Iasia Sweeting: I need my poetry to survive

well I definitely feel like now I know for a fact that i need my poetry in order to survive it's what helped me survive in the most trying times of my entire life and so I know that just like I need oxygen and I need food I do the poetry I needed and it's a part of who I am it's definitely more deeply and rooted inside of me than I ever would have thought you know you can ask your question of course what is the difference what is the difference between poetry and your poetry is called spoken word poetry yes and wrap this will date me okay so what's no no you're absolutely fine I get this question a lot well i define rap as ruthlessly assembled poetry ruthlessly assembled poetry are every it's really a simple and so an employee tree more nicely assembled well I think that I think that no matter how hard you try if you were trying you could never lie in a poem a poem is always the very essence of what you feel whether or not you've been courageous enough to express it it's going to come out in the poem so whatever is the truth about what you really truly feel no matter how painful it might be no matter how surprising it might be that's the poem and so once you begin to see that truth and if you want to turn it into a wrap then you you just marry that passion or that aggression or the anger or you know the strength or whatever you're ruthless is you know there's a lot of tips of it you can't line in a poem you cannot lie in a home maybe we should have a poetry contest at the White House yes I definitely think we do I definitely think we're but ok i think that the oath of office should be original pole and I by wagging your wrappers rappers make a lot more money than poet so I'm glad that they do versatile and and I think the world needs a lot more female rappers oh I definitely agree I definitely agree i think that rappers they probably not going to want to tell you this but they are actually poet at the core because what they're they're doing rap comes from poetry so they're actually poet but a lot of them they're like well we don't want to see more fattening stuff like that so we got to call ourselves rappers that's all the businesses you know I've never heard about that they're not opening as a sappy rapper that's true

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