I asked Phil Steele about OU, Texas and his College Football Playoff picks

hey check it out let's switch gears like wait we got feels too online mr. steel how you doing I am doing great about yourself today I'm getting there sir appreciate college football preview I had a couple questions for you I hope that's okay sure should we be buying Notre Dame in particular because I took a look at the college football playoff and I saw that you had two squads playing in there they got Notre Dame on the schedule which means me to believe that you think highly of Notre Dame you know I do think alley at Notre Dame this year now give you a little preface last year I had Notre Dame as my number one surprise team in the country which was a team that wasn't ranked in the top ten that I thought could make the playoff and Notre Dame did indeed go from being number 12 in the preseason all the way up to making the playoff last year when I look at Notre Dame this year I have a team that's probably equal to that talent wise I mean they've got Ian's book back at QB like the defense overall as well as you know the offensive line looks solid I think this team's just as good but what I don't like about the Irish is their schedule this year they have to play two of the teams that as you mentioned I think can make the playoffs Georgia and Michigan and play them both on the road and they also play Stanford on the road and that's a game where the home team has dominated so it's got three real tough road games something they lacked last year and was part of the reason I picked Notre Dame to potentially make a playoff spot this year with the schedule I think that they're just as good as last year but I think they missed out in the playoffs yeah I mean I get your argument and it's good and I just look at Jaffar Armstrong and running back is basically an unknown commodity to the rest of us you got wide receiver chase Claypool coming back and that's cool and that 425 is gonna like Jerry Tillery but I am I want to believe that Notre Dame is gonna do something other than again as you pointed out lose in January so I am uncomfortable with seeing them as the pendulum that the college football playoff is going to swing through I mean that's the prison we're all gonna look through it at and I wondered outside of them do you think that Texas is as good as people claim I feel like we just every year though yeah we look at Texas this year they only have a returning starter so less experienced than they were last year but they got a pretty good quarterback and same Ehlinger and I really like the way that Tom Harmon is recruiting as the head man there I think the overall talent that Texas has and it's putting on the field this year is superior to what it was when Tom Herman took over now last year they knocked off Oklahoma in the regular season game Oklahoma Korda game in the big 12 title game I think they're capable of contending in the big 12 once again for the record I went with Oklahoma then we look at Oklahoma's Talent schedule they're probably going to be favored in every single game but I do think Texas is up there and the one thing about Tom Harmon but this guy is an underdog against the top 25 opponent he generally win so it's gonna give him a shot at it there I didn't call for Texas to make the playoff and I didn't even call for Oklahoma to make the playoff this year nor Notre Dame still steal steal steal college football preview on us with the animal look I had that question right you didn't have Texas or Oklahoma in the college football playoff and that is what it is right I understand that I also wondered do you think that they are each other's Texas and Oklahoma toughest opponent or do you put LSU as Texas toughest opponent and then Iowa State as Oklahoma's toughest I would say Oklahoma stuff or Texas toughest opponent may just be LSU other Oklahoma's right up there as well I've got Oklahoma number four in the country and I've got Oklahoma number five in the country in the Power Poll on LSU number four in the country in the Power Poll so those team are very close to the advantage for Texas is they get the LSU game at home whereas they have to play Oklahoma at the neutral site so that's tough to pick Texas is tough opponent toughest opponent I think in Oklahoma's case it probably is Texas I do think Iowa State's a very good team Matt Campbell's got 16 returning starters heck this guy rarely has an experienced quad very experienced this year quarterback in Brock Purdy and we've seen how our state surpassed expectations in recent years but I think Oklahoma's toughest opponent is Texas how do you couch Oklahoma State's season this year with an unproven commodity at quarterback how do you approach their game of their season last year it's just a wacky season I mean Oklahoma State lost two teams on the schedule last year Texas Tech Iowa state Kansas State Baylor all his favorites yet they upset Boise Texas West Virginia and Missouri it's almost like whoever was the favorite in the game he was was gonna lose in Oklahoma State game last year so I think they're a tough team to grasp now the new quarterback is going to be a big difference I'm protecting Spencer Sanders the redshirt freshman to beat out to run for the job he's got good talent around him you look at ubirr Hubbard one of the more underrated running backs in the country Talent Wallace is one of the best wide receivers in the entire country he's got some talent around them with CJ Moore and stoner my biggest question mark with Oklahoma State's going to be their defense they lose all four starting defense alignment from last year and they were not no overwhelming defense to begin with us early gave up 452 yards per game how quickly that defense comes around will be the key but this was a tough team for me to gauge last year and they're a tough team once again this year the last question for you we are in Tulsa University of Tulsa is here with Zach Smith at quarterback do you think that Tulsa can contend for the American Conference title yeah the possibility clearly exists so you go back to Phillip Montgomery's first two offenses that he had when he got good quarterback play they averaged 37 and 42 points per game and they had a combined 57:20 ratio his first two years the last two years he has not got good quarterback play talking about 53% completions each year and just six eight ratio excuse me in a 1310 ratio the last two seasons but I think with the addition of Zach Smith at QB that upgrades the offense in you know when I went over the defense with Coach Montgomery this year which is a good sized physically solid defense I think this defense is going to surprise a lot folks this year so I was pretty bullish on the Tulsa team coming off the conversation with Coach Montgomery the thing I don't like this year is the schedule they actually play one of the tougher schedules you know the home games are against Houston UCF Oklahoma State they've got some pretty tough Memphis as well and then the road games are where most of the winnable games are so if they can take care of business in those tough home games and win some on the road then they'd have a shot but it's it's one of the tougher schedules I think in the American West that is fill steel of fill stills college football preview mr. steel thanks so much for your time hey a lot of fun talking football with you today

17 thoughts on “I asked Phil Steele about OU, Texas and his College Football Playoff picks

  1. Tom Herman can recruit and develop players…He cant call a game worth a damn…sometimes his talent comes through despite his bad sideline coaching. Riley NEVER beats his team. He sets them up to succeed by having them ready to play week in and week out. Riley also knows how to adapt on the fly – as he did last year in the RRR, though they came up short. I see this years RRR potentially being one of those OU blowouts…say 50 -21….OU defense will be better coached and the offense will not miss a beat.

  2. Ok I have multiple copies of Phil Steeles magazines. They are the best bar none. Year in year out. But I just saw his Top 25. I'm taking 12 brownie poimts away. Michigan at 3? Im going in on my numbers but that looks suspect.

  3. Everybody drinking the LSU Kool aid. They are very good on defense. But don't have the offensive talent to get through the SEC. Heck I would pick aTm over LSU. Notre Dame will cruise through its schedule as always. But they will have 2 losses so no playoffs for them

  4. I’m still looking out for the over hyped media story about Texas being back that you keep talking about. Here is another story about Texas competing in the big 12. Every year getting better. No one has called for Texas to make the playoffs. Why is Sammy being hated on so much yet the stats reflect a different story? I guess I’m not getting the info your getting RJ.

  5. RJ, you are getting big time my man. Interviews with Barry and now Phil trust me you are in the OU media family and recognized as such. I agree Oklahoma had better work hard and prepare for the game of their lives in playing Texas, Iowa State, and Oklahoma State. Oklahoma goes undefeated and they are in the college football playoffs, period. Of course, Oklahoma will have to prepare and work hard to win a playoff game and even harder to win the National Championship. This is the year and Jalen Hurts will the throwing ability of Baker and Kyler with the leadership Kam Newton.

  6. Help me understand why LSU would be ranked as highly in his poll over OU. LSU simply never carries a versatile offense. Them being 3rd in the sec is difficult enough behind Georgia who Texas beat. I wouldn't doubt top 10-15 but they arent elite over there.

  7. Steele picked Michigan to make the playoffs this year instead of ND.
    He doesn't have OU making it, but he also didn't have OU in '17 or '18.
    Of the 20 playoff teams so far, he's gotten 8 right – and 5 of those correct picks are Alabama.

  8. So glad to see Mr. Steele..He is very knowledgeable….Good job RJ I'm predicting one day SOON you will be heard nationally …..

  9. Lmao just cause Texas' tuffest game isnt OU doesn't mean OU's tuffest game isnt Texas maybe yall should step yalls strength of schedule up

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