I Just Forgot by Mercer Mayer – Little Critter – Read Aloud Books for Children – Storytime

I just forgot by Mercer mayor sometimes I remember and sometimes I just forget this morning I remembered to brush my teeth but I forgot to make my bed I put my dishes in the sink after breakfast but I forgot to put the milk away I almost forgot to feed the puppy but he reminded me I didn't forget to water the plants they look fine to me I didn't forget to feed the goldfish he just didn't look hungry I'll do it now mom I got ready for school I even got to the school bus on time but I forgot my lunchbox mom brought it to school for me since mom after school I went outside to play in the rain I remember to put on my rain slicker but I forgot my rubber boots when I came inside for a snack I didn't forget to take my boots off I left them on because I was going right back outside I had cookies and milk I was just going to eat three cookies but I forgot to count them I didn't forget to shut the refrigerator door though I just wasn't finished eating yet when dad came home from work I was supposed to get his paper I didn't forget the puppy got it first I know it's time for bed I didn't forget of course I'll remember to pick up my toys when I'm finished playing with them I took my bath and remember to wash behind my ears I didn't use soap but I didn't forget to I just don't like soap I guess I did forget to pick up my toys did I forget to turn off the tub too but there is one thing I never forget I always remembered to have mom read me a bedtime story and I always remember to kiss her good night you you

37 thoughts on “I Just Forgot by Mercer Mayer – Little Critter – Read Aloud Books for Children – Storytime

  1. Aw I used to love these books ❤❤❤ I'm a late 80s baby/90s kid!! So cute. Do kids still read books like these and all awesome classic ones from the 70s,80s,90s??? Or is everything kids enjoy now on their phones or tablets??? I have a feeling the answer is the latter for most kids 🙁

  2. It makes me happy to know they are people who still love Little Critter stories. I remember owning a few of the Golden Books featuring Little Critter. <3

  3. brings back so many memories of my childhood. don't know if I had that when I was a kid, I had just for you, and a couple of other little critter books. come to think of it, I might've had that one.

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