If You Can Afford Me Song/Lyrics

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  1. first comment in a year…
    here goes…
    jokes i love this song loads and loads (Y) <3

  2. i also think that money is a metaphor for being expensive, as in valuable. uses the 2 meanings as a sort of twist.

  3. i agree with sk1017kp, although you are right in a way, because the catchy part is the only part most people are going to register…she should have put more emphasis on the messege. in my opinion, however, as soon as i heard the words, i understood it as…well, lets just say…'sarcasm'. angry of what people take girls for. she is speaking out to the group of people who fit the description.

  4. Have you even listened to the entire song? 1 Minute and 37 seconds in she sings "But I don't need your dollar bills, I just want something real. Cause nothings free, Except loving me…" The songs a giant metaphor. Shes saying spoil her with love not money.

    Good day

  5. this song sends a horrible message to the new generation of girls, no wonder everyone is so materialistic, with these songs and jennifer lopez songs with rocks that I got, no wonder girls wont take any responsibility for being involved in a relationship, they always think guys should buy them out which is stupid, especially for any respectable guy to have to deal with such an unrealistic reality….. Dating is an exchange of feelings, not paying from a checkbook

  6. then she says
    but i dont need your dollar bills
    i just want somthin real
    cause nothin is free
    except lovin me

  7. meena and randomgirl r right. Its not about money at all. Its pretty much talking about how much you love her.

  8. she's not talking about money
    she's talking about love
    "don't play cheap with your heart"
    she's saying that u have to love her right
    "i don't want your dollar bills, i just want something real cause nothing's free except loving me"
    if this song wee about money she wouldn't be singnig this

  9. yes it what she is saying,if you can afford me,you are paying the bill,if you want me you have to break the bank,write the check for me,i can be bought?is bad enough that guys consider the majority of girls just some sluts,hungry for their money,just some moneysuckers,now female singers make this kind of songs to say that being like that is good?for normal girls is harder and harder to live in this world,all those years where women fought for their rights are wasted cuz of this kind of examples

  10. i don't like the messege..it encourages vanity…that the only thing that counts in a relationship it's money..it's wrong…money doesn't counts

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