iBooks Author Widgets and Layout

28 thoughts on “iBooks Author Widgets and Layout

  1. How do you allow student to fill-in answers from lesson review and submit information?

  2. Excellent advice, thank you so much! We were struggling to find ways for our students to be able to review lesson content in our media space, but with this new knowledge we should be able to make a short ibook for every lesson and let the students use them freely. again, great instructional video, thank you!

  3. Very nicely done. I am definitely much more able to understand the various tool features, and the associated tools I need to bring a good document together!
    I'd rate you high, as a teacher–succinct and clear. Thank you for your effort.

  4. Nice tutorial Jeremy, One question please, how can I add voice in iBooks author when the kids touch one word ? ( example: its pronountiation ?

  5. Hi Jeremy,
    is there anyway you can make your sample or bok available to the UK (i.e. non-US) store please? It looks fantastic and I could imagine it really firing up people's interest here at my University on Sheffield.

    all the best


  6. Nice job. You should consider creating more tutorials dedicated to each facet of iBooks Author so that new users can follow step by step directions. As a teacher looking for well developed online training, I can tell you it is very hard to find. This tutorial was a great start. I would appreciate any future iBooks Author tutuorials that you present. Thanks again for this tutorial.

  7. Thanks for the overview. Well done in such a short time frame. I need one on the "review" process in Widgets, which you didn't cover in this video. Thanks again!!

  8. Great introduction Jeremy. Kudos to you for highlighting key features in brief 11 minutes presentation. In my opinion template choice is severely limiting. Hopefully templates become available on app store for sale in near future or is there a way to install custom templates … things geared for younger audience. Default templates look very academic 🙂

  9. Very nice showcase of the features and appreciated the comparison with the iWork interface. Pretty amazing – i can see even making short tutorials this way. Can you save the book and use it without sending it to the Apple store?

  10. You need to touch more on the Copyright issues with Google warehouse 3D models – because if you use any of these that are licensed in a paid for book there is a breach of copyright.

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