-fifty and nigga didn't get Jason's toy you got Harvey take me to nigga now your face is going oh here name your bird walk back there fine around in your bag laying on h2o not Jason Bourne you already – yeah – don't fuck with boys I thought he booked me cuz I was fired all I know is what's rock was removed out the dark night Kingdom Messiah I say the other I was told when it's wartime gotta be absurd cuz patience is a virtue so niggas like you would tell me job about it but niggas like me with the gift can make the earth move is night time way past your curfew don't make me hurt you earth you put your internal or external reverse you yeah I know yeah I know I'm putting on a show but you got the works of you I'm no different typing I'm a different type of nigga make the best shoes seem like the worst shoe thank you personally whatever works for you just know I am dope boy like I got xanies and perks for you now there was a four bar set up [Applause] [Laughter] that was a ball bar set up the park was a part for you cuz I know it's hurting you to get buried in front of all your breathing ain't even ran out of church for you I said yeah to get buried in front of all your friends and ain't even written out a church for you I say listen to run you ain't on the same tear Oman I get it you trying to avenge your brothers you know a bitch kicking shit but with sisters but I don't fear so long this Oh old-fashioned I don't care if y'all mile-deep I'm doing this in the whole fashion this would take over he want to be the face of the league we can get his face beater I got the Mac with me we can really do a makeover these niggas delusion I said these niggas delusional cuz they say don't but I am don't what I Spit dope is like I'm importing the shit so actor actor go handle with a Mack truck or Tracy Morgan your shit jr. they wanted here now y'all know jr. didn't want to see me in the chip sounded like Carlito in the bathroom I'm loaded but they ain't got shit in the clip niggas call me Jeffrey Dahmer cook bitches I get it you was barking and sell the fight but I wasn't buying wolf tickets wild animal a buck back the hook kickin this chicken and jumped in a this bird ass nigga done jumped that hot grease I'm just showing y'all how to cook chicken look pimpin I get it you study game takes the game safe any person they look different on the page you MJ but on the stage you ain't even a good person I say yo I'm in my 2-3 zone and the way I came in see wasn't like the rookie out of Chapel Hill but then I develop and they thought the villain was gonna come and work out on me it was the wrong Jim Jones and now y'all about to get your capital kill no y'all God you get your capital kill no rest in peace for him I air out the memorial service I know y'all thinking that's so ill because the way I came in see on my bullshit the pastor don't want to touch the pulpit he said we need to let the chapel hill I said it's a sad sight watching a season one nigga have a bad night been talking flower that was your last play Madison Avenue Memphis Tennessee the crash site Ground Zero ground Z with a real building i ground heroes fuck you check this that kryptonite dead asses and it's dead I'm on my New York shit tonight NY NY I'm gonna stop thinkin killing you you had a month to prepare so the time you didn't utilize so that's why you gettin this 30 piece of dough I'm serving this fire hiding suicide yeah I came I came to take some I came to take something face blacked out the arms moving the mind said it's really my bottle yeah you say big barber the Big B's you read the cream but you shouldn't be in the ring with Drago I said boom so dope is so high up I don't know if he doing don't got to expect on Demi Lovato hey but do you believe in the parallel universe I don't my nigga I heard is true so the night after I marry you on my astral projected or other rim and Maria other version – but yet you still is fucked up y'all seen I'm out here to get fucked up truth is you fuck bro on everything all y'all got me fucked up it's the end for you Jason Vorhees these boys got to be so touching can't avoid these because I'm sure we got the same intentions as far as taking the torch right but you infiltrated barbarians stole all our moves is there how you building your for tonight you can act like you ain't in this position because who you can spawn we just gave me the name on BL 3 it wasn't hard to get so you can let these people gasp you up like you're spitting a hearty shit but it ain't what you say little niggas will you stand it against fucking cousin us enough you have up in the firehouse Party nigga no never so how you fuck with us I bet you get one potato from garden niggas and that bitch was stuffing everyone shirt we gonna make a scene that of it Cleo Huxtable but you Swedish you tonight you ain't gonna Punk me to barbarians already let you skate nigga not me he appear real but we know you faith swap me a personal in kimchi too early nigga you shot queasy oh hey miss your hey wait wait wait Kelly is this niggas any little conceived meadow see making batter green that is some strong shit there's your only IBL body my nigga even though it's bullshit I mean I'll fall shit Dutch gay bush the books food I mean greengage Dutch the books for either way the move you made and they're gonna either way the move you made was green that's why you get the books forward if I lose we don't turn to a lesson in life like biggie smalls the first three rounds ain't kill him but the fourth point gonna take his life right really nice you ain't running shit it alright let a bullet off of he'll catch it we go now see Jason hall right in front of your dog she'll get wounding your head in the wrist hurt but whoever [Applause] you believe it's nerve tuck in my cell culture digged in but I'm not kidding if I pull out I'm shooting the club up I've seen your video bruh yours bitch prison together that bitch Aware's can't run them out without running else he'll go from counting calories to encounter in a cow Oh 45 or 357 or 38 but what I'm talking them for is to get them done turn them to a journey when I hit a nigga with a multiple choice cashmere beat you in a rap battle then they can beat you in a poetry Jam then they're being you in life and you got all these fucking muscles been trying to beat his ass when he was trying to beat on your wife [Applause] see you buzz with you nigga I guess you figured then we'll be killing me bow shot memory you ain't killing me yeah pick up please I was lucky just to get out my father Manuel told me now it's violent because you got your name

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