hey everyone this is a questions of the universe yeah it's been a long time since I've done this channel and honestly I'm quite excited to do this all over again and I'm just gonna get everyone to come on board and just texted one of my friends and you know he's uh I think he's gonna be coming to this channel any minute now I don't know wait I got a low battery at the moment I don't like oh I got 8% 8% don't worry don't worry I got 8% that's good enough anyways I really want to talk to you guys about what I've been up to and the time that I've been gone since i i i know i did a video last time on this channel where i said I was gonna delete everything that I've that I've done on this channel every single little thing that I've done just just because I really didn't like the channel and hated the position now I was in and now I'm a whole new man I've done some things I've met some new people and I've started to get a little bit more insights on you want I'm just basically life in general Oh someone in chat chips I see you Aaron nigga yeah I said it I said it any more questions any more questions well I don't I don't see anyone asking me any more questions so I was just I would just basically tell you guys what I've been up to okay basically what I've up to ya the questions of the universe that's me alright whatever okay what I've been up to is basically this I've I basically started going to college and I've and I've I've basically been been involved and and basically a lot of things to happen there like I've been in a study group already and I've been in some clubs like the Science and Technology Club I've just just go in there and just do some activities just building gym shit and you know just normal stuff like that and hmm also I I got a girlfriend once yep I got a girlfriend and it it's it's awesome man honestly I love her she's the best and honestly I'm gonna go on and I'm gonna go on another date with her tomorrow and honestly I hope this goes over well cuz yesterday I was supposed to get I was supposed to go on a date with her my very early but I woke up very late and then I got there and she was pissed off as shit yeah she she really didn't she really didn't enjoy enjoy what I have to say I mean no I had to say both she really didn't enjoy like me getting there late and she was pretty pissed off yeah my name is uh that's that's not all that pissed her off that day I mean Joseph Anna I'm bisexual as well and so that pissed her off even more cuz then she was like oh no oh no like I have to worry about like men and women stealing stealing and stealing my poppy away from me yeah that's what she calls it Beth yeah that's what we call each other poppy and then there's and then I call her honey you know I just just normal my nicknames couples give each other you know cute stuff you know I mean I love my girlfriend my girlfriend is the best sight when I just want to rotate the this camera fuck I can't rotate it once it's recording damn it just want to see the entire chat just want to see what what everyone has been writing fuck damn it's fuckin P and I got 5% on my battery I'm gonna say I'll say nigger again nigga I guess I shouldn't be saying that cuz like I'm my girlfriend's black and I don't what and she wouldn't really be happy with me like saying the n-word I mean at all she would hate it and she would she basically like you saying saying that shit you know something like that and I did not tell her I'm working up to that I'm working up to that Aaron I'm working up to that I'm I haven't told her yet cuz I mean she got really pissed at me when I yeah oh I mean that's not the half of it I mean I have to keep the relationship between me and her a secret I mean I'm just from my parents but from her parents because if her parents find out know if her brother finds out the brother would kick the shit out of me just come on she needs to level off huh Aaron yeah this is why I Love You Man this is why I love you you you you asked rare very eccentric questions amazing questions fantastic questions now phones dying real quick okay so yeah of course I like I mean I I like her a lot I love her man I mean I'm saying that now but but you know later later on I might have different feelings for her bonused Lee I love her and she loves me and honest yeah yeah she what she likes me man she likes me a lot but the thing is her brother doesn't and if he finds out between me and her then I'm fucking I'm gonna fucking him my fucking to pass be that's gonna that's gonna suck for me it's gonna be the worst yeah and not only that I mean she's she's been through a lot I mean she before she came to her vine I she lived in Georgia and basically she she just got out a really bad relationship with someone and then and then her family and we just became homeless for a while and then they traveled all the way to California and they had to get like section chef section be housing and they live up in Dana Point Oh God yeah I should I should actually uh since I got like a low-percentage I should actually tell you guys something about her I mean since you brought up God I know yeah and you you would you have to you have to bring a gun and something to to really trigger me but but yeah I just I just want to tell you guys this is gonna sound weird but she yeah what could this be she is religious and I and you know and you know me I'm an atheist anti theist and yes yes she is religious he's a Protestant Christian and I mean she's I mean of course she's she would be religious I mean she's she's black so I mean most like she is religious less likely that she would not be religious so fuck there really should be I think we could turn this on yeah now there's light everywhere damn I'm losing % vast yeah mm-hmm yeah I got terrible lighting in this place and it's uh I think it's mostly because as my parents roam lenka I don't know they they don't get me any good lights around here but I think I think this is good for now this is good for now this is somewhat good lighting but yeah how could I not be a damn Christian already I'm sorry I'm sorry I didn't I haven't felt the the Lord's presence yet so maybe one day one day one day one day I might I might I might see the light and see Jesus right in front of me don't be like oh lord please please save me Lord I have an announced renounce my atheism and I become a Christian no I didn't do it yeah I didn't do it yet I'm still an atheist I'm saying if it did happen then it would be so I know I know you are and I know you are kind of tricked me again again it's not gonna work yeah no no no no no not sure how much percent I got no no no no I'm not doing it live on camera either I love you iEARN I got two percent yeah I mean I'm gonna try and find the charger shit I mean I found my charger all day wait even better yet I think the thing I should do an the stream I got 1% on my battery right now honestly I'm gonna end yeah I got I got en the stream it's it's been 11 minutes already but you know but I'll come back I'll make another stream as soon as you come back as soon as I come back you like me yes I do like you all right on that note thank you guys for watching and if you liked this video like comment share and subscribe and if you yes wish you never and if you if you want to see more of me go to my facebook friend me on Facebook friend me on Twitter or whatsapp or whatever you guys use nowadays anyways thanks for watching and have a good day

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