Ok, hello there. It is the end of Day 1 of the BookTube Games,
also known as my attempt at reading one book a day, for an ENTIRE MONTH. I was successful on my first day. I was able to read a book today. I read Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi, which is
the third book in the Shatter Me series. Uuuuuum. I don’t love the Shatter Me series. They’re just ok to me. The third book was just…eeeeh isssalllriiigh
nahissoook lol I would give this like a 2.5 out of 5 stars??? I’m not really sure. I’m currently reading the fourth book in the
Shatter Me series, Restore Me…just cause, you know I’m interested in continuing with
the series. I’m feeling really tired so I’m gonna go to
sleep. And then I will get back on the GRIND for
reading tomorrow morning. Wish me luck for tomorrow! Goodnight! Alright I’m sitting in front of my window
because this is the only place with good lighting in my house right now. So hello there! It is the end of Day 2!! I just finished reading my second book of
the month. Two books in two days??!! Who am I??! I am a new woman. I just finished reading Restore Me by Taherah
Mafi, which is the fourth book in the Shatter Me series. I don’t know why I’m continuing with these
books. I don’t really like Shatter Me… For some reason I was still compelled to read
the fourth book. I actually enjoyed it more than the original
trilogy. I gave this a 3 out of 5 stars. I mean…what did I just read?! Honestly this went into a very interesting
and wild direction. Our main character, Juliette, who I previously
very much disliked, I now kind of like her?? She needs help. There is some stuff going down. She really needs some help, and she’s not
getting the right help. Feeling pretty good. I’m gonna get started on my third book of
the month. I’ll be reading The Sun is Also a Star by
Nicola Yoon. I’ll be reading this for Blackathon this month,
which I’m really excited for. I’m gonna try and get a head start on this. Wish me luck! Ok it’s actually still Day 2. IIIIII didn’t actually start reading The Sun
Is Also A Star. I decided to start reading The Goose Girl
by Shannon Hale. I’ve wanted to read this book for so long. I love this book so much. It is so good! Her writing is just beautiful, the story is
beautiful… I need to get to The Sun Is Also A Star at
some point so I can get started with Blackathon and everything but…I’m doing this first,
because I really want to. And that should be the end of Day 2. Goodnight! Happy Day 3 of the BookTube Games! Today’s a little crazy. It’s a little busy. I have family in town. But I also have school work I need to get
done. And you know I’m really good at procrastinating. So I need to do some school reading. And hopefully I’ll be able to finish The Goose
Girl by Shannon Hale today. I’m gonna get started on my homework reading,
and then I will get back on the GRIND lol. Let’s do this. oooo speedy Why am I doing this to myself? Change of plans. I actually had no time to read The Goose Girl
by Shannon Hale, at all today. *sigh* I decided I was going to read my English
assignment, cause I’ve had quite a bit of homework. My English class is currently reading Heart
of Darkness byyyyy Joseph Conrad. It’s a pretty short book. It’s like 77 pages long?? Although the pages are pretty long so… I was only supposed to read like 30 pages,
but I was like: “You know what?! I like to make bad decisions” I’m forcing
myself to read a book a day for a month. So I technically read a book. This is my third book in three days. This is already very difficult. I’m gonna go to sleep. I’ll see you tomorrow. *dying inside* Another day has passed! I read another book! I finally finished reading The Goose Girl
by Shannon Hale. I’m so happy I could finally read this. I love Shannon Hale. I read the Princess Academy by her, and I
just loved it. And I finally got to The Goose Girl, and it
was just sooooo beautiful! And well-written. Shannon Hale’s writing is just so magical. And the story is so magical. I would highly recommend it. This was my first 5/5 Star read for this year,
which I’m very happy about. Really glad I could finish reading this. I will see you tomorrow. Day 5! Hello there! So I also didn’t really have a lot of time
to read today. I sped through A Series of Unfortunate Events
by Lemony Snicket. This is my first time reading these books,
and I know it’s a very well-beloved middle grade series. I’m only just now reading it. I plan on trying to fly through the entire
series, since they’re pretty short books. I was also able to read a good portion of
I Am Malala, which is Malala’s autobiography. And I’m just…I’m loving it. It is so enlightening. I was also able to read more of Pride and
Prejudice. I’m getting through a little bit every day. Day 5 was successful. I’m reading like five books right now. We’re trying to read a book a day. Anywho. I will see you tomorrow. I read another book! I finished reading Pride and Prejudice by
Jane Austen. I have a special connection to this book because
of my mom. We both loved watching the films together. I gave this a 5/5 Stars. Glad I could read this. I’m gonna stop talking now and go to bed. Ok bye. It’s been seven days! A whole week! I’ve read seven books. I finished reading I Am Malala today. Malala is such an amazing individual. I loved this. 5/5 Stars. Reading her autobiography was so enlightening
and powerful, and it just really helps you realize the blessings and privileges that
you have. I would highly recommend reading it if you
haven’t yet. That will wrap up my first week of reading. I’ll see y’all tomorrow. Ok hello my people. I’m condensing this video just a little bit,
for the sake of time. The last 12 days I read 12 more books, all
in the same series. And that’s why I’m condensing it. So I finished reading the A Series of Unfortunate
Events books by Lemony Snicket. I read books 2-13. For the most part I really liked them. There were some that were just kind of ok
for me. And then there were others that I really enjoyed. I will admit that the ending of these books
wasn’t satisfying for me. I don’t know though. I don’t really know how to feel about the
ending. For the most part I gave these books a 3 or
4 out of 5 stars, which is like…that’s pretty good. Proud of myself I could finish these books. I’m going to try and finally get started on
my books for Blackathon, because I need to get on that. Yeah. That was my update. I’m gonna get reading some more. I’ve read 18 books so far. Wait no, 19. Wait today’s the 19th. I guess I will see you tomorrow?? I don’t really know how to do transitions. I’ll just say bye. I’ll see ya later ok? Byeeee:) Alrighty so let’s do a little update shall
we? It’s been 5 more days, and I finished reading
5 more books. *happy dance* I’m proud to say that I was
able to read by books for Blakathon. If you don’t know what that is, it is a Black
History Month inspired readathon. Let’s talk about what I read. This is not aesthetically pleasing. I’m sorry to disappoint. My room looks like a trash bag. The first book I read in the past five days
was The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon. I am surprised at how much I loved this book. I read this at the library, and I just had
to buy it. It usually takes quite a bit for contemporary
to “wow” me. I had so much fun with this book. It’s very quotable, very inspiring, it’s a
really cute romance, it’s getting a movie… I’m really glad I could read this, I really
enjoyed it. The next book I read was Pride by Ibi Zoboi. This is a Pride and Prejudice retelling. I’m sad to say I was very disappointed with
this book. The thing I actually liked about this book
was the diversity and culture that was illustrated. Everything else? First off: pacing was so fast that there were
just so many important details that were brushed over. I had a really hard time connecting with the
characters, and just the plot in general, because things just went so quickly. And for someone who loves Pride and Prejudice
I found that the execution was just really messy. I’m really sad I didn’t enjoy this book. I feel like this could have been really good. If you’d like to see my Goodreads review for
this book you should check out my Goodreads! I always have my socials down below, so if
you’re interested… The next book I was able to read was The Poet
X by Elizabeth Acevedo. This was the group pick for Blackathon. I am very happy about this book. It is written in verse, which is so cool. The writing was really enjoyable. And the story was also really powerful. I don’t really have much to say about this
book, other than I thought it was great and I would highly recommend reading it. The next book I read was Strange the Dreamer
by Laini Taylor. I have an unpopular opinion about this book. I know it is so highly praised. For someone who loves fantasy I had a really
hard time with this book. I can usually be pretty patient with high
fantasy, but this was just really really slow for me. Because the pacing was so slow, I had such
a hard time connecting with what was going on. Things became really confusing, and I just
found myself becoming disinterested in a lot of what was going on. I will say that I really enjoyed the main
protagonist, and the writing, which I know is highly praised. The story was just really hard to get into. And things didn’t actually start to pick up
until the end of the book, which was frustrating in my opinion. I know this is a duology. And I am interested in seeing how the rest
of the story plays out, so I will be reading the second book. The fifth book I read in the past five days
was Hunger by Roxane Gay. This is Roxane’s story about her body and
being sexually abused and growing into her body. There’s quite a few trigger warnings with
this book. There’s sexual assault, eating disorder, abuse… It was a very hard book to get through, but
I appreciate Roxane and her voice. I think this is a very valuable memoir, and
I’m glad I took the time to read it. That should do it for the the past five days. The month is almost over. We have exactly four more days. We’re getting there. I will see y’all tomorrow. So it’s been three more days. The month is almost over. I finished reading three more books. The first two books I finished reading was
the Warcross duology by Marie Lu. The first book I really enjoyed, and I had
a lot of fun reading. I always really enjoy getting into Marie Lu’s
writing, and this was a really fun book to get into. It was very adventurous, and exciting, and
I had a lot of fun. The second book, which is called Wildcard,
I did not like as much as the first one. In my opinion, it wasn’t a satisfying ending. I’m kind of sad I didn’t like it sad as much. But you know, that’s how it be sometimes. It’s ok. Then the third book I finished reading was
Holes, which I never read until now. I’ve seen the movie and I really like the
movie. And I was able to get through this really quickly,
which was nice. I enjoyed this. Those are the three books that I finished
reading in the past three days. Tomorrow is the last day! AAAAA oh my gosh I can’t believe I’ve read
this much. I’m going to go to sleep. I will update you tomorrow because we’re so
close! Oh my gosh it’s so close. Ok well I will see you guys tomorrow. (oh dear) I did it. I think this is a great way to end the month. We’re cleansing my soul, because I read a
lot. I don’t think I’ve ever read that much before,
in one month. And you’ll probably never see that again. I am proud of myself right now. I read 28 books in 28 days. Let me tell you the last book that I finished
reading this month. It’s a little anti-climactic. But you know what? That’s ok because it counts as a book. The 28th book that I read this month was Big
Nate From the Top which is a graphic novel by Lincoln Pierce. It was alright. It was kind of funny. It was ok. Gave it a 3/5 stars. February is over. I’m going to do a full kind of conclusion
and wrap up, so stick around for just a little longer. Byyeeee. So I did it. I’m successful?? Surprisingly. I averaged reading a book a day for an entire
month. 28 days to be exact. I’m quite proud of myself, but I can’t help
but feel just a little embarrassed, because I feel like this manifests how currently anti-social
I am. Nah it’s ok. So this portion of the video is going to be
the overall wrap up and kind of statistics of my reading journey. I’m just gonna go over all of the books I
read, the star rating I gave for each book, as well as the total number of pages that
I read, and the average star rating… You know what I’m just gonna dive in and you’ll
kind of see how this works. Obviously I finished reading 28 books in all,
with a total of 8,344 pages read. Across the board I averaged 298 pages per
book. And then the… *strange noises* The average
star rating I gave for the 28 books that I read this month was 3.3 stars, which is kind
of interesting. 3.3 stars is not like super high but it’s
not super low. It’s weirdly in between. I guess like this month in terms of my enjoyment
of reading it was very *wavy* kind of eeeeeh up and down?? I didn’t die-hard love a lot of books that
I read the past month. Now I’m going to go over every single book
that I read, and I’m going to give the star rating I gave to that book, as well as the
total number of pages in that book. The first book that I finished reading this
month was Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi, which I gave a 2.5/5 stars. The second book I read was Restore Me by Tahereh
Mafi, which I gave a 3/5 stars. Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad which I
gave 2/5 stars. The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale which I gave
5/5 stars. The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket a 3/5
stars. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen a 5/5 stars. I Am Malala by Malala which I gave 5/5 stars. The Reptile Room by Lemony Snicket 3/5 stars. The Wide Window a 3/5 stars. The Miserable Mill 3/5 stars. The Austere Academy 3.5/5 stars. The Ersatz Elevator a 4/5 stars. The Vile Village a 3/5 stars. The Hostile Hospital a 3/5 stars. The Carnivorous Carnival 3/5 stars. The Slippery Slope a 4/5 stars. The Grim Grotto a 4/5 stars. The Penultimate Peril a 4/5 stars. The End a 3/5 stars. The Sun Is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon which
I gave 4.5/5 stars. Pride by Ibi Zoboi which I gave 2/5 stars. The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo a 4/5 stars. Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor a 2.5/5
stars. Hunger: A Memoir of My Body by Roxane Gay
a 4/5 stars. Warcross by Marie Lu a 4/5 stars. Wildcard by Marie Lu a 3/5 stars. I forgot to mention Holes by Louis Sachar
which I gave 4/5 stars. And finally Big Nate From the Top by Lincoln
Pierce a 3/5 stars. So… Overall this experience was really interesting. I’m quite proud of myself for, I guess, taking
on the challenge. In my personal situation it wasn’t super hard
because life’s pretty chill right now. There were some days where things got kind
of crazy, and I just kind of had to like speed read through things. Audiobooks helped a lot. That definitely increased the amount of books
I read this past month, and just kind of helped me continue that process of reading a book
a day. I feel like I could have kept going with the
challenge if I wanted to. I’m glad I could do it, and it also gave me
confidence on how…I guess “fast” of a reader I am. I don’t know, it was just kind of reassuring
to know that I can read more than I think I can. Obviously the number of books you read doesn’t
determine your value as an individual. But it was nice to see the increased amount
of books I read. Oh! One thing I should also mention is the fact
that this experience, or challenge I guess, helped me get off of social media more. It was cool to kind of push myself to read
more because I had this goal in mind. So I definitely spent a lot less time on social
media. It was nice to feel like I had a purpose. I don’t know, I had a goal and I could get
after that goal. So overall it was a cool experience. Probably won’t ever do that again though. I miss Netflix lol. Anywho. Thank you so much for watching. If you’ve made it this far you’re a real one,
and you probably have nothing better to do right now. Thanks again for watching. I hope you enjoyed, and if you did please
like and subscribe. I will see you next time. Bye! *end screen with coool music oh yeah*

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