I’m An Author Now! July 31st Pick Up #Emerge

at home with me he's kind of camera and he's doing a wonderful job we're getting ready to go inside his shoe I'm just did a major shoot only chance for her new book called emerge yeah and listen I think there's no Mesa movie revelation is gonna like bless some people the shoot was amazing listen every shot there was no ill shots every shot was absolutely perfect you did an amazing job and I love your professionalism and how she just walked in ready I love her people walked in ready and I mean state if they walk it ready for a photo shoot they walk in ready for the light and I love that to be a part of the journey don't we listen don't forget about thank you what's up everybody it's Jason McCoy here in Chicago Illinois your favorite portrait photographer I just finished photographing chance she has a new book coming out called emerge you make sure you check it out because I know there's some deep revelation and Jim's that's gonna bless your life yeah well I'll be going through something that really got me down

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