I Want To Be A Published Author!

So I read once that 1 in 3 people say they want to be a published author And of those people 1 in 20 actually accomplished it. Those are great odds.. I feel really silly making this video so silly….. just What am I thinking?!? I don’t consider myself to be a real writer. Bunny ears of death It’s something that I enjoy doing But, I’ve never actually done anything with it. I’m not an expert nor do I have any real life experience but I am one of those people who say I want to write a book but I want to be on the side with the people who have actually done it My project that I want to start isn’t an original idea in any way, shape, or form. However I’m hoping that at the very least I can maybe be inspirational to someone else I’ve never been in a creative writing class and I don’t really know firsthand what it is to: make an outline or even finish a manuscript I’ve never Published a novel And I don’t know how to do it or What needs to be done or anything like that but I want to change that Nanowrimo is starting in november and if You don’t know what that is, It’s National Novel Writing Month And I am participating this year My goal is to document my journey of writing a book in 30 Days before that in October I will work on outlining my story To hopefully ease the process of having to write it in 30 Days Which I will be creating videos One to keep me accountable Because if I need to make a video for it, it Is 100 percent sure it’s gonna get done and Number two I really hope that it can inspire other people I know for myself there are many writer YouTubers out there. Who this is what they do and I watch their videos and They do they inspire me! This whole idea is pretty much Inspired By two individuals: Jenna Moreci and Chris Fox They’re just amazing and I want to follow in their footsteps I have a really big goal and I’ve told Like all of two people because it’s a scary goal and I don’t know why, it just seems So impossible I want to publish a book It’s a simple phrase Filled with such terror and despair! You remember the voice Well the voice tells me I can’t be published, it’s never gonna work However the voice also said that nobody was going to watch my videos and yet people are… So who’s to say if I wrote a book that people wouldn’t buy it. Fingers crossed Maybe a thumbs up too I’m really excited about this project Like I want to jump but at the same time I am completely terrified However I’m hoping that by sharing this that Maybe somebody else will be inspired like I was by the other YouTubers who have done this You know maybe somebody will write their own story or they’ll finish that work in progress and I think no matter what happens it will be an amazing journey and I really cannot wait to share it with you guys So Here’s to the first step of 80,000 Words oh my gosh I might have a book published aah All right so Subscribe to stalk me Follow me on twitter I will see you tomorrow
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