i read only romance books for a week ✨ weekly reading vlog: 009

48 thoughts on “i read only romance books for a week ✨ weekly reading vlog: 009

  1. You don't need to pause and do the whole 'cutesy I'm awkward' peace signs, we already know your fresh out of high school.

  2. everything you said about after by anna todd is everything i felt too when i read that book. dont know why it was made into a movie

  3. See, romance is so iffy for me. I’m a big romantic, but I can’t read romance cause there is no r e s p e c t. All the love interests are huge assholes with tragic backstories to justify their misogynistic ways. Like I just want some cute and respectful and smutty(and of you really want to get me going, sapphic). Is that too much to ask for?????

  4. I'm currently reading after because my friend wants to watch the movie but I wanted to read the book first, and I don't hate it (but I'm also just on page 80) and I also agree that the writing style is very bad and easy to read. I love that the chapters are like three pages long so it's even easier to read. But yea just wanted to drop a little opinion on here.

  5. I have never seen JR Ward before, but now I want her to be my bad bitch mentor

    Reading After for the content is a MOOD bc that's honestly my plan

    You look like an 80s queen on day 3 and I'm living for it

    I LOVED The Hating Game, but I could have done with 100 more pages of angst and sexual tension tbh

  6. Okay honestly I'm not huge into adult romance either because I also don't super enjoy the intimate scenes. BUT I just read Red White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston and it was fanominal. Please give this book a go if you're trying romance again. It's a Male Male romance!

  7. I picked up After on a whim out of curiosity because of how bad everyone says it is, but now I’m just SCARED to read it 😂😂

  8. I just stumbled across your channel yesterday and I am obsessed with you already! I am also a leo and I absolutely love thriller and horror books. Would you be able to film a bookshelf tour? xx

  9. this is the first video i've watched of you and i instantly had to subscribe. you give me life. your commentary was everything 😂

  10. Bless you for putting yourself through the shit show that is After 😅 love your vlogs girl 💜

  11. loved ur reading vlog as usual! after sounds uh questionable at best and they’re making ANOTHER film what??! i’m really out here having to survive without an evelyn hugo series and they’re making an after sequel?? i don’t know what i did to deserve this tbh 😒

  12. I never read romance and just randomly bought the hating game a few days ago cause it was on sale i was curious about the hype. What a coincidence lol

  13. As an intellectual, judgmental, cynical introvert, I can’t relate to the dating shenanigans and mating rituals of 99% of the population. I can’t do romance novels unless there’s some other better story element going on and even then it’s hard. I also can’t do romcoms.

  14. if you want to read a good christina lauren book then definitely try autoboyography 💗
    it's not really the 'typical' romance book like the topics it deals with are so deep and it's definitely not as light and fluffy as other books but damn that's what makes it so good. it's lgbtq+ and also talks a lot about religion and they did so well on so many levels with this book
    i'm honestly still thinking about it today and i've read it probably a year ago or sth so that says a lot 😅

  15. after is…oof. i, too, wanted to be part of the after conversation and i regret literally everything. i will say, it is compulsively readable, though only because it's like watching a car crash and you can't look away. also, unintentionally hilarious (because it's that bad). i couldn't even give it a single star. josh and hazel's guide is super cute, and i don't read a lot of romance either. lately i've sort of been in the mood and it's initiated a full-blown existential crisis.

  16. I was planning on doing a video like this because I rarely read romance books I own maybe 3 and I recently put in an order for a few new releases. It was honestly so funny to watch you read after it sounds like such a terrible book and something I definitely wouldn't enjoy.

  17. I'm definitely like you. I have to read a variety of books to maintain some sort of balance. I don't know if I could ever just read one genre.

  18. Honestly congrats for getting through two – big yikes for After, I could not do it. Also pls give me your whole wardrobe, everything you wear is so stunning<3

  19. Lmao the fact that u put urself in a reading slump because of reading just straight romance books 😩 actually me!! I could never do this to myself (will never make that mistake again) so ur BRAVE! I read After when it was only on wattpad many years ago and I remember even then being uncomfortable by it even tho I was all about dominant boys and “innocent” girls at that age sooo.. thinking back on that shit now I hate it even more lol The Hating Game sounds like a mess tbh 😄💞

  20. Yes my queen. Hahahaha.
    “I’m going to do it for the content because I’m a sellout” 💕
    Give me your Mickey jumper 😩
    “I have literally broken out” omg girl 😩 hahahahahahaha. I cannot deal with you.

  21. I can't believe you did a week of romance and didn't read red white and royal blue, the only romance that matters.

  22. Oh my, I loved your face when you were getting started on the first book “After.” It was priceless 😂 yes, if you’re in a relationship where you’re worried about your hitting you, it’s time to get out of that relationship. There’s nothing romantic about it, and I don’t understand why books think it’s attractive 😅 I personally avoid romance novels like the Plague! 😂 I give you props for trying something new. I’m not disappointed in you at all, I don’t think there’s any way I could’ve done that, my sanity would not have been able to of taken so many toxic relationships 😑

    Also, wow! You really look lovely at the end 😳 I love what you did with your hair, your eyeshadow was perfect, and your purple blouse was beautiful. You were definitely glowing ☺️

  23. I can’t read just one genre for a week straight either! I have to mix it up, especially when I read a book I don’t like. You’re brave to even try to read a genre you don’t like for a week lol

    Also, “straight people are wild” is a MOOD. 😂

  24. haha nah, no way, you cannot make me disappointed at all 🙂
    I'm not a fan of romance as well..at least you try it! Bravo!
    In case you want to pick up romance some time later, I heard many good things about Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating 🙂 Hope you will enjoy it..

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