hey friends sake dearest and I'm super excited I know because I want to share this opportunity that was brought to my attention because there was this company that sent me a letter which is really interesting because I guess they're probably affiliated with one of the affiliate company assign what cuz the only people that know my address are like friends family and then the affiliate companies but I guess there was this project that one of them has been working on for quite some time and they sent me this letter which usually they just send the email so that was really nice of them but they gave me this great opportunity but I am going to announce it by reading off the letter and I can't wait to share with you guys but getting right into it it says um darica dearest it is of our greatest pleasure to provide to you a fantastic project our team has worked on these past several months since the rise of your channel we present to you a personalized visual novel feature in your avatar you are by no means asked to distribute this game and are not obligated to advertise it we would like to keep the identity of our company private but we look forward to the feedback you have on this visual novel and hope that will take to your liking at the bottom of this letter you are given a confirmation code that you can use to access this visual novel on our website thank you for this opportunity will we will be hearing from you soon sincerely and there's no name on it because they said that they wanted to keep their company identity private so I guess it'll be revealed in the visual novel but instead um I guess it's their logo so they have a long where is it yes so they have this ink blot and then they have the confirmation code right there I don't think that it'll work for you guys because I think it's only a one-time thing for me but it looks like from the website that I have visited already that is a pretty big file so that might take quite a while to download and install but I'm very honored to whoever the company was that sent me this game so thank you so much for this opportunity and I hope you guys will enjoy the rest of this video alright I'll see you guys later alright guys so I finally downloaded the game an unknown company I wish I knew your name but thank you for giving me this visual novel means a lot to me so without further ado let's just get right into it okay oh I'm so excited to play this oke Oke that is awesome okay we gotta start up a new game ah there we go okay huh-huh how long did I sleep for this headache whatever I'm gonna go get some painkillers downstairs alright so so it's me look at that awesome and I'm not wearing any pants what I can't remember everything that happened last night but oh here we go is that okay dearest that ego though okay that voice sounds oddly like me she didn't look peaceful maybe I should wake her up I hope I don't have to censor this huh-huh you're not tentacle sama tentacle sama no no I'm whatever could I make up the name I guess let's try and wake up a bit here to figure things out it's nice outside I'll open up the window yeah let's open up the window hey wait it's gonna be too bright yeah I'm like that never open up the window when I'm trying to sleep oh I'm giving the bedroom eyes yeah it actually does look nice out oh oh I think the Aki in this game now let's go find you some pants all right let's find me pants oh you're actually pretty cute huh oh dear come here no no I don't want to censor anything wait run that by me again what the hell I just met akheon player help me I can't figure this shit out on my own oh okay so join her or refuse well I think my hands are pretty much tied here so I'll review join her alright there we go what the hell are you kidding me wait what what the fuck oh okay um okay I guess the camera is still working the light's still on so um guys I'm gonna have to restart this I probably have to restart the let's play again shoot um all right we'll just start over again I'm probably gonna leave this in here so the game crashed apparently we're gonna start up again apparently I couldn't accept so I guess we'll just try rejecting I really don't want to do that but okay okay let's just skip all of this we didn't save last time so we're just gonna start up a new game alright guys so we're back where we left off I'm going to make the choice between joining or refusing and we're gonna try refusing because apparently joining just didn't work so okay why player why would you click that hold on guys Joey yeah hey what's up [Applause] really

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  1. Oh!, actually that freaks me out and I think you should join in creepypasta, Oh my Madness! you can be a mythical legend!!!…


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