i self-published a poetry book that sold 20,000 copies (a self-pub how-to)

32 thoughts on “i self-published a poetry book that sold 20,000 copies (a self-pub how-to)

  1. Ps. If any of you need help with the layout of any book you can hire me guys, I’m a design student so it’s gonna be cheap but still pro 😉 #selfpromo

  2. Ps. If any of you need help with the layout of any book you can hire me guys, I’m a design student so it’s gonna be cheap but still pro 😉 #selfpromo

  3. I'm not a writer, nor am I interested in publishing anything. Literally just watch you because your voice is so soothing. Have you considered doing ASMR poetry?

  4. woah. i wanted to self publish in the U.S. and at minimum just to get your book out there (not including printing or any costs you mentioned – like an editor) it is about $800.

  5. Sav you should do a Q&A on your novel, btw we should collab on some poetry next time. I also have a novel finished and is in the process of editing.

  6. The first cover of Graffiti was so pretty 🙁 I loved it, wish you hadn't changed that particular thing

  7. I've been following you for years now, and I'm a little ashamed of not knowing that you published a poetry book, I mean, I use Youtube pretty randomly and I don't watch every video of every youtuber that I'm suscribed to but time to time I enter your channel and just listen to you, is relaxing and I find you incredibly smart.

    Probably I won't be able to get a copy of your book (Venezuela issues) but still I'm pretty happy to know that you actually wrote it and make all of this by yourself.

    Congrats Savannah and I hope that you keep creating good content.

  8. this was so incredibly interesting and helpful!! i had never considered self-publishing, but after this i’ll definitely give it some thought

  9. I’ve watched Savannah for so long it’s like she’s my big sister or my cousin or something. Like there’s always been this distant yet warm and wholesome connection and I learn from her just talking about stuff because she makes good points and idk I just feel for this woman in like a familial way she’s so sweet

  10. I have one of the signed 1st edition as well as 2 of your posters. So great to hear it did this well, keep it up!!

  11. I want to say at first, that I'm proud that graffiti gone so far <3 I really hope you could write more because I was inspired to write because of your poetries Ate Sav..

  12. Thank you for talking about how your audience is why the book initially did well. So many YouTubers become bestsellers because they have a huge audience but just think they they're book is amazing 😂 yours is though lol

  13. This was super helpful thank you so much! Is it the same sort of thing if I'm publishing a children's book? Would appreciate any advice on that xox

  14. Thank you for making this video. I’m currently in the process of self publishing through Amazon (The Wall of Nova preorder Saturday) and you have useful tips, including margins which I hadn’t thought about

  15. Amazon does pay for the ISBN, I know because I worked with them with my poetry book 🙂 also totally relate to having to ship out a ton of books all at once…not easy!! Love your video!!

  16. I want to publish at some point! But, I’m so young and don’t want to blow all my money for university also I don’t think people will read poems from a 15 years old girl so I’ll just keep writing and editing until I get a good sum of well-written poems and figure out what I’ll do when I’m 18…20…25…maybe. This answered a bunch of questions I had, thank you!!

  17. this isnt about the publishing, it's more about the writing and creativity of the book, but how did you write through the creativity block? i find myself in writers block so often and i never know how to get over it

  18. this actually inspired me to publish more of my writings…. 🙈 this was so informational and awesome! thanks for the insight!

  19. This is so interesting because I just went through a similar process of self publishing a book, only it wasn't mine and I helped out a poet! Basically did everything but write the thing. It's a lot more stressful than you'd think and I think the people behind books and authors get way too little credit

  20. there once was a young writerling
    who sat in her room wondering
    why is it wherever i look
    i see an envelope or a book
    that writer was self-publishing

  21. I recently wrote and illustrated an LGBT children's book for a school project (an EPQ along side my A-Levels), everyone has told me to publish it properly and I'm super scared about it! This video has helped though. Thank you! 🙂

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