'If Only Out Of Vanity' By Stacyann Chin (Def Poetry)

the old city by way of Montego Bay in April please give it up for Stacy and tin if only out of vanity I have wondered what kind of woman I will be when I am well past the summer of my raging youth will I still be raising revolutionary flag for making impassioned speeches that stir up anger in hearts of pseudo liberals dressed in navy blue conservative wear in those years when I am grateful I still have a good sturdy bladder that does not leak undigested prune juice on to Dyke was no longer adorable will I be more grateful for that than for any forward movement in any current political cause and will it have been worth it then what has happened worth the long hours of not sleeping that produced little more than dreams of badly written verses that catapulted me into literary spasms but it not even with the appetite of the three o'clock crowd in the least respected of the New York poetry to face well I wish them that I had taken that job working at the bank or the one to watch that old lady drool all over her soft-boiled eggs and she tells me how she was a raving beauty in the 60s how she could have had any man she wanted but she chose the one least likely to succeed and that's why when this of a bitch died she had to move into this place because it was government subsidized my young attendant how slender I was then and paint pictures of the young me more beautiful than I ever was if only to make her forget the shriveled paper skin the stained but even dental plates and the faint smell of urine that tends to linger in places built especially for revolutionaries whose causes have been won or forgotten well I still be lesbian then how long the church I finally finally convinced me to marry some man with a smaller dick than the one my woman uses to afford me Wilda stop smile at me humor my eccentricities to my face but laugh at mean they're private resting room saying she must have been something in her day and most days most days I do not know what I will be like then but every day I want to be now I want to be that voice that makes Giuliani so scared he hires two butch black bodyguards I want to write the poem that the New York Times will not print because it might start some kind of black or lesbian or even a white revolution I want to go to secret meetings and under the guise of female friendship I want to beg the women of those young and eager revolutionaries but too much zeal for their cause and to leak a passion for the women who follow them from city to city all the while waiting in separate rooms I want to be 40 years old and weigh 300 pounds and her ride a motorcycle in the winter time for hell raising children and a 110-pound female of her who writes poetry about my life and my children and loves me like no one has ever loved me before I want to be the girl your parents will use as a bad example of a lady I want to be the guy who likes to fuck men I want to be the politician who never lies I'd like to be that girl who never ever cries I want to go down in history in a chapter Marc miscellaneous because the writers could find no other way to categorize me in this world where classification is key I want to erase this red lines so I can be me

30 thoughts on “'If Only Out Of Vanity' By Stacyann Chin (Def Poetry)

  1. I have watched her in several pieces.. and she never disappoints .. WOW.. can't get enough.. the truth never fails….

  2. This poem is just sentimental self involved narcissism as anarchy performance, perhaps Ms. Chin has nothing really to say outside of the pleasures her "clit."

  3. no whats funny is someone like you who replies to my post calling someone they don't know ignorant then fails to present any facts. With ur reasoning being "you don't even have words to express how you feel" imagine that…what an incredibly convincing fact siting way to convince me otherwise. Calling me more names like homophobic really discredits you again, tell that to my volunteer work for prop 8 in california when I marched WITH gays from all over the world in LA. THIS ISNT ABOUT WHO U LUV

  4. I'm talking about humans, not fish thanks! 2 years later rofl….never fails to amaze and entertain. to bad you missed this by 2 years, even the host agreed with me sadly highly emotional high rated comments with agruments like yours (zero proof, no facts, no sited studies – or shyblood with nothing to say but name calling). Its sad but popular, thats life. People like shy will never understand they think they know better then mother nature.


  6. My apologies, after re-reading I did get that you were agreeing with me. Totally my mistake! Your the first to agree in a long time and it precluded my thought thats for sure. I am too quick to respond sometimes, especially from replies in this video. But thank you for your replies.

  7. Here we have beautiful poetry and arguments are listed below, people feel as though the older they get the better they are and no longer need to ask for help or ask someone to answer a question…instead they're busy picking a fight with everyone thinkin that they're the only possible target.
    When did having an opinion become such a problem?
    Who knows…I surely dont

  8. Why are you attacking me? I'm the one who's agreeing with you in the first place…if you didn't understand what I was saying then maybe you should ask instead of making assumptions in what I'm trying to say.

    That's pretty straight forward

  9. I'm sorry did you have proof or evidence rather then more hateful opinions? Your right don't waste your time arguing because you don't have an argument. This isn't an argument btw I am sorry you feel that way, a debate via youtube and an argument are drastically different. "Its unfortunate how ignorant people are"

  10. being gay is a choice you have no evidence or science which says otherwise just a personal opinion. hey thats great you can be disgusted all you want at me but try being disgusted that you can't prove your own words rather the turning something you don't understand into more hate. funny how your lack of science precludes your opinions?

  11. what kind of childish comment reply is that. its busters like you that make me feel great because the loaki00, ya know the host of video, agreed with me. Thanks!

  12. As long as no one in that way of life imposes it upon me….it's not offensive. It's like a straight man hitting on a lesbian woman or a straight woman hitting on a gay man. So what. Opposites attract until you mention that you're gay. Okay. Be gay. The world doesn't "HAVE" to accept anything. I have no problem with the gay community until I hear that we all "have" to accept your private affairs. It's NOT supposed to be my business what your sex life is like.

  13. I am not a homophobic. However, sexual preference is just "that"….a preference. Call it gay, or homo or homosexual or lesbian….it's what YOU do in your private and the PUBLIC world shouldn't have to accept what you do in private. Who cares how you like sex or relation? It's YOUR choice to do what you want. People WILL disagree. Being gay or straight isn't the solution of worldly issues. It's a personal preference of an individual. What's the big idea. Who cares that a person is gay?

  14. @xxxxdarksidexxxx WHAT?!?!?! Ok dude, please tell me, HOW does mother nature make homosexuality unlawful as you put it?? honestly? You saying because no other species survives this way means nothing since humans do plenty things that aren't canon in nature. Human beings couldn't survive if we didn't rise above. That's what i mean by no substance. I'm not attacking you, I'm solely stating what I've observed as the obvious undertone of your argument from the beginning.

  15. @death0personified "Im not you are" is your rebuttle? I have no substance?? I could never in a quadrillion years actually say that mother nature as my argument has no substance. I am not your "bro" and I have in 2 posts shown you your hypocritical statement, and the substance you say I lack. All you have done is claim this and claim that, then lie about having no bias. Really "bro" and clearly you have no rebuttal so you wasted two posts with no points other then personal.

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