I Own and Breed Hundreds Of Roaches (Adorable Content)

if the people who work at my apartment watch this video please don't evict me thank you hello everyone and welcome to my channel so I've been trying to think of new fun content to put out there that isn't repetitive especially since I did a whole month of snake videos and people are just getting tired of seeing snakes I guess you know I guess that's fair because not everyone on my channel like snakes most of the people who subscribe to me in the first place didn't come for the snakes now I'm just overwhelming y'all with snake content which I don't plan to stop but I'm gonna space it out a little bit so a lot of people don't find snakes cute and I've gotten several countless requests to make a video with some cuter animals with some more you know fluffy and adorable animals to look at or just not snakes so I heard all of the requests I listened really hard about you know the cute factor I listen to really hard I decided to make a video about roaches hi Baba so as you guys know reptiles do need to eat surprise in case you didn't know that and another shocker they eat insects Wow who would have known so when you have as many reptiles as I do it gets very very tedious to go to the store and get crickets or get insects whenever it's time for the reptiles to eat I got sick of doing that and it's really costly it just adds up especially when you have a bearded dragon that eats a million crickets in one serving or a monitor that will gobble down 50 roaches like it is literally a single crumb I got tired of doing this and I decided you know what I'm gonna start breeding my own so that's where I came to owning at the hundreds of roaches that I own now welcome to my cute video so this year let's do that beauty guru shot this right here is my favorite shade of Kat Von D lipstick so where'd it go oh this here is a Dubya roach right here it's not a cockroach okay it's not a cockroach it's a Dubya roach why did I choose roaches instead of crickets some people are just when it comes to roaches are extremely squeamish well for one I'm not I love roaches I actually think they're really cute they have cute faces okay oh there you go but a reason I specifically chose these guys to breed as feeders instead of crickets was for a few reasons so one they don't smell nearly as bad as crickets smell for those who are not aware or even for those who are when you have a mass amount of crickets they stink they really do smell disgusting they smell disgusting and I can't I can't it's gross so roaches have little to no smell so that's already a plus they breed of so much easier than crickets not saying that crickets are hard to breathe but roaches are just they breed so well ghosts say a roach fat and then be on your way can you say a roach fact no so they breed well they don't stink and also when it comes to protein they have more protein than crickets do so they are healthier or more nutritionally valuable what am I trying to say they're just good for they make good food so instead of trying to go to the store every week and buy like 150 of these I just breed them so in this video today I'm just gonna be talking about how I breed these guys my routine for keeping them alive and just some some Roach content cuz I think they're cute okay call me crazy call me weird but I think they're really cute okay and I know this is the cute content you've been wanting to see for me so you're welcome oh he's going down my back oh I can't reach either of them also if you are afraid of bugs and you're watching this anyway because I know I saw when I announced this on Twitter that a few of my followers and viewers were like I really hate bugs but I'm gonna try I'm gonna try to watch it thank you thank you I hope you can find them 1% cuter after this or more tolerable taller we're all tolerable ok let's go look at my dubia roaches and how I take care of them and all that fun stuff ok alright so as far as enclosures go this is the setup start from the side and we'll dive into it in a second so what we have here is is this tub I'm actually not quite sure the dimensions of I will measure it and then put it on the screen so you guys know what mine is you need at least a 10 gallon tank or a 40 quart tub this will give them sufficient space to have areas to hide it to climb to eat and then to feel safe to breed I have drilled holes in the sides of them to provide air for them because you don't want to suffocate them and as Hardy as roaches are you don't want to make it hard for them to want to breed I have a heating pad over here which does not feel too warm right now actually I think it's still heating up then I have a very secure lid and now we're just gonna dive into the whole thing so this is the entirety of their cage over here is the feeding area we have one doing a little munch right here this area has their food which is normally everyday it's a different kind of fresh fruit and vegetable and then there do be a grub mix and then we have some quencher over here I normally use water crystals but right now I am out you don't want to use regular water because if you just put water in there you know roaches are pretty much invincible if you put water in there a lot of the idiots will just drown themselves in it so it's best to give them crystallized water this is just actually the cricket version of that I normally don't use this but I'm out right now of the crystallized one so I'm just using this gooey gelatin looking one can I help you cat that I have not introduced on YouTube this is star this is a breakaway collar it's just while she gets used to the home I'm still not 100% sure if we're keeping this cat she was a stray been living on the street for two years and now she's showing her butt to the camera star I don't want you in here while I do this anyway there was a really bad storm and she almost ran in front of a car in front of me I just I brought her inside for the night just to keep her safe from the storm tried to find her owners discovered that there was no owner that she's been living outside the complex for two years so initially I was like okay let's see how she does here so she's still kind of getting used to the home she's still not a hundred percent comfortable with my cats really this is her adjustment period if she adjusts well I'm going to be more than happy to keep her my boyfriend loves her I love her but if she just she might just do better in a one cat home she absolutely loves being indoors but she might just do best in a one cat home she seems very anxious about my other cats so we're letting her adjust and seeing if she gets used to the house or if she's gonna you know do best as someone else's get but I love her she's awesome her name's star anyway back to the roaches so egg crates are the absolute best and cleanest sub substrate for them to live in it's literally everything they needed one it has places for them to climb which means you just want to stack it and it has places for them to hide because they can hide as you see this one and you can kinda see they're hiding in there really well if you're wanting them to breed they breed best at 90 to 95 degree temperatures they can live perfectly fine and much less hot environments but they just don't breed right now it is winter so I'm gonna have to upgrade their heating equipment because right now as you can see it's sitting at around 80 degrees and that's about 10 to 15 degrees to cool for them to want to breed but I haven't had this problem till right now because it's just now getting colder in Texas so that just means I'm gonna just have to get like a bigger heating pad and maybe patch up a few of the holes to keep you know keep it insulated and keep the warmth in here other than that it's doing really well they do also for breeding ideally they like the humidity to be all the way up to 60 so I'm gonna have to tweak that a little bit but I will say so far I've kept their humidity around 50 and have had absolutely no issues with them breeding as you can see we have some baby ones let's see if I can get this light to show we have some baby ones right there and then a little bit of an older one there and then we have the big big breeders right here this is Sally that's Joey that's Mary Beth and I haven't a word is that a word is that a name Maribeth no it's not Meredith is a word what the hell was I trying to say anyway this is Adam this right here is walnut what okay I'm just kidding I don't I don't have all their names oh but this one right here this one right here y'all this is little Timmy little Timmy is gonna go places in life and buy places I mean the stomach of a reptile dubia roaches actually do live about a year so next thing I'm going to talk about right now is cleaning their enclosure I did film myself cleaning them up a little bit earlier basically this stuff you see down here this nasty stuff it's called frass yeah it's basically poop it's just very dry poop and it just needs to be cleaned up because basically it's gonna be just a bunch of poop and their exoskeletons that they molted because they do molt they will multiple of I believe seven to eight times in their whole life and then they die so I'm gonna show you the way that I clean this up I clean it up every week depending on the amount of dubia roaches you have you're gonna either want to clean it every week to every week and a half I clean it every week unless like I'm really busy it's not gonna be detrimental if you don't clean it these are roaches excuse me I don't even know why you're in here can you get out that way go no no don't sniff go ghosts you're in here too I'm trying to film a video anyway let's go look at the cleaning now okay so for a cleaning day basically all I need is a place to put the roaches trash and some gloves and all I do is I go through the bin and I clean out all the gross stuff because the roaches do molt they do die and they do eat a lot of fruit which will attract fruit flies so basically we just gotta clean out clean it out keep it clean the roaches deserve a clean environment let's go ahead and go through this this is what it looks like when it's dirty and then you've already seen what it looks like when it's clean but we'll just go through it before and after anyway I'm putting gloves on just because I feel like that's kind of the appropriate thing to do but um this my friends is what roach pellets look like there's a such a gross video I'm sorry anyway this is this is what we're trying to get rid of so obviously I can't take every single roach out of here but if they're in the way you know after a while egg crates do kind of get disgusting so I don't like to keep the same ones forever I threw out a lot of the little miscellaneous chunks because that also does make it harder to find them when I'm ready to get some out to feed if I have a bunch of just little tiny ones it makes it really hard to dig through there and find actually where all of them are hiding so I like to keep the levels down where it's not too extreme so I just go through there and I find little tiny miscellaneous chunks and I get rid of them and then of course they're really dirty pieces too I get rid of before I throw them out I try to make sure there's not any hiding in there because they do like to hide in the little crevices it makes them really hard to find sometimes so I like to look around make sure there's no little roaches in there and hiding anywhere so now that I've cleaned up the area I'm going to fix up this space over here which is going to be the feeding and drinking area well this is the housing area so they have to come out and get their food and water oh there's one flipped over right here anyway now I can move on to what I feed them and all that fun stuff so that's the cleaning these guys do not need any amount of lighting whatsoever lighting can actually cause stress and make them less likely to breed but they can be in total darkness their whole life and they will be Just Peachy so you don't have to worry about lighting something to actually keep in mind is that roaches actually naturally attract mites in the wild they kind of go hand in hand you'll see a lot of forums and stuff refer to them actually as a symbiotic relationship in captivity it's a lot more dangerous than it is in the wild because in the wild there is unlimited space for these guys to go their separate ways while in captivity a mite colony can easily take over a dubia roaches it's in such a confined space now I'm not gonna be talking today about how to kill mites because I've honestly never encountered that problem so I don't have any like expert opinion on how to do this I just wanted to throw that out there so you guys can keep that in mind I will say that the cleaner the enclosure you have and the more bare minimum the less likely you are going to create a mite colony because it's gonna be easier to notice if your roaches start dropping dead or not you know if they're refusing to breed and things like that alright so when it comes to food I give them different foods every single feeding but there are some you know main guidelines that I like to fall out one thing is that dubia roaches seem to be very responsive to orange food I don't really know how to explain this or why the what the science is behind this but they really do like oranges carrots yams lots of orange colored food I don't know any better way to put that I think carrots are a great staple I include carrots literally every meal but they don't necessarily you don't have to do that so for this meal today I have some Dubya Roach which is just some pre-made food that I ordered online from dubia roaches calm that has a lot of their basic necessities but I also like to give them a lot of fresh food so today we have strawberries and carrots and bell peppers we do like to mix it up I'm personally allergic to wheat so I don't have a lot of wheat based products in my house obviously the only products that I do have that are wheat base will be pre-made food for the animals like this but if you do have like wheat bran and things like that in your house they do respond really well to that I do like to provide food every other day these guys are just like any other Roach they are scavengers and they can live off of little to no food whatsoever they actually have an acid in their stomach that helps them digest and let them literally live off of like garbage but since we are feeding these guys to other animals I find it best to make sure they are getting the most out of their diet so when they are eaten by my other animals my animals aren't eating trash based insects they're eating insects full of very healthy foods and things like that go to your food I'm going to shake you off of me oh did I just put with you in there upside down flip he monkey crunch he out of focus let's look at some of the big guys this one's very big this one's large oh my bad are you going to munch and crunch to you what are you doing how'd you get loose come on back in here a little baby there you go go eat get off of me and go eat get off Wow you don't even want the meal I offered you so I'm gonna go ahead and show some examples of some newborns versus some breeder sighs dubious that one's pretty small right there that's a little boy that's a little one teeny-tiny here they are chillin with their family having a good family chat there's a little baby eatin some dinner right there he's having his nightly carrot I can't find any like newborn newborns here's one that is molting they are a lighter color after a molt their new exoskeleton is still healing so here go eat you just molted you need good food oh you are on your back these guys are kind of idiots okay let me help you here I'm helping you there you go there you go you munch and crunch here's another one that is freshly molted do you see the color difference pretty sure you can tell here we go here's a momma and some babies so here are some babies and there's a momma can you see the difference in sizes it's time to munch n crunch this little baby over here is still eaten going to town on his carrot I find them adorable I'm weird oh my god is he coming to me he'll have a long time to live I'm not gonna feed you for a long time we could be friends until then one of those slightly older ones is venturing off onto my arm this guy is munching and crunching so good he is just crunch in a way can you see him doing it he's working so hard on that carrot her bell pepper or whatever the hell that is okay why do you guys keep falling on your back you're not very smart go on to stomach run how are you you're doing your job okay so I did just double-check and they do go through seven moles and with insects between each molt each life stage is called an N star so these guys go through seven in stars in their whole life but how fast they do it is not a set number depending on how well their environment is how much food they have their temperature their humidity the lighting the space they have that will affect how long each end star is how much time between each molt basically a newborn dubia roaches in perfect conditions can go from this size to this size in only five months and that's if you know they are fed perfectly have great temperature have enough space Lighting's you know very minimal their humidity is great they're never hungry things like that feeding them a great diet that'll make them go their fastest after they reached their final molt they normally have about 20 weeks to live and then they die of course it does depend also on how long it takes them to get there which is really good for breeding because that means you have 20 weeks of breeding adults to breed roaches so that's basically everything there is for these guys and the breeding process is pretty easy these guys breed very readily if they're hard to kill I find them cute which I know no one else does but that's fine look at him he's just he's just exploring he's just looking around I honestly think you know starting a colony you can learn along the way little tips and tricks I will throw in really quick that I do not recommend feeding these guys dog food or cat food or anything like that that is a common thing people talk about online that they can easily consume these foods and live off of them while it is true that they can live off of that they can also live off of paper honestly but that's not nutritionally you know there's no nutritional content to that and it's not going to be good when your reptiles go to eat them they're not gonna be very nutritious dubia roaches they're gonna be full of junk the same thing goes for dog food and cat food it just does not have the nutrition that they need so I do not recommend feeding them that whatsoever I'm sure you guys are really sad that this video is over and you just want to look at a bin of roaches more look at him he's using his little antennas he's looking around just for the fun of it I kind of went in this video off with something that'll really disgust people because I mean I'm already there I'm already disgusting people enough so um thanks for watching please don't unsubscribe I hope you guys enjoyed the video I hope you learned a lot about dubia roaches and how to breed them if you want to breed them for your reptiles my camera battery's dying so I'm trying to talk really fast thank you guys so much for watching please subscribe for more adorable cute content I know you guys are just loving this umm anyway um thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you guys next time I upload okay bye [Applause]

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