"I'd Fight Yaya Toure" | Anthony Joshua and Chill ft. Poet and Vuj

you know when it's just like bang bang bang bang oh oh boom cup of fam we are here it's another oh it's actually a chill man and I'm wearing my favorite jeans for this situation as well look I've got this like every picture on Instagram so you know that's business we are here boxing about destiny too because yes yes correct alright bye let's start off we pose our question for the audience he went mad for you serious my phone would battery was dying every 5 minutes so this is the matting what's it all about some of the questions on my team and if so which one my grow up in Watford if I had to sport team it'll be Watford but the issue is when I was in school when everyone's talking about the least I never understood it and I still don't understand how serious the system the structure I don't understand the system yeah but I do enjoy watching it I just don't understand transfers moves I just think that's what it is I think most people's parents supported a team got their kids into it I didn't have that an international around Madrid yeah nowadays done next year another who'd you have to win to scrap my commission by yeah is that rugged rugged in this but Renault things that that Bruce eat up bang you know I mean just lick your one hook and your finish Messi seems a bit more as his name stand messy rugged the fact that he's clearly strives to be the best athlete again rise defeat it's that kind of like in terms of with yourself that's what you strive to do so there's that mutual respect of two different words yeah because I've been I've been pro enough for a year and I think early on I was trying to do everything because we've boxing I come into the game as a professional remember I haven't had much background no people know who I am or what I'm trying to achieve so I have to kind of present myself to the world so for the first three years I was like managing manage and market and work it in and now I'm a stager I just said I've done that now I really want to focus on being the best box and then I get the inspiration from like renowed Ivan just little things he would train but make sure he trained by himself afterwards he wanted to work on our speaking suffered and then he said that he was the only one in the team back then that had masseuses nutritionists psychology yeah clean hearts win that's it you know good clean hearts when we saw cause reason I've been losing broke rule number one and you know I think you need luck you need a bit of potluck wisdom we're all born with wisdom something yeah you need to yes sensei and that wisdom comes from elders as well so it's not only always them gain it from the older people around you good heart a bit of luck and tap into that wisdom you know how did you tap into those those I'd say aspects of your life with what you go through for many situations I'm a tough upbringing Sammy will say nice to give to those kids that maybe are struggling and maybe they're looking in and then they can't find themselves what is it that gets you to step up again when it's difficult you can face difficult times by yourself you know when you don't know where to turn or where to look and you're thinking how do I go out a situation I think one of the best things is like drop the ego and and reach out for help because you never know who's willing to open their door for you and I think that was one of the blessings at the boxing gym they open their door for me I met a whole group of people a whole group of elderly people who are older than me wiser than me that filled me with wisdom and knowledge and and brought me on so I think that was it I just asked him for help support I'm making a few mistakes here listen I'm doing that I said we know you want to do this you want to do that let me help you I said you know I mean it's open to help open open be open to help and be open to ask for help don't you know you can go yeah I know who I don't ask for help I hate I wrote hate someone I don't I just thought that's what you need that's maybe what you need to help well yes money to work on espera know that they have to understand you that's why your your honor you're on the road to greatness now share your sadness with share your struggle it's better than your success yeah sounding a good question now they thought have more wins [Laughter] you know what I'm not bad you know I'm not bad me at me and my own me and my friend Fred when we're abroad or the boys I do regret packing in my younger days sign up with a striker yeah you know started off upfront and then I drained them pinnacle and football team local around yeah you remember yeah and then with Darren Watson and all that and then it was just like if you want to make it send her back shoppin you know so they pull me back to celebrate Wow [Laughter] more importantly how does it feel to actually be at Wembley in front of a sold-out crowd its local that's one thing I like about what we're doing angle off right to the states and take you and thousands of people I'm saying kids from the local area that can catch an uber taxi the Met line pay 30 40 quid for a ticket and come down and watch a heavyweight championship fight that's what I love it's a local affair nine years ago people have to travel all over the world so watch these kind of big entertainment nights in a boxing industry but now it's local and like Wembley and anywhere else that we had much [Laughter] any foot would Tory oh yeah either you never be seen yeah yeah I've seen the way he operates nobody seen I've seen him dribble the ball carrying him so look out for this new player for Arsenal is a subclass an inch he's like a fridge yeah you know what I recommend no Newcastle if you're looking up I think yeah he's a man we've boarded a bus car but we got another one here yeah Kieran Wilson was leveraged a lot of fighting football comparisons who is your fight Deborah him a bitch oh that's a tough one because everyone is karate ting as well he can lift a sport up like here but I can burn with Abby's mate I can't run the Chad's accurate when we're done be snow then I can fend one yeah yeah there you know there I need some hanging yeah we got some actual football fights analyse this first one amazing football fights yeah well I'm gonna see what you reckon this is daya versus Bowyer this one is legendary founder on the same team on this team why did I scrappy like that don't know egos in a box in town my quota love that Joshua you can't relax we're gonna gripple you've got a fight you see you ned toe to toe head to head you know when it's just like bang bang bang bang who takes a fight yeah this guy here on edge oh yeah what type of fire is that not a 10 and that's like a not an island do it because its toe to toe they're not like dancing around a place wait you know when you're waiting for someone to break it up you're acting like you want it like really dumb that's every fire hood [Laughter] Michael's coming back in half an hour yeah I see them but these are tighter thighs you saying cause I said what oh oh my mom was swimming sweet all right so look I rate him because he said nah you can't disrespect me like that so you tried to stand I said I'm number 10 oh you might go number two I want that number 10 shirt hey proxy so yeah now it's just the straight out singers disrespect well you're hoping for is you lamb one and you don't cut one in the mean time because there's no technique there's none in it there's no technique there's a windmill it's just a windmill what he has a lovely right hook to start that's better than the other one I give that straight 9-under yeah we are here courtesy of destiny yes yeah well it's hard but I think you do need to find time and I think it's like nowadays you can be on your phone but you're still connected to the world and I think it's important to step away from everything yeah disconnect so get on the computer well I mean try there's free main classes in in destiny there's a warlock he's a wizard yeah hunter who's an assassin yeah and a Titan it's tanks yeah which one would you be yeah those free if I had to pick Titan 100 in it how are ya just strengthened thanking through people and [Laughter] talk about myself too much is that much income you punching [Laughter] my fist is delicate ODB walk or you know I think I'll be the Wizard of Oz I like using my brain online that's it that's it you need a bit of reigns I'm wrong [Laughter] with destiny The Big Show actually plays his game a lot and he's like in the top one person I need to catch online me yeah he's in the top 1% he bangs the game yeah yeah see that's what I mean it's good because as I said you can disconnect from the world and play by yourself or you can connect with anyone yeah you know I mean would you rather take him on a destiny WWE destiny oh yeah yeah the Big Show you no one knows his entrance either big man guys in America a difference in the ring with happens to be on the yes who's been the hardest the punch oh the hardest person to punch honestly yeah I find it difficult and I think when I got him down in the fifth round I thought I'd won the fight because it's so difficult to catch him in my mind therefore I've got you now you and then I was celebrating like this is it and he got up and I just found it difficult to pin him down and he retired he now he's older brother retired years ago went into politics but Klitschko who are supposed to fight leaded me and he said he tried his best he come up short and he gained a lot of respect even though he lost because of the type of wire was got a lot of respect he said he's happy to walk away from the sport idle yeah oh gee this wasn't easy GFC Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson in his prime by the way I respect I leave but I grew up on Tyson that's like 2pac and biggie biggie was the flow he had the float lesson Muhammad Ali flow but puck was the killer the ride and that's Tyson and that's welcome relate last question is the McGregor made of the fight I mean we all tuned in yeah in one way or another which ended yeah he come mcgraw him against greatness he tried try that's all I'm gonna say is that when you okay slight you're interviewing someone you have someone that you flow with and I'm a worse for fighters I've been boxing for years so they job because they've kind of been taught the same things but I'm I just got a different style or you have someone that you interview that you're not getting anything from and McGregor with his style doesn't give me over much to work with so it took him 10 rounds to figure him out everyone for it should have been a one or two round job maybe he because he was so unorthodox he gave him different and a different type of starter he's never seen before I think all of us in here just finishes crisp yeah thank you so much for your time everyone remember I like share and subscribe this has been chill with enemy Joshua I'm poet average and you know it's our destiny to continue in this life make sure you check out the game don't fight anyone called Cooper have a nice have a nice you

48 thoughts on “"I'd Fight Yaya Toure" | Anthony Joshua and Chill ft. Poet and Vuj

  1. Joshua is wrong he's says Mike tyson beats Ali this is big joke because Ali beats sonny liston and George Foreman.
    Foreman much stronger than mike tyson
    Aj is trash

  2. AJ correcting Vuj on his pronounciation of eight-sided ring in the last two minutes is gold.

    Vuj: "What you think it be like if hee steps into the ring?"

    Joshua: "octagon"

    Me: Smiles "Unilad corrections are always served cold." Rolls eyes and laughs under breath

    Boss game here lads, This interview will propel you miles forward. I knew AJ was eventually going to let it slip that he knows football because who gets 19 KO's consecutively without having played on a rainy day in the midlands somewhere? Who wants to win more than someone who is barely allowed to touch the ball on a rainy day in West Bromwich? Everton produce lots of top talent purely down to their youth teams having a healhty losing record to compliment their winning streak.

    Sorry for putting too many words together without punctuation. This interviewer was a Gazzer for me. Three cheers.

  3. its "rule " poet.. "i wunna rule my destiny "..big tune tho https://soundcloud.com/officalapollo/this-is-my-time-apollo-x-levvy-prod-by-iamrg

  4. Surely the Mongolian lesbian Poet can eat the crisps once the interview is over… does he think it's funny or cool? Don't understand this guy

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