I'M PUBLISHING 2 NEW BOOKS?! ft. studyquill

this is so exciting you guys have no idea how long I've been waiting to tell you this I'm happy to be announcing it that I have two new books coming out this fall the first one study with me includes everything you need to know about how to set and achieve your study goals and you can do this using is simple to master bullet journaling techniques the focus is on the basics of bullet journaling and how to adapt them to your specific studying needs and goals this includes methods for organizing your time and scheduling ideas for specific spread and page layouts and those are for specific topics and then how to actually set those up we also have some do's and don'ts hacks and tips for beginners people are always asking me how I organize my time to get everything done and I really do this through bullet journaling and time management I run several successful Instagram accounts have two YouTube channels write books do a ton of extracurriculars and of course school and to do all of this I really have to use my time wisely and I share all of my best advice and tips in study with me plus did I mention that I wrote this book with jasmine from study quill she has an amazing YouTube and Instagram account that you might know because she posts like these lovely bullet journal spreads her notes tons of awesome studying content and I wrote this book with her now I'll let her tell you a little bit about herself hey everyone I'm jasmine also known as study quill and I post about bullet journaling and note-taking and studying and calligraphy and a lot of other aspects of student life on my Instagram and YouTube channel ELISA and I work together to create study with me we both wrote parts of the manuscript and took photos and made artwork for this book if you'd like to see more of my videos and photos my youtube and Instagram are both at study quill thanks everyone and see you next time thanks Jasmine with study with me you'll learn the note-taking and organization skills you need for success and because you guys loved my first line book ultimate slam so I was able to write a second one ultimate slime Extreme Edition I was always getting a ton of questions about my cloud slime recipe and my inflating slime recipes but when I wrote my first book those recipes hadn't been created nobody was really using instant snow in their slime and different things like that so I didn't have those recipes in my first book but I wanted to share my recipes so that's how altima slime extreme edition came to be with ultimate slime extreme edition you will really take your slime to the next level there's new awesome borax free slime recipes and projects it begins with the essential ingredients and some basic recipes then it has new ways to make slime slime safety and troubleshooting tips then with amazing new mix-ins you'll add some color and character to your slime plus you can create one-of-a-kind slimes using my DIY slime ingredients section of the book because I wanted to share some different ways you can make your own slime ingredients I have been working really hard to perfect all of the new slime recipes that I have in this book you'll find recipes like color-changing slime super cute kawaii slime and gorgeous pom-poms on plus you'll learn how to make epic clay and fake snow slimes like cloud cream bread slime icy slime and so many more there's also a section with hybrid slimes that has some surprising oddly satisfying textures in them you can also discover new ways to play with your slime like with squishies and slime sculptures other Slimers you may know are featured in this book as well so keep an eye out for when I announce the contributors published by the quarter group study with me it will be released on October 8th 2019 and ultimate slime extreme edition will be released on November 19 2019 if these books sound interesting to you and you want to support me please pre-order them pre-orders are so so important pre-orders actually affect how many books are printed if there are more pre-orders more books are printed and then more are stocked in stores with my first book ultimate slime my book actually ran out of copies two weeks before Christmas and I felt so bad that people couldn't get copied so the moral of the story is please pre-order if you can guys I am so excited about this and you will be hearing more as we near the release dates they're available now for pre-order at the links down below if you have any questions at all feel free to leave them down below in the comments keep creating and I will see you all next time

13 thoughts on “I'M PUBLISHING 2 NEW BOOKS?! ft. studyquill

  1. hi alyssa, sorry but can i ask a quick question, will the book "study with me" be available for sale in singapore stores or will it only be in stores in usa? (i really want to buy the book, but i am from singapore) or do i have to buy it online?

  2. How exciting Alyssa!! I am not a student but a mom and always amazed at how much you accomplish!! 🙀 The slime book sounds bomb!! 💖 Definitely will have to check that out!! 🥰🥰

  3. you're probably the first person ive seen publishing non-fiction and it's super cool!! (that study book looks so useful for when i start uni)

  4. I just watched the video from Jasmine’s channel! I’m sooooo extremely excited. Do you know if it will come out in Barnes and Noble?

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