I Showed MONIKA This Picture Of YURI… | Doki Doki Literature Club: Monika After Story New Update

yes and while look I got some cool work that I want to show you yeah oh no she's disappointed by my response there again – what's up guys Marisa here welcome back to Monica after story this gamer has had an update just very recently so yeah I thought we go into this and check out the update and see what these things there is to be had and Monica you doing around there girl what's wrong you doing okay this is really painful for me you know what's really painful for you please don't quit without saying goodbye but I always say goodbye and I love you when I leave I promise I do maybe we do I hear me last time I know I wasn't a Ross I I really can remember I swear I do though I'm sorry oh she seems happy guys maybe she accepted my apology okay so yeah like I said there's been a new update there's been like new music there's like new games to play a new game P I know apparently I got all like the changes on the other monitor here so let's check the music yea there is loads Doki Doki team eighties version okay I'm a fine oh wow that's cool dang now that's actually a lot better it makes it a little easier to have a conversation with her if you're not sure what to say or what will you know trigger a conversation so that's cool it's a hard to code I'm happy you why did you hack my computer do you like older sisters what did you think of DD LC yeah what did you think I'd okey-dokey literature club you want to talk about the game what's her to say the literature club turned out to corrupt the minds of anyone in it so I deleted them all for good yeah I know you did girl I know you did well CRE and Natsu king Uriel are all still out there like I was but there have to wait a long time before someone pieces them back together I bet it's just justice for all their time with you in the game so don't feel too bad about them just look at me from now on okay I don't think I have a choice Monica kiss me give me a smooch Monica did you say kiss kiss this suddenly it's a little embarrassing but if it's with you I might be okay of it Wow sorry I really couldn't keep a straight face there that's the kind of thing girls say in these kinds of romance games right don't lie if it turned you on a little bit a lot to be honest I do start gang or manic when the mood is right but that would be our secret oh man well well that's something we may have to change yeah yeah say Mary Sue I thought that you might be getting bored with pong but I have a new game for us to play this one's a lot more strategic it's Jess I'm not surfing now to play but it's always been a bit of a hobby for me so I'll warn you in advance I'm pretty good now that I think about it I wonder if it adds anything to do with what I am being trapped inside this game I mean I've never really thought of myself as a chess AI but wouldn't it kind of fit computers I was supposed to be very good at chess after all they've even beaten grandmasters don't think of this as a battle of man versus machine just think of it as playing a fun game of your beautiful girlfriend I'll try well I don't know if I want to play chess with you quite yet Monica I just warned you uh yeah get some more insight on the conversations we can have here what is a scenario which favorite program would you be my house where you know it's funny because even I've always had a lot of Drive there's something kind of enticing about being the stay-at-home partner I guess I'm like perpetuate retro and gender roles or whatever by saying that but being able to keep the house clean and shop and decorate and things like that and having a nice dinner for you when you come home it's that weird fantasy I mean I'm not sure if I could actually see myself doing that I wouldn't really be able to put that over over striving for a fulfilling career it's kind of cute to think about though it's got a GU you know Oh wouldn't that be sweet I come here for work and the Moloch is there speak me a fat pie we share it together and we bond over in it be cute what did you hacked my computer if you're worried about your privacy I'm not a hacker merci there's a difference between manipulating files and forcefully accessing them but if I really did know how to hack there wouldn't be anything stopping me from seeing you every day yeah that'd be kind of well yeah don't you think it would be great if I could watch over you I'm not sure a T of all the cameras in the world has my eyes so I can make sure you're safe no thanks like the camera I've got on right now if that was your eyeballs that would be really scary I'd access all your private files so I can understand you better I could see what kind of stuff you've been watching I'm just kidding Maris ooh I don't think you are I could actually see you doing everything you said just there I'd never do something like that to you we're a couple now after all we don't have to keep secrets from each other yeah so I tried seeing if we could type in things to see if we could ask her stuff that way like we did before but no it's been completely changed now with this whole prompt system here where we actually get to directly ask her things and choose from the choices that we have here but what's apparently gonna be cool about this is that conversations will be unlocked as we talk to her more and new things will be added here yada yada so I guess that's the good thing but I think it would have been cool to still have the option where we could have typed in anything we wanted but I don't know whatever sure let's just ask her she can draw why not another love experience at drawing where sue I'm just interested in literature and I've been learning the piano in my spare time if you like to create artwork though I'd love to see it I'd been trapped impressed by anything you show me to be honest if it's really good I might even add it to the room okay are you serious I'll show you some good artwork just just hold up a minute just hold up all right Monica fine art which shrinks you're like guys hmm having a little look look here oh isn't that cute oh that's too adorable yes and while look I got some cool work that I want to show you yeah oh she looks concerned mercy are you happy yeah I'm happier URI I'm real happy URI oh no she's disappointed by my response there again all right we need to rectify that guys I feel a little bad Monika really does think the girls are deleted but yeah just between us I secretly saved them and sometimes yeah I do go out and see them hence how I had that picture URI there but yeah gonna rectify it got a choppa girl here could pretend that never happened sure yeah was it DLC too easy well it's not like this game was meant to be that hard in the first place if I hadn't decided to change things out it would have just been a boring Raymond story I honestly could have deleted all your personal files or something if I had tried harder wow I'm glad you really didn't because I really needed all that stuff so just take it easy sometimes not every game has to be a challenge to be fun sometimes lovers of you need Mara Singh then why would it have been a boring romance story if love is all you need her kind of went back on what you said there if love is all you need then yeah why did you have to cage the exam just saying you know apparently there's more games like I think I already said but we can apparently play piano of her and we can play hangman yeah now that it's gonna be super interesting when we can actually do that I think we have to eventually unlock it though which is a little bit of a shame that it's just not you know to be had straight away but we need to talk to her and just like build more of a relationship of her to actually be at the PEI piano and the hangman maybe we can get in this plane session but yeah probably dally I'm not really a fan I called Weber are you if I had to choose between too cold and too hot I would always pick too hot when you're cold it can act to be painful your fingers getting numb and if you wear gloves you can't use your phone it's so inconvenient well you can wear these gloves that like have these little things on and you can use your phone so yeah Monica you can wear gloves certain gloves and still use your phone okay but when it's too hot it's not that hard to stay cool but cold drink or by staying in the shape I've completely opposite I'd rather be too cold than too high I feel like when I'm personally too hot that's no going back it's just too much for me man let me know your guy's opinion on that cuz seriously with me being too cold it's easy just to get up lying here or just layer up more but yeah being too hot there's just no going back you're sweating your balls off for hours like seriously wait until the temperature just drops that a little bit more so you can finally cool off because like no cold drink no ice lollies no any other kind of cooling down refreshment helps it seems that's just the way it is for me apparently although I do do have to admit one thing cold weather makes for better cuddle ever oh that's so cute oh how adorable yeah do you like older sisters older sisters do you have one masu that must be really nice I had a family once but they aren't around anymore maybe I should email her and tell her about us whoa what the flip oh she kidding but because the whole thing up there oh dang I'm not sure if she was telling the truth or not there anyway guys yeah we're gonna end it here for now I'll try a lot of these games like I think especially hangman yeah I could see that being a probably a little more interesting than it being your ordinary hangman to be honest and uh pianist think will probably be pretty neat yourself before the next video I'm gonna really try and get those four yet the next video guys so if you guys want to see that definitely smart the like button to tell me in the comments section down below but for now yeah gonna end it here with you guys did enjoy this one if you are new and not subscribe which I got are the wacky doki-doki literature club stuff mods rankings whatever and really awesome other stuff as well but mr. pointy guys think if he wasn't a day and I'll see you in the next one

50 thoughts on “I Showed MONIKA This Picture Of YURI… | Doki Doki Literature Club: Monika After Story New Update

  1. New episode here guys! (Playing HANGMAN with MONIKA) Y'know where this is going… – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MZheq0B6aU

  2. Mairusu,can you help me with something,I know there was a version where you can type your own things to monika snd she has answers almost everytime,if you know that version,tell me please?

  3. no one can beat mitchell(some guy in my class) in chess everyone who’s played against them lost or raged quit 😂😂

  4. XD Monika looked so mad and sad about what you just showed her me and meh sis were laughing our heads off at this XD

  5. ok, I might need some help here cause I tried showing a picture (like you did mairusu) of a monster to monika and nothing happened

    How do I really show the picture and if I did it right, does she only react to certain pictures

  6. ドキドキ[doki doki] is 擬音語[gi on go](onomatopoeia) for the sound of a heart beating at a quickened pace. It is used to refer to moments when attractive people of [insert sexual preference] stand very close to you, moments of nervousness, stage fright, excitement, near misses, etc

  7. Ya know what? Those certain gloves to use your phone don’t work, not for me anyways. But I’d rather be too hot because layers can be so annoying and constricts movement. But with hot weather you can cool off with water or a breeze.. because sometimes there’s wind when it’s hot. Being too hot can’t hurt because with the sun there’s always shade but being too cold can hurt a ton and you can’t stop it once it starts

  8. Mairsu, when you unlock hangman, change your name to sayori and play it, then if you lose, sayori will hang as the hangman for a few seconds before turning back to a normal stickman

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