Iceman Author Whines Fans Not Interested In Gender Study Comics

everybody what's going on you want to take a look at some wine eNOS and victim hood mentality over at Marvel Comics of course you do that's why you're here well let's head over to everybody's favorite angry feminist website the Mary Sue so we can learn the true reason why the gay Iceman comic book failed and this is great I was looking forward to this I just thought basic economics was at hand I thought that they took a character gender gender sexual orientation swapped him I'm so used to them swapping genders I can't keep up but anyway you take a character you swap its sexual orientation out so you can pander to a very very very tiny group of comic-book readers while alienating the core audience and usually that just ends up in poor sales and poor sales usually end up with a canceled book but boy was I wrong let's get the real scoop the x-men comics have always been lauded for their message of inclusivity and celebration of diversity for decades the metaphor of mutants has been applicable to marginalized communities based on race class gender ability and sexuality but behind the scenes Marvel has struggled to walk the walk in terms of representation Jesus Christ give me give me a second guys I gotta catch my breath all these gender study terms man's it's taxing my brains okay okay did we hit all of them by the way I mean we're you're a social justice warrior author do you have a list stapled to your desk that you can make sure you're jamming all these buzz words into your pieces okay okay all right here we go Iceman author Cena Grace has written a scathing critique of his treatment at Marvel during his run on the Iceman comics which centered on an out x-men Bobby Drake ice man's coming out was celebrated as a great moment for lgbtq+ representation in comics in 2017 Marvel launched Iceman solo book written by out writer Cena grace which followed Bobby as he came out to his parents and explored dating coming out to your parents exploring dating Oh what more could people who read comic books possibly one could we get something on closeted organism next Jesus Christ is anybody shocked that this has been canceled twice but while grace was thrilled to have the opportunity he found a serious lack of support from the Marvel brass in an essay posted to his tumblr page grace details his frustrating experiences at the hands of Marvel oh boy can anybody guess where we're going here I mean what do you think's more likely somebody taking personal responsibility for not developing an engaging story for their comic book character or everybody else's fault right hidden grace encountered plenty of hate and online abuse not the abuse not the on lines internet abuse from the trolls of toxic fandom who regularly threatened and attacked him on the Twitter's during this time Marvel didn't do anything to defend him Grace Road between Iceman's cancellation and subsequent revival Marvel reached out and said they noticed threatening behaviors on my Twitter account only after asking me to send proof of all the nasty che popping up online an editor called these conversations they always happen over the phone offering to provide tips and tricks to deal with the cyberbullying I cut them off by the way that's a great move dude when you've got a comic book that nobody's buying go ahead and cut off people trying to help you be really rude to the people who are probably your bosses that seems like a bang-up job for keeping your job anyway I cut him off all he was going to do is tell me how to fend for myself I needed Marvel to stand by me with more work opportunities to show the trolls that I was more than a diversity hire we'll keep you in mind I got so tired of that sentence no dude you are a diversity I heard and instead of making the best of a bad situation right ie you're not hired because of your skillset clearly or you'd make an engaging book for people to be reading no no now you squandered an opportunity handed to you handed to you by the way at the cost of someone who I'm sure was more talented than you they just happen to have the wrong sexual orientation I mean the balls on this guy to be handed such a gift to be working at Marvel when he's clearly not at that skill level and then he's rude to the editors and then he goes on tumblr trashing the company and this guy will never work in the comic-book industry again right nobody what nobody's going to get laid off by image or Marvel or DC and then badmouth the company only to be picked up by another comic book company no dude you're burning all your bridges here and when this dude can't get another job in the comic book industry he's going to blame white male super see he's gonna blame the oppressions oh these people won't hire me because of my sexual orientation no nobody's hiring you because you can't sell a book and by the way when you can't tell a book you lash out at the publisher but you see with identity politics you just blame everybody else for your problems and then use your race or your sexuality or your gender as a shield to protect yourself against legitimate criticism and let's just go over one more part this videos getting a little bit long take a look at this part this is absolutely fascinating how people don't get the only thing that matters when you're selling something the only thing that matters is your sales numbers from the get-go my first editor asserted that Ice Man would be dead on arrival if it worked quote-unquote too gay while also telling me to prepare for a cancellation anyway given that most solo x-men titles don't last beyond a year let's say that your editor said this to you let's say that this is all true the alarm bells that you were a diversity here that didn't go off in your head they're telling you hey here's a book it's gonna die though never mind that my work on Ice Man had gotten positive press in the New York Times positive press in the New York Times oh my god guys a gay character in a comic book got positive press that's never happened before boy you know this comic book must be absolutely fantastic if that New York Times gave a positive press or that in spite of since deleted critical sandbagging the series Nets glowing reviews on Amazon again glowing reviews from New York Times or Amazon doesn't matter how many books are you moving that's the only thing that matters but of course it's Marvel's fault right Marvel Marvel didn't know how to hit that LGBTQ community didn't know how to engage them the guy literally says this ultimately grace was upset that the publicity department had no clue how to market his book or how to target lgbtq+ audiences and they were uninterested in finding out how no Marvel knows what it's doing your diversity hire is the her attempt to engage in target that LGBTQ audience so mister grace or mrs. grace whatever you go by I'm not quite sure if you're upset that nobody bought your gay ice man comic book I'm sorry that you have the mentality of a little kid but you only have yourself to blame people who are buying comic books don't care about a character's sexual orientation they don't care about them coming out to their parents they don't care about them buying shoes and they certainly I can't believe that this is even a thing they certainly don't want to hear about drag queen mutants that's not even a joke man he wanted to put drag queen mutants in his story if these are the type of topics that you think are great fodder for your comic book series you are completely removed from the general social consciousness but of course trying to talk reason to somebody knee-deep in identity politics is like talking to a wall I thought you guys would enjoy this story and so if you're out there and you're interested in more coverage of this ongoing culture war make sure you hit that subscribe button and thank you so much for watching this video I super appreciate it take care everybody bye

25 thoughts on “Iceman Author Whines Fans Not Interested In Gender Study Comics

  1. This fucking faggot shoehorned his own life experience into an existing character and had a gall to be surprised when everybody fucking hated it.

  2. 0:13
    "So we can look at the true reason why the gay IceMan comic book failed"
    13 seconds in and I am already pretty sure why I know it failed.

  3. New issue of Iceman. Starts off with him screaming in bed next to his girlfriends saying. "I had a horrible nightmare"

  4. If they were made from proper paper we could find them good use in toilet. Current paper reduces the identity comics to uselessness, hence the low interest.

  5. I think the drag queen mutants world be a good villain for Wolverine. He wouldn't know what to so with them. He'd be confused. I think they would be great for a Deadpool movie as allies in his attempt to assassinate the leader of Super Happy Fun America.

  6. Northstar's been gay for years and even married another dude in the comics. Where were those people spouting off about LGBQTVWFHKNMBXE12345 representation then?

  7. That's ruined the Iceman character forever. Now he'll always be tarnished as an untrustworthy homosexual. Bobby the battyman, closet queer. Fuck off down in the sewers with the Morlocks.

  8. Family Guy made a joke implying that Ice Man was gay a long time ago. Did that start this whole thing happening?

  9. "they had to stand by me with more work opportunities"
    yeah, no man, if you want a job you need to do a good job and not write a gay character

  10. Marvel might be perfect in targetting the alphabet people who are interested in gay marvel characters, but pandering 10% of 1% is really not a sustainable marketing strategy…

  11. Wasn’t Iceman a chick magnet before this load of shit happened? He probably had the same amount of notches on his bed frame as Iron Man. He’d also watch women work out videos for the fact there were women working out. Jean Grey brainwashed him.

  12. Thanks for this. I've been saying (to myself, and some loved ones) making Iceman, a well established character, gay was a huge mistake for some time now. I'm glad the majority have spoken, perhaps Mr/Ms. Grace will re-evaluate, and make the required adjustments to be successful.

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