IELTS Writing Task 2 Tips: Expressing your Opinion

43 thoughts on “IELTS Writing Task 2 Tips: Expressing your Opinion

  1. Hello mam. I need to ask that can we use phrases such as, To putforth my two cents, in writing exam to express our opinion? Or is it apposite for speaking exam?

  2. Helw Liz ,
    Your videos are really fruitful i do all the task by watching your videos, but i am little bit confused though i have already been to your video. Can you please tell me how to write agree/disagree question ??? If i agree should i only write about the agreed part in the whole essay ??? Please help me out


  3. Everytime i will take ielts exam i always watch Liz because she's really very helpful ,all the tips and for everything.. thank you Liz!

  4. Que= If I want to give balance/ neutral opinion than agree or disagree opinion. Can I give in essay or it is compulsory to be bias with agree or disagree only ?

  5. Thanks for providing good teaching of academic writing. Are the ielts academic writing task2 same as GT writing task 2?

  6. Liz is undoubtedly the one of the best out there. Her paraphrasing way is pretty good. Watch her all videos for a decent score. I got 8 bands.
    Thanks Liz.

  7. hello Liz
    I have a confusion. if the question asks , do you agree or disagree. is it that , we have to either agree to the statement or disagree with it? Is it alright if we partially agree and write in favour of both view?

  8. This is so simple and perfect at the same time. You are a natural-born pedagogue. I have acquired all of your advanced writing tasks and keeping them as bibles for my essays. They are worth every penny!

    Thank you so much, Liz! God bless you!

  9. My Question:
    Hi Liz,
    Really thanks for your useful tips and suggestion, it really helps a lots of peoples:)
    Few Basic Queries in understanding the essays question: ( sample essay question is pasted here to understand your thoughts and suggestion on it).

    Essay : Advertisements of toys and fast food nowadays are usually aiming at children. Some say that this has a negative effect on children as well as their family. Do you agree or disagree?

    Beyond doubt/Generally speaking, the debate on adverse affects on parents or children due to commercials has brought lot of attention across the world and in fact it is a never-ending discussion point in many parts of the world. However, this essay discusses whether it is acceptable or not by analyzing of both ends and my partial agreement with the statement.

    1. Is my Intro fine ?
    2. They ask us if i agree or disagree? , can i say i partial agreements ( means i partially agree and partially disagree too )
    3. In such essay , can i give one paragraph for benefits of adv. and other paragraph , on the contrary, demerits of it and then my conclusion both are half to half. so i am partially agreeing with the statement.. Is this approach right?


  10. Really very Helpful.

    I have given three times the IELTS test and attended classes of diffrent tutors. They all advised to use diffrent words for thesis statement that have been clearly rejected by you.
    Today, I have understood that why i didn' t get more than 6.5 in writing.

    Thanks very much for wonderful lesson.

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