Iftekhar Khan – Biography

"Beware of the long arm
of the police." 'People have seen him on screen
mostly as a police officer.' 'This is a test of
our duty and integrity.' 'Why didn't you
fulfill your responsibility?' 'You're under arrest.' 'Sometimes he's a police commissioner
and sometimes police inspector.' 'His name is Iftekhar.' 'Nobody should escape the police.' 'Very soon I will arrest you.' 'Let's take a look at Iftekhar's life.' 'He was born in Jalandhar.' 'He was born on February 22, 1920.' 'He was named Iftekhar Khan.' 'But the film industry
knows him as Iftekhar.' 'His family had three brothers
and two sisters. Their father was
a high ranking officer.' 'Hence, it was a well-to-do family.' 'On the recommendation of
the chief minister, you're promoted.. ..to the post of
assistant police commissioner.' 'He had never thought of
being an actor.' 'But he was talented
since childhood.' 'He had a talent for singing.' 'After passing Matric,
he had decided..' '..he would sing songs
like his idol Kundan Lal Saigal.' 'He sang like Kundan Lal Saigal
and was very famous.' "I will make arrangements
right away." 'It was a time when the
film industry was based in Kolkata.' 'He told his father he wanted to go
to Kolkata and become a singer.' 'He was a good singer.
So he was sent to Kolkata.' 'He reached the office of HMV Music
Company. A film producer liked him.' 'The music company people
asked him to sing and he did.' 'I will turn the tables on you.' 'I will turn the tables on you.' 'He had a good voice and producer
Kamal Das Gupta liked his personality.' 'And signed him for a film.' 'People in this region demanded
freedom after years of bondage.' 'They can differentiate between
friend and foe.' 'He appeared in the film
as an actor.' 'But he didn't lose interest
in singing.' 'He decided to record a disc.' 'That's what he did. After recording
the disc, he went to Kanpur.' 'When he reached Kanpur, the producer
sent a telegram and called him back.' 'His father told him
to go to Kolkata.' 'But his relatives were angry..' '..that Iftekhar is going back
to Kolkata to become an actor.' 'What happened to Ram?
– He committed a robbery.' 'What? No, he has gone
to the factory.' 'He robbed the factory.' 'He killed the guard and escaped.' 'Things were looking up
in Iftekhar's career.' 'But that's when,
India got divided.' 'Independence resulted in riots
in the name of religion.' 'That led to the deaths of millions
and many became homeless.' 'It was a very painful event.
The film company..' '..asked him to leave.' 'Then he decided
that he would go to Mumbai.' 'These two brothers
have troubled us for ten years.' 'Their schemes may or
may not become profitable.. ..but they do prove
to be loss making.' 'He knew music director
Anil Biswas in Mumbai.' 'He started meeting his friends.' 'Soon, Ashok Kumar liked Iftekhar.' 'When the film 'Mahal'
was being shot..' '..Ashok Kumar's brother
Anup Kumar told Iftekhar..' '..to send a chit to his brother.' 'From there on, he started getting
work in the Mumbai film industry.' 'He worked in around 400 films.' 'This person left Hong Kong
with diamonds worth Rs. 8 million.' 'Raid every hideout.
Arrest every criminal.' 'I will expose you one day.' 'I got information that you're
going to create trouble here.' 'Let's discuss about the film from where
Iftekhar was branded a police officer.' 'The name of the film was 'Ittefaq'.
He was a police inspector in the film.' 'You have killed your wife.' 'The film was a huge hit. After that,
he worked in 'Johny Mera Naam'..' '..'Deewar', 'Don' and many more.' 'His acting was appreciated
in these films.' 'After the success of 'Ittefaq', he got
the image of a police inspector.' 'There was 24 hours watch
and full security.' 'In spite of that, two people
succeeded in entering the building.' 'Another interesting scene was…' '..in the film 'Zanjeer' where
he scolds Amitabh Bachchan.' 'Behave yourself.
What's wrong with you?' 'He was a police officer
in 'Don' as well.' 'After that, Iftekhar became
the most famous inspector.. ..in the Hindi film industry.' 'You can't escape in this condition.
– I said shut up.' 'Iftekhar has done not only
the roles of police inspector..' '..but he also appeared
in some serious films.' 'For instance, Raj Kapoor's
'Sangam', Manoj Kumar's 'Shaheed'.' 'Bimal Roy's 'Bandini'.' 'The accused started shouting slogans..
– Long live revolution!' 'Do you know what
you are asking for? Death.' 'Iftekhar is one of those actors
who not only worked in Indian films..' '..but he also appeared in
foreign TV series 'Maya'.' 'He was seen in the American
TV series 'Maya' in 1967.' 'Then he was seen English films
'Bombay Talkie' and 'City of Joy'.' ''Bombay Talkie' released in 1970'
and 'City of Joy' released in 1992.' 'Big role or small role, Iftekhar left
a mark with his acting.' 'The pride of being a policeman
and anger makes a person selfish.' 'You have made perfect arrangements
and I hope you will implement it.' 'He left us in March 4, 1995.' 'His name would be written in the history
of Indian cinema with golden letters.'

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  1. i love watching him on screen more than i would ever want amitabhji or dillipji . this is my honest opinion. for me he was the magnet on the screen i would ever get my eyes of his awe.

  2. Iftekhar Saab was the most dignified personality of Bollywood, and also most suited for a police Officer.. R.I.P

  3. Iftekhar Sahab a handsome personality of the film industry and the most suitable for the role of a Police officer. Such men go from the world but leaves their impression in the minds of People. A ever remembered  personality.

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