if fifty shades of grey were a john green novel

~ Blink 182 – I miss ~ Hello there. *washing -machine-like cough* why am I wheezing so much? Am I wheezy waiter? As you
can tell I’m ill it’s because I just have too many… too many… sick jokes HAH.. huah… don’t boo
me…. *cough transforms into laughter* that was a good one though It’s Divya G erm the black eye peas told me
to spread love but instead I am out here spreading germs that’s- that’s what
the G stands for *dying with laughter… and illness* got a comment a while ago saying
something along the lines of what if you reimagined 50 shades of grey but as a John Green book and my inner goddesstingledAnd thought Wow Your mind We have done it guys – we have fully become a gaming channel. *cough* so we have
the main character named Anastasia Steele but you know they’re a little bit
quirky but at the same time they’re also slightly boring, passive… I mean she says
it herself. There’s really not much to know about me, look at me *hehe* *intense staring* I am. Wow you’re so dominant so in the novel Anastasia
keeps mentioning and talking about this this this voice in her head okay that
she has you know that this inner goddess *chokes* that makes her do stuff that the normal
Ana wouldn’t. Now, if this were a John Green book you know maybe this voice in
her head may be the byproduct of multiple personality disorder. I haven’t
seen the film but I read the book Wow name a greater plot twist . For this one
the background is red as an ode to SPOILERS the scene in Fifty Shades of
Grey where Christian Gray pulls out Anastasia’s bloody used tampon. QUIRKY! If this were a John Green book, this would be our unattainable love interests like
quirky hobbies, yeah? Augustus Waters? sure yeah he puts like unlit cigarettes
in his mouth for as- as a metaphor Christian Grey? Christian Grey pulls out bloody used tampons. I mean I’m just saying watch out
John Green. So there’s not gonna be any dramatic readings just to keep it PG but
the –except is right here if you if you want to read
like geez what …….. it’s also red for the Red Room you know where all of the fun times
happen. If you’re unfamiliar with 50 Shades Of Grey, the Red Room is
basically the room where they play Taylor Swift’s album on repeat. I like John’s covers. His covers are are very sort of graphic you know, very simple bold colors
so I decided to have this feather duster for that one tickling scene. There’s probably a metaphor in there somewhere. Gray, Gray, Gray… Christian
Gray is our love interest. The Margo The Augustus, the Alaska… the one that our main
character romanticizes the one that our main character puts on a pedestal upon
which the main characters fantasies are projected and we’ll hopefully you know
save them from their mediocrity. Seemingly perfect but they
harbor a dark and troubled past. I’m just a piece of paper in a world That’s run out of ink, Anastasia. okay side note I was unaware that this
cover actually existed before I made this so don’t accuse me of copyright
you know infringement so we have a tie here because you know Christian can tie
up Ana but the real question is can he tie up and string together all the plotholes in the book and the movie? Then what else happens in a John Green novel? Normally they go on like a lot of like
road trips so you know Christian and Ana go on an adventure time come on grab your… friends. Then Ana realises What a treacherous thing it is to believe that someone is perfect okay
even Christian Grey! Christian Grey is not perfect *on verge of tears* um a suit
and tie silhouette would be fitting because you
know who is the king you know of suit and ties? Who is the tailor (swift)? Okay who is
the the model? The picture-perfect Dr Phil. Dr Phil will uh see you now so yeah if you like my content then be supportive…. subscribe like comment because at the end of the day if you don’t like
my stuff you can always unsubscribe anyway I forgot to mention that someone will probably die at the end that someone is
me after reading Fifty Shades of Grey I’ve seen more convincing writing by
ancient aliens on the History Channel I’m not joking also disclaimer warning
at the end of the video because some people may misinterpret this lol. this
isn’t a hate video on John Green he is a cool guy I also wanted to make an
abundance of Katherine’s joke I was going to say Ana likes to talk about
her in a goddess in an abundance but I forgot so here it is Wow
yikes to be fair this reminds me more of like The Apprentice than 50 shades of
grey. YOU’RE HIRED. someone hire me please. let me know which
one you like the most and if you have any video requests ilysm babes yeah i’ll
see you guys sometime in future it’s just
you I’ve just got Bieber fever you know *laughs* let’s play a
game called what’s drier? My dry cough, my jokes, or my lips 🙁

100 thoughts on “if fifty shades of grey were a john green novel

  1. Thank god i didnt read the books hahah that scene was whack for a romance book and it was supposed to be romantic? Ive read some pretty hella gruesome dark af books but that shits just cringe

  2. Saw your "graphic design is my passion" vid trying to figure out the meme. Now this is my third vid of you. Interesting lil' lady. 😁

  3. I’ve only seen both movies, but I still get-ya-div-ya. Oh lord your humor is my spirit soul—wait, what? You know what, we’re both funny and cute.

  4. "He came in me the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once." 😂😂😂

    But I probably would've gone with: “You don't get to choose if your tampon gets pulled out in this world…but you do have some say in who pulls it out.”

  5. I want her to redesign the Harry Potter covers as if they were romance novels…
    I love HP, currently rereading it for what seems the 11th time but people complain that the 6th book was more of a twisted romance than they would’ve liked. Maybe she should redesign the 6th books cover?

  6. i just noticed something, as a twilight fanfiction, Anastasia stays true to the character she based off! She's bland, boring and does not have much to her just like Bella lol.

  7. I just want to say I paused at 3:32 and am PEEING with laughter at everything you wrote like honestly funniest shit I've ever seen

    Honestly, though, your graphics are amazing. It's unreal, at least for a person like me, what you're able to do.

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