I’M SO EMBARRASSED! by Robert Munsch Read Aloud by Books Read Aloud For Children

I'm so embarrassed by a Robert Munsch illustrated by Michael Marchenko Andrew said his mom let's go to the mall you need some new shoes no said Andrew you always embarrass me when we go to the mall you always say you are not going to embarrass me and you always do so no I am NOT going to the mall I promise not to embarrass you said his mom ha ha said Andrew but he went anyways because he really needed to get new shoes just at the door to the mall Andrews mother said Oh Andrew you didn't comb your hair so Andrews mother spit on her hand and patted Andrews hair till it was all flat ah yelled Andrew spit mommy spit on my hair at the mall very embarrassing oh dear said Andrews mom I am sorry about this spit I keep forgetting how big you are don't worry I will be very careful and will not embarrass you again ah said Andrew so Andrew and his mom went walking down the mall and Andrew saw his aunt please please said Andrew don't say hello to my kissy aunt Oh Andrew said his mom I have to say hello so Andrews mom said hello and Andrews aunt gave him a big hug scrunch and a large wet kiss that left lipstick all over his face yelled Andrew lipstick hugs and kisses lipstick hugs and kisses at the mall I think I am going to die Andrew hid up in a tree Andrews mom talked to his aunt for about three hours and then she said Andrew where are you don't get lost what are you up in a tree I am definitely going to get lost if I don't stop getting hugs and kisses said Andrew hugs are nice said his mom said Andrew they walked some more and Andrew saw his teacher police said Andrew please please please do not let my mom say hi to my teacher but his mom yelled hello Andrews teacher Andrew says you are his best teacher ever and we are so happy that he got you for a teacher and would you like to see some of Andrews baby pictures haha yelled Andrew baby pictures ah Andrew said his mom stand beside your teacher I am going to take a picture Andrew ran away his mom found him and said Andrew why are you hiding behind a trash can baby pictures said Andrew you show baby pictures to my teacher very embarrassing you promised you were not going to embarrass me ok ok ok said his mom I will be very careful and I will not embarrass you anymore I'm sorry I'm sorry look said Andrew there is Taylor J from my school how bowtie stay with taylor j and you go shop by yourself for a while good idea said Andrews mom Taylor J said Andrew I'm going nuts my mom is embarrassing me all over the place I'm glad you were here so my mom will leave me alone maybe you should not be so glad said Taylor J here comes my mom Taylor J's mom came up and said Taylor J do you want me to buy the pink Underpants or the yellow Underpants ah yelled Taylor J underpants in a boy's face Andrew and Taylor J ran across the mall and jumped into a trash can after a while their moms came by and knocked on the trash can Andrew said his mom why are you in a trash can I am here because I am so embarrassed said Andrew me too said Taylor J I don't believe it underpants in a boy's face now now said their moms you're just too sensitive you should not let things bother you so much okay said Andrew and Taylor J then this won't bother you they jumped out of the trashcan ran into the middle of the mall and yelled our moms snore like grizzly bears and blame it on our dads both moms yelled aah and jumped into the trashcan Andrew and Taylor Jaden knocked on the trash can and their moms yelled how could you embarrass us so well said Andrew and Taylor J we had good teachers

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  1. I still can’t believe there are more Munsch books out there, we love them all! Keep up the great work, we love to get that new video notification!

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