chicken legs stop coming for me now over the twenty thousand word markedness story a physical representation of the brainstorming I've done oh no it just deletes yeah not a fan hey guys I'm Kate welcome back to my channel and welcome to another edition of my I tried writing like series thing this one is especially interesting for me because growing up JK Rowling was like my hero I wrote Harry Potter fanfiction it's also what got me into writing my own original stories it was like a stepping stone for me into the journey of riderhood what from her own FAQ on her website she says it she starts writing at 9:00 in the morning and it is currently 8:35 basically for her the earlier she starts the more productive she feels she is in JK and I have that in common I usually those start at 6:00 because I'm by brain toward the afternoon is just like so this is going to be a little bit different a little bit interesting we're gonna see how I feel come to in the afternoon because she works until 3:00 ish that's about when she's just like she's done she needs a break and she says that she consumes approximately eight to nine cups of tea which you know challenge accepted she also munches on popcorn because she figures that's the easiest to eat while working I did go in ice and popcorn oh I bought kettle corn I feel like that transition does not work when you saw me run out of the room but it's okay we're just gonna keep it now something that has been kind of a recurring theme I feel like is the setting in which a person writes these authors they all believe they're like you know you should be able to write anywhere but also they're quite particular actually about theirs their own personal setting and JK Rowling is no exception now today I'm actually going to be reading in this room I will touch on that a little bit more in a bit but tomorrow I will be writing in a coffee shop in cafes because JK Rowling famously wrote much of the first bits of Harry Potter in a cafe which if I do ever visit Edinburgh and that is pretty high up on my list like I'm closing in oh you can that I will be going to the Elephant House Cafe I just ooh yes now the thing she enjoys most about coffee shops it's just kind of like the ambient noise and being able to like watch other people go about their day and I did there's something very awesome as a writer to like be an observer but though there are humans and I think cafes are kind of the perfect place because you can switch from your own characters to then like the actual world like vice versa and like I'm always someone who's like imagining scenarios and which these people came from and then I like to also imagine fantastical things that these people could be doing with their lives that obviously they can't be doing because sometimes my imagination involves you know dragons and you know that's assets I mean I guess they could be an assassin let's hope they're not assassins where am I going with oh yeah I talked about what I'm doing today and I'm staying here today because JK Rowling has said that now she's so famous she's so well known that she can no longer write in cafes the way she used to because now all eyes are on her and I think that's something about just like this whole aspect of Fame that would be so disarming so instead she has her writing room she says it's her favorite room it is like in her garden area and it has very few distractions but all the essentials way to make tea basically I have a house and a backyard that you can see into and I have a little puppy dog but if you are existing in the same space as him he oh hello he doesn't like to be left out so this is I'm just working with what I got today now to truly get started writing like JK Rowling it is time to get some tea I do already have some black tea brewing that'll eventually be iced tea but this morning we are going to go for a good peppermint tea yeah now the other reason I really wanted to try JK Rowling is writing routine is that besides it being just off to requesting her actual writing process is much different than mine I mean just first up she plots like she's pretty famous for she's done I'm talking like full-scale drawings plotting by hand outlining world mapping let me quote something to you from this book Harry Potter's bookshelf the great books behind the Hogwarts adventures there's a quote speaking with the South Australian advertiser Rowling said I planned I really planned quite meticulously I know it is sometimes quite boring when people say to me I write stories at school and what advice would you give me to make my stories better and people's faces often fall when I say you have to plan and they say oh I prefer just writing and seeing where it takes me sometimes writing and seeing where it takes you will lead you just some really great ideas but I would say nearly always it won't be as good as if you sat down first and thought where do I want to go what in damn I working toward what would be a good start JK Rowling stopped coming for me okay I do usually like to just start writing and seeing where it goes I have I don't think she would consider what I usually do what having a play I think she would be like that's an idea now especially Rowling is known for using this sort of table format to do her plotting with oh here's that quote again I really plan quite meticulously no now I actually think this table form looks really fascinating and I'm excited to attempt to copy it for my own story that I'm working on which is a fantasy so yeah I hope it works that would be how freaking awesome would that be if this is something that works for me because I have had timeline errors in the past I actually bought a on timeline to do much of this stuff and in the past I have made an Excel spreadsheet which jo-jo cuz we're best friends like Jo does transfer her hand-drawn tables like that into a spreadsheet eventually now I had to make a spreadsheet for project purple when that was being but in the revision process I think I did something similar at least at the beginning where she has around the day in the date and the time but then she does a whole lot of different stuff on this end so I'm excited to kind of play around with what her table format is also much to my chagrin it seems like she does write mostly by hand and then transfers that to the word document for those you will watch the I tried writing like Neil Gaiman you know that like everybody by hand is just not my favorite means I'm doing it but here I am I'm gonna try again we'll see I guess what do you think bed you're in you're right like JK Rowling no yeah but it is now nine o'clock so it's time to start writing like JK Rowling my mint tea by the way it's delicious so I actually left off on a particular scene last night in my camp NaNoWriMo project in the meridia Maps number two so I'm going to go ahead and start drafting right now if you came up on a different screen okay we're gonna pull you down here there we go so I'm gonna finish this scene but I will be doing it by hand instead of on the computer and then I will transfer it and then I'm thinking after I finished the scene is what I'm going to start with making my own table wow I don't know which I have more apprehensive of their writing by hand or the table I'm almost out of pages in this thing alright so No I finished writing that last scene we have now successfully smuggled the people that needed to be smuggled from one location to the next so that's good now I just need to transfer these words to their welcome to this edition of can I read my own handwriting where I see how many words I struggle with just for fun I think my plan is going to be to circle all the words I have trouble with with my black pen and we're just gonna see how back everything transferred did I only have one two three four five circles where I couldn't understand what I wrote and you know what to be fair having done it so immediately after where I wrote it down and then I immediately transferred it to the computer I still remembered what I was going for so even though I couldn't read it I just came up with another way to say it let's see that was a total of 500 and whoa oh no it just deletes there we go a total of 546 words and for the record it is practically an hour gone doing it this way it's just because I'm I write so slowly like my hand it just hurts I don't like I'll say though that like there was something nice and the immediate worth you because it takes a little it takes longer for me to write by hand so that in itself makes me think over the words a little bit more than I normally do when I'm doing my zero draft but then when I'm going to transfer it to the computer I once again think about the way it should be worded so I'm sure there's results and like a probably a cleaner draft but for me because so much of the stuff could potentially change it's not really worth making the draft as clean as it can be at least that's been my thought process for right now though the way JK Rowling does it if you have a whole timetable and you're like pretty sure applauding maybe and maybe you would want it to be as clean as you can possibly make it all right let's pull up her thing again so I can get a better look at this table first I have actually finished my tea so I think it's time for some more just gonna have to piece so much today cook we're gonna go for my iced tea I know she has numbers down here which I can't tell if that's like the number of scenes or the particular chapter but she does have the time frame and the title plot prophecy Cho slash Jenny Dumbledore's Army order of the Phoenix something that's Snape then Haggard and grop so basically what I think this is doing is that we're breaking things down into one main plot category and then these subplots that are woven throughout the story and we need updates on them for each of the chapters I think is how she's doing this yeah I'm pretty cool hello that's very close I think this is that was good I'm going to set mine up like her even though I don't know that I will use all of them like the title whatever but like that I do kind of title my scene so this will help me at least even if the actual titles aren't there so okay I think I got it mean straight lines not great we are set up and ready to fill in this weird-ass spreadsheet okay so the number of the chapter the time period and again I do my moon phases kind of like with the lunar cycle since a lot of my story is based off of the ocean and the various beliefs of the countries that are all different but you know one of them at least where my main character on Elise's from is Monsoor eeeh it's an island nation very much governed by the sea and you know the whole moon and the sea together thing so for me just go by the moon I got my main plot which is going after the Meridian maps then the whole smuggling ordeal and then back it like what the f is up with Mun Soria and Raskind and like the other countries that are about to go to war so I got and now I just have to fill it in no big deal oh my gosh so my actual camera is currently preoccupied uploading some of this so I can free up space but I'm trying to start filling in at my thing and oh my god I something clicked basically just figured out the method that something's going to happen by so like I knew the reason I knew the who I knew everything but the exact how and now I have it tied in with something else and the more stuff you can tie in all together the better so oh my god yeah it's literally again all I've actually made us to do is anyways I don't know why this helped but it did and you know once again is it that this helped or was that always just kind of in the back of my brain waiting to come forward yes okay now there's only like you know a couple more images left to transfer so alright I'm gonna keep working so this has been actually hmm like a lot of links still to fill in and definitely the timeline that's it's still the time is a mystery I have two things that I know I want to have happen in a certain phase in the moon cycle but after that it's like I'll actually have to go back and count out an estimate of how many days that would then correspond to which anyways but I did come up with something that was actually more of a relationship between characters thing and it's something that I've been again building toward but now I have a particular kind of like back and forth the scene of dialogue in mind that I'm really excited to write oh yes the end of this book I'm just so excited this took a long time though I should say that what time for that it is now 11:34 a.m. this is the thing about plotting and brainstorming if I I wanted to work my camp NaNoWriMo time in minutes because all of this has been pretty helpful – the parts I already just knew but like I think what's I filling the whole thing it will be really helpful but obviously it's not actually any additional writing that's gone onto the page so I will say that I like having this sort of thing as like a physical representation of the brainstorming I've done rather than just sitting here and occasionally – jotting down notes in my notebook which I do all the time I'm gonna what you write but there's something about having a whole big ass like page of timeline spreadsheet document style thing that I'm I'm into I'm into it I didn't think it was gonna be to do it and I'm way more into it that I expected yay so I think I'm gonna finish my third glass of tea with lunch I wasn't actually able to find what JK Rowling eats also I didn't look that hard well you're not getting any of this you miss silly pepperoni this is silly no all right so I think the plans just gonna be the same I add anything to this while I eat it's probably no but it's alright so I didn't actually add anything but I did finish my tea I finished my food and I posted to Instagram so you know it's productive right but it is now time to start working on a new scene I am hmm hmm I feel like this tweet from JK Rowling said it best with a wonderful thing about writing is that there's always a blank page waiting the terrifying thing about writing is that there's always a blank page waiting on to the blank page for me I am really excited to start the scene because again it's kind of like what I was adding to my table here like all of this work is from stuff that I haven't quite written yet it's always one of those things where I do stare at the blank screen for like an additional 5 minutes like I feel like it always takes me a little bit longer because when I returned from a writing session there is always some another time for I'm like oh yeah I have to remind myself where I was at but the blank screen is always like yeah yeah [Applause] my hand hurts you know I'm figuring about last one if this amount got me almost 600 words then I'm probably at a thousand now think I'm at a thousand with that one just yeah not a fan I think if I ever do any of these others I tried writing like and they write by hand I'm just gonna have to skip that part I don't want to do like maybe this is just a sign that I should work out more can I work out my wrists so that they're stronger oh my god I'll work out so that I could be a better writer but right now it is 107 I have I guess less than two hours now to finish up so far so good I feel like I guess I'm just gonna type up the rest of these words I stopped mid-scene like mid-scene because I really just could not take it anymore so I think what I might do instead is if once I'm done typing these up I want to continue writing the scene I'll just I'll just type it yeah but I do think it's awful time for a snack like cattle corn snack I really want to try that transition again but I feel like this might be dangerous we're gonna try that nailed it any kind of food I can get behind riding by hand no popcorn yes and you know what strange timeline table thing also a yes good choice Joe all right I ended the scene with 923 words I mean I end up typing most of this up and then I added in a few things that were in the black so 923 and actually oh my god I'm so excited look at this I am now over the 20,000 word markedness story yeah I had never written a sequel before this July and now has 20,000 words in this sequel it is now to 11 p.m. so what I think I'm gonna do and says I'm gonna take the tough outside and I'm going to continue to work on and fill in my own table and I think that'll probably take me through three o'clock it just takes so much more thinking to do all this which is good though because it's causing me to have two revelations that I think we're way worthwhile so okay alright Duke is still enjoying the outside no boo but it is okay so now it's 3:05 that doesn't mean that technically the experiment is over for today all in all I mean I got almost 1500 words for the day and honestly like a shit-ton applauding done so in that respect it's a super successful day when I think about how much work I can't theoretically get done in six hours of the day this doesn't feel a substantial begin I'm just looking at this thing and my goodness I okay so you can see I still have a few more blocks to fill in and debate about filling in but like also obviously I have this entire time section that needs to be fixed still but I could just not stop looking at it like this was great tomorrow I'm actually going to start the experiment a little bit early and I'm going to be doing it in the coffee shops I need to be back by a certain time tomorrow I'm having to like do this experiment around some meetings I will be in the coffee shop dabbling with this little table and seeing if I can't write more I do think for tomorrow I'm going to forego writing it down unless I find them stuck and then I do think there's something about these slightly slower method that is hand writing for me that might help but yeah I'm just it's just not for me it's not for me so I'm not gonna record as much tomorrow that way I can really like try and live the experience just be JK Rowling for a day and we will see how it goes and then I will report back at the end of that and give like an all-encompassing feeling about this experiment also my nose is so red oh my goodness I was outside maybe it's like Winberg haha do you wanna come inside okay you gonna come inside now going in alright we will both see you guys tomorrow morning is it time for the camera to go in back pop no yeah it's time for the camera to go into the bag and we're back so overall thoughts on this experiment is that JK Rowling much like all the other authors I've done have worked for about six hours a day some did more some did a little bit less but overall they're spending a fair chunk of their day working on writing in their books but they're not spending an exorbitant amount of time doing it I think because there's only so much creative energy that you can use during a day I think that's what it is the handwriting confirmed not for me when I was working in the coffee shop I got 1037 words and then I did manage to fill in a couple more spots I did it in purple so you could see the difference when I added today I still need to work on the timeline like that tool time aspect of it there are still some spots that haven't been filled in but to be fair JK Rowling's own table has sections that weren't completely built in so I think that's okay for me a lot of the time it's just like more a continuation of what happened in the last chapter or seen into this one so there was just no need to write it again you know the thing that I think would be really interesting with this is if I was plotting a book for the first time I think I might have had different result mmm I like to write the story in order to learn about the story I think this is doable for me for a sequel but probably not for like the first book in a series or when I'm really doing like an exploratory sort of draft but it was really cool to like feel like I was vaguely like my childhood hero for a day you know like don't we're almost the same but please do comment down below let me know if you would ever make your own table like this let me know if it takes you a while to start writing once you're just seeing the blank page and does the blank page tend to excite you or terrify you or is it really like JK Rowling says and it's just kind of both let me know what sort of fan fiction you wrote when you were younger or that you still write now I guess it's like a dream of mine someday to have someone write fanfiction about one of my stories so let me know if this all like a weird dream of yours for your stories and finally please do comment down below and let me know who you'd like me to try writing like next let in let me know who some of your childhood heroes were that were authors and let me know who your other childhood heroes were were these sports stars were they other kind of artists yeah just let me know I have all the questions but that is gonna be it for me thank you guys so much for watching and thank you especially to some of my new patrons this month Coby Mendoza Gwendolyn Conrad a Howard Rin Willis and Jordan Vijay Hin and I will see you all very soon with a new video bye blank page waiting the wonderful thing about writing is that there's always a blank page what

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    It takes me, like you, about 5 minutes to get my head in the game when facing a blank page. It's both terrifying and exciting. A new thing for me, specifically this July camp, every time I sit down to write in a new session, I start with a new page regardless of the completion of a previous scene. In those times, it's calming to see that I can start from the beginning of a scene versus mid-scene.
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    Another thing about writing it down and transferring it is that it acts like a rough draft. I’ll write it down and often revise it as I type it in.

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