Illenium – Take You Down (Lyrics)

Down with me Take you down I don’t wanna take you down with me And I don’t wanna take you down with me Cause I’m going down But you need to let go of this hand I know that you won’t understand Before you drown You need to let it go now And I don’t wanna take you down with me Falling is the only out I see Sometimes I get so high Trying not to break your heart I’m fighting in the dark When I close my eyes There’s no way now you could rescue me And it gets too deep Sometimes it’s like an ocean But it’s in my hand and I’m doin’ it to me When it cuts I bleed This life is like a razor Take you down with me Take you down Don’t wanna take you down Take you down, Take you down with me And I don’t wanna take you down with me Falling is the only out I see Sometimes I get so high Trying not to fall apart I’m climbing in the dark When I close my eyes That when I went to hell I was taking you with me But I couldn’t see No I didn’t mean to scare you It’s just an empty voice screaming out for help When I hurt myself I didn’t mean to hurt you

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  1. Thank you TopEDM, even though you won't upload those fantastic Tops anymore. The three legends are:
    1. Porter Robinson
    2. Illenium
    3. Deadmau5

  2. Music has always been the lead to my creativity. I've been listening to different songs from Illenium lately and holy crap the thoughts just start flowing. I write for fun and have an ongoing series and man I wish I could thank Illenium for the incredible music he produces. So much of what I have written and so much of what's to come in my story is thanks to his brilliance and how his music just connects with peoples emotions. Like I start thinking of what's to come for the characters that don't even exist and I start getting emotional. THAT'S how powerful this music is. Thank you for this upload and introducing me to another great song from an incredible artist.

  3. Guys this song is a very emotional song. If you don't know Illenium overdosed on heroine 6 years ago. If you watch this song on his channel, in the description he explains what he went through and how it affected the people he loved. 😢

    Edit: he also mentions how he's been clean since that overdose 😁

  4. I was on Spotify recently, it was the end of the night & I had gone through emotions during the day I hadn’t experienced since my suicide attempt (7yrs prior). I feel every word w/ the entire extent of my soul. I spent years of my life using drugs to cope w/ the suffering of severe mental illness. I can feel the self-destruction through the lyrics & I cannot listen without tears in my eyes.✨🌬 #thankyou #Illenium

  5. "I know that you won't understand, but you need to let go of this hand" had me started crying tbh as I could relate a lot of things related to this part of the lyrics.

  6. Beautifully sung, nice tune, …but sure hope the lyrics don't cause anyone to take themselves down/out.. If that's anyone, cry out to Jesus, the Messiah. He is Hope & Life! ♡

  7. I feel something idk if it’s truth inside the hurt but it’s a beautiful destruction that this song guides inside of me

  8. Amazing ! Anything about a song I’m In darkness help me out bring me into light I’m lost inside bring me somewhere that’s away from
    This site I want to be set free tonight is the only way I am going to be reaching a mountain never falling down please help me take me

  9. Take you down With me 💖💖💖💖💖💥💞💞💞💞💞💥💟💟💟💟💟💥😘🤩❣️💋😍💝👍🙏💥

  10. I love this voice so much and I know it's an illusion but when I hear this song I hear a girl singing it and then suddenly I hear a boy's voice and it makes me more confused then ever I know who is singing it but still…….. I AM SO IN ILLUSIONS .
    I do love this song a lot it's just stuck in ma' head 💞

  11. I want to take down each and every person's ego, hatred, depression, sadness , boasting, failures , fears , bullies , low self esteem, misunderstandings, bad memories, greed , jealousy, and bring happiness to everyone.

    👋Hey! You , yeah you the one reading this always remember to love yourself no Matter what ..Okay ? promise…and yeah HAPPY EASTER🐰🐇🍫

  12. Every single music can be a normal music or a nice one but this thing is this is just pure art it's brilliant no words just BRILLIANT…

  13. i feel like my gf broke up because she was going through so much mental health issues, depression, suicide thoughts and just didnt want to take me down with her. We dated for 2 years, its been 5 months since we broke up. Im going to call her tomorrow, because we need eachother, wish me luck.

  14. Illenium went through such a rough patch ( his heroin overdose) you all are mentioning about in his life 6 years ago, but to be able to do it so perfectly, that takes skill and Illenium has it in him. Listening it to today made me love this. Thank you Illenium, and you’re an inspiration to everyone including me! I was quite near to tears, hearing this.

  15. It doesn't matter how many times I have heard this song. I get goosebumps everytime I hear this ✨💔 #ILLENIUM❤

  16. Absolutely incredible song! Also I've just released a piano cover of Take You Down so check it out on my channel!

  17. Literally made me cry , I am sorry come back my love. Буквально заставил меня плакать. Прости, вернись, моя любовь 😭 💔

  18. I want to take down all off the global issues and diseases so that no one had to suffer and take away all of the hate and violence so the the world can be peaceful and everyone can be happy

  19. I wanna take down my fantasies cause they are the reason I'm alive they give me a hope of own created world where we are beautiful creatures

  20. This reminds me of Crowley from Good Omens.

    Kinda the way I imagine his Fall. And him not wanting to have the same thing happen to Aziraphale.

  21. In Children's day of 2018 since last year,I sang that song for the first Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru aka Chachaji. When Chachaji saw me singing that song in the atmosphere, he was like in relief and felt in joy of how I saved him and the singer of the song. The Singer was Illenium whom he got drug abuse since some months on last year and he stopped the drug abuse few months later. After he got drug abuse he made the song 'Take you down' and when first heard the song, I felt in relief but got a little bit worried and concerned like why did he get drug abuse since before but I just heard it. In fact I wish to sing that song for Chachaji to save and remember him in peace and love. In my school where children's day was held on 14th November, I felt like I was nervous to go on the stage but wasn't scared. I sang that sing beautifully without any problems of the song or me singing like to the judges and people first loved my voice of singing the song. The judges were very happy and enjoyed the song gratefully.

    Illenium if you're seeing me
    I have saved your life from drug abuse and also saved Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru aka Chachaji

  22. It's so beautiful when you know the history behind the song
    The song was inpirited by the life of Illenium, search for the post in the channel of illenium and read the description…

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