hey there everybody so um today I'm going to show you my new notebook system um you've probably already read the title of this video I'm moving out of a single like term and this has served me quite well I think it's been really really good but not something had to change and I'm moving into a traveller's now as you can see this thing is pretty thick and I'm gonna get into all of my individual inserts in just a second the first problem that I found with the lake term and the writer's bullet journal system was the fact that I had 70 pages of stuff to migrate before I even got into the rest of this stuff and that meant I could only use this for maybe a couple of months this went from September to December I was only about three months in my bullet journal and that just doesn't work you go through a lot of paper doing that and you have to migrate some pretty complex spreads every three months and that's just not ideal um so I decided to move into the travelers notebook system so I can archive old collections much much easier okay sorry about that I had to go away and come back because the boys we're trying to wake happen that I had to keep them asleep so we're back two hours later and now we're actually driving in so here we go um I could also talk in a relatively normal voice now which is pretty great alright let's dive right in again her elastic seems to be holding up very very well very impressed with it so far so when we get into her actual cover as you can see it's got this nice little pocket where I've got some notes and some of my rulers in this front pocket here and then the first notebook I have is actually a geeky dory notebook and the first thing you'll notice is that her covers are really stiff they're made of this really sturdy thick cardstock super super like the thick cardstock I think it feels really durable it's really nice I don't think I thing about geeky dorias inserts is that they're really really close as far as the doctorate goes to the liked her the like term is 26 across and 38 down 38 yeah 38 down and geeky doors are 25 by 37 and that's really really close as you can see they're just slightly smaller than the like terms so that totally makes sense but you get a lot of pages in her inserts as well it's 40 leaves which turns into 80 pages and that's quite the insert so they're really really long inserts and her paper quality is quite heavy too there's a little bit of ghosting you can kind of see there but there's not a ton and I am really really happy with her insert so far so this first one that I have I'm migrating all of my story structure stuff from my old writers bullet journal into this one this is the stuff I would have to migrate every three months or so and I'm just starting to do that I've just got my sticky notes in here of course I used black sticky note what other color sticky note is there other than black so yeah I'm gonna be migraine quite a bit of stuff into here there's just so many things that I can put into the story structure notebook it might not just be story structure either it might be some literary theory stuff there might be some this is this this is all about theory like writing theory anyway so this next one oh hell what is the let's say forget what's at sea seller this is from also I apologize for any sounds you hear in the background my kids are up and so he's watching his movie while I do this good Inc prussians I will have their link down in the doobly-doo as well I got three of these from good impressions for they were 684 apiece and let me see did I write down these are true like terms sighs so if you're looking for something that's true like turbo sightings these ones from good inked impressions on Etsy are however you can see that their paper is really thin it's like and I haven't done much writing in these yet this is what I'm gonna use for my character catalog their paper is really thin and it makes sure that the insert closes quite nicely I mean if you look at this one compared to all the rest of them it I mean you could fit a ton of these in here I don't know it's really really thin and you can I can't read that entire thing through this through the paper and there's quite a bit of I mean there's some ghosting you can see too like there's some heck and ghosting going on I used a sharpie art pen and we all know that those like those don't ghost very much the Sharpie art pens don't tend a ghost but oh man so we'll see like oh thank you we are being joined by a two-year-old yeah I'm just gonna sit here and talk to a camera is that okay I'm sure that was very useful information oh that's fascinating is that what you think so that's the Gooding depressions what I I like housed in the overall notebook is and again they only have 2003 which turns into 48 and then we come to a dashboard this is also from geeky dory whoa no doors it's a pretty nice little um little dashboard I'm pretty I really enjoying it the problem is because I'm so new to the travelers notebook system I'm kind of not sure what a dashboard is for other than more decorations and to put it in your journal but having it in there it's cute so maybe somebody can tell me what is this thing's function like I have it and it's great Bono was four okay so the next one that I have this is for my current fugitive novel this is the one that I'm probably gonna be actively working on over the next few months I'm getting my landmark spread in here I'm working on migrating all of my character spreads in here these next two inserts are from Stinson Paper Company on Etsy and I got this as a pack of five so let's see here which I have three currently in my they're all on a copper theme so we have this orange one this copper one but this one which is like a copper and white marble there's a whole white marble spread or white marble cover one and then the last one is this one which looks like all Victorian advertisements which is a big reason why I got drawn to this particular in these particular inserts there I do have a couple of quibbles with these particular ones for one thing they're nowhere close to the lake term yeah they are definitely quarter of an inch graph paper or dot grade but the lake term is five millimeters so when you get these laid out there are only 20 by 31 which means that I've had to kind of adjust the layout of my character sheet from this journal which I've been I was able to scale it pretty quickly that wasn't a big deal but I did still have to do some scaling which is a little annoying other than that they're pretty good the card stock isn't as heavy as eg Dory's so they're a little they're not nearly as stiff and they come with 30 leaves so it comes out to about this to comes out to 60 pages so yeah this one is for Mike Wright fugitive series and I'm getting everything laid out that sorry about the noisy toys this one is for my blog and this is where I put a bunch of notes and like upload schedules and stuff so that stays in there so there's the end of that little travelers notebook oh no I don't get what this insert thing I just don't get it it's just don't get it it's cute and I love it and it's great to have in there but is that it's only function but I know there are ones that have like pockets and folders and zippers and all that good stuff but like is that all it does it's just cute I think these ones I know I don't understand I can someone explain to me what this is for in the comments below what is this perfect the purpose of this thing so even if it's just to like delineate we're just like filing delineating sectioning things off okay and then I have my like trimming here as you can see with the geek story she's got a nod here and she uses one single piece of elastic which meant that I could just untie one piece and loop this through really quick and get like through the back spine and I can get the the looping here without having any problems with it messing with my blackjack which is pretty great so myeloid term is in here kind of in the middle it's been working really well because it lays nice and flat as I'm writing in it it's a pretty nice little setup actually I've been really enjoying having it be like this in my bullet journal I think this works so far and I'm you know we're already two months in and I haven't used very much my journal because I've been migrating all these spreads in here and doing all my organizing other more permanent notebooks and I starting to really latch on to this I'm starting to like it a lot okay so the last three inserts are from there from all three design shops so here's the Stinson paper coat which I'm using for my steampunk novel which I have had to put on the back burner so I can get other projects done because I just I found so many plot holes and basically I need to re outline the entire thing and rewrite it I'm not looking forward to that that's actually pretty relatable that noise so we'll see how that goes but I need to focus on my fugitive novel which I think I can get done faster this one is for the novel I just did for NaNoWriMo and 2017 the resurrection one there's no I haven't migrated anything into this yet so we'll see how that goes and then this is my collections archive there's not very many collections from my old journal that I want to archive there might be a couple of recipes but those have already been archived in a recipe notebook that I already have and again this is the good in compressions one which is really thin it's true like term size but there's not very many pages and those pages are very very very writing in them but right now it makes me nervous it makes me run like this and then the back also has this sort of secretarial pocket and right now I have some photos that I'm going to be putting into the front pages of various journals I have some rubber bands here's some really cute rubber bands now I first got these and I gotten I'd gotten the journal extenders that allow you to put more than one journal in an elastic so I got these little elastic extenders but they were just like pieces of elastic that we're tied geeky Dorie has these rubber bands that have like heck ins stretch level like oh my gosh these are impressive um so I'm currently gonna be using these I just don't know the draw with these is that they're black and the same color elastic as what's in the geeky dory but the the geeky Dory ones are just heck and cute and candy colors so there's that drop I also have some stickers that I got at Michaels because Halloween is year-round y'all also very very sassy very very sassy animals you probably noticed the llama in my weekly spread for this week I really like that sorry not sorry llama and I just need some in my life forever he's great I'm kind of playing around with it seeing how it works I'm thinking this is gonna be really good it's it's already working out really nicely once you get everything all together and you get the charms and you get everything check this out once it's all put into place like bro this thing is a monster I've already put a couple of posts on Instagram about it about – monstrous this thing is that is not a slim plan it was a chunky chunky sucker right there like this is not for the faint of heart oh do you guys have any questions like I need you to put them in the comments below ask me any questions you want I'm gonna be posting a little more regularly on YouTube or at least seems really trying to just because you guys over here are so happy and if you don't like kids heck off because these are my kids and they're probably gonna be here a lot I mean I've got it a little bit for the next 18 years all right well we're gonna go and I think we need to do another round of diaper changes I'm gonna see you guys in the next video nyeeehhh

18 thoughts on “I got a new notebook system! | WRITER'S BULLET JOURNAL IN A TRAVELLER'S NOTEBOOK

  1. Have plan Jane cheap binder but I. Trying get into my journaling again for my Bible study work and just venting journaling and ur first seen with my love for skulls where can I get one or least diy make one

  2. Thanks for sharing. Your so organised. Can you share how you plan before you write a novel? I have always wanted to pariticipate in Nanowrino but never know how and where to begin.

  3. For me, laminated dashboards are of sticky notes, either holding blank ones or a place to put filled ones. Love dashboards.

  4. Your kid sounds really cute. I'm thinking about getting something similar. I just got my first bullet journal, the Artist's Loft from Michaels.

  5. I just love watching videos of people’s writers notebooks! Still trying to figure out my ideal system as I go between different planners and different notebooks. 👍🏻

  6. Not sure if anyone told you or if you learned it somewhere but the really thin paper is Tomoe River paper. It’s a Japanese paper, people watercolor on it and other things. Look up hobonichi planners, they use that paper. If you learn you like it it takes up so much less room than regular paper. Just an FYI. 😀

  7. I so enjoyed seeing your organizing! And I laughed when there was your adorable child's "Uh Ohhhhhh" and you paused just a tick. I could see you glancing without seeing you glance, and then you went on. It was great to hear a kidlet in the background, because lots of us juggle multiple distractions, and I remember o-so-well trying to write around a two year old!

  8. You can keep post its and washi samples on your dashboards. Since its laminated, you can put anything on it that is removable.

  9. I just got my first TN as well and am loving it. I didn't even think about threading the elastic through the spine of the notebook. Note a bad idea. Also I've seen people tape pictures on them and use them as a place for clips instead of on paper. I got the clear pocket dashboards just so I could change things out when I want. otherwise I'm with you and don't really understand the point but for decoration.

  10. You can stick post-its to your dashboard for quick reminders. Or stick blank post-its to it so you can move them into your inserts as needed.

  11. Do the notebooks easily come out? Like, if you didn’t want to carry the giant TN, of had a purse that didn’t fit that… is it easy to just take the BuJo out ?

  12. Fox!!! I love that insert!

    I found BuJo first before TN, but I combine the two. I have 1 BuJo journal I keep collections in and the other I keep everything else in and then I made my TN. I have yet to purchase any inserts, but I love the look of yours. When I finish filling my BuJo, I might switch to inserts.

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