I’m a published Author!

hi guys Donita Sims here just reaching out because I am very excited to announce that my book is finally published and available on Amazon falling for the right one since I could remember I've written out my joys pains aspirations hopes and prayers chuckles I've dealt with and things I've questioned God about if you've ever struggled with identity or acceptance in your own family in your circle of friends in your marriage in your community this is the book for you it details my journey as a young woman going into adulthood motherhood going through divorce this book is one that was meant to encourage those who've been through the struggles of life like I have depression rejection backbiting conspiracy on the job if you've ever struggled with suicidal thoughts or feeling of loneliness in this Christian walk this is the book for you we're gonna talk about how to walk through those pains and what some of those experiences could mean things that we cannot think or even imagine are possible for our lives you will find hope and falling for the right one

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