"I Am Not A Virgin" – Taranjit Kaur ft. Siddhant | UnErase Poetry

45 thoughts on “"I Am Not A Virgin" – Taranjit Kaur ft. Siddhant | UnErase Poetry

  1. Even I am a this generation gal
    But still I feel ppl, my generation over think and over react sometimes
    It is ok to loose your hymen to sports and dance, but not in pubs and clubs
    It is ok not to be pure physically but.. It does not mean to hook up with multiple boys
    It is ok to have second chance after first break up, but we shid know the second chance comes only first time and not take that second chance multiple times
    Even our generation needs to think

    Life is not simple as we hang out

  2. Our pure heart is more important than our virginity.
    Hope our society will understand the real meaning of virginity.

  3. Wow! It just left me speechless.. she spoke all through my heart.. brilliant composition and more importantly the presentation.. our society needs to grow up and develop

  4. Ladko ko bhii samajhnaa chahiyee ki….. Khyal rakhnaa… Aur baate sahnaa…. Sirf mardo kaa kaam nhii hai…. Aur virginity matter nhii karti….. Agar ladki loyal hai… But the facts is…. Aajkal loyal ladki milti hii nhii

  5. EXCELLENT. Kudos to you lady!!! I just love you for this. EXCELLENT EXCELLENT EXCELLENT!!! In their face!! I am ready to give the virginity test if there’s any test for the PENIS too which is banged a million times with or without the “marriage tag” and still expects a virgin???? The hypocrite Indian males and their “all the time baby sitting mothers” need to change. If not.. we too ain’t interested in banged used penises. And anyway.. used or unused… who the hell is anyone else to decide? And I hope more than guys… the PUPPET PRONE AND PUPPET LIKE TRAINED GIRLS BY THIER IDIOTIC MOTHERS ESPECIALLY learn to voice themselves after watching this. You just said what I always have.

  6. Pata ni kheri duniya ch eh log narrow minded thought who cares about virginity now days expect u belong to backward area or that states in india

  7. आपसे किसी ने पूछा ओर अगर नहीं है तो हम क्या करे 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  8. But it does not mean that either boy or girl is allowed to have many illicit relationship..i know many girl who on the name of modernity and independence are having many relationships..same is true for boy..i think there should be some controle and these type of ppl vl never let theirs future spouse about there past ..on the name of independence hell lot of going in our society which is rubbish

  9. शायरी के नाम पर कविताओं के नाम पर सिर्फ मूर्खता वयक्त हो रही है ….

  10. What the hell is going with our socity … Why they don't understand we are living in 21st century … Why always women's have give the virginity test … Why always only women's have to prove that all ??? Why women's can't say no what they don't want to do .. 😔😔😔😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟

  11. verginity dosent matter if it was broken away by natural physical activity but consideration becomes impotrant if is broken by physical relationship..because it is necessary to know even having such closeness, why your past is not your present and future..
    Because even after such great closeness if you are not with your bf or gf then what is the guarantee you will be remain with me forever..

  12. English English English acha medium ban gaya hai kisi v cheez ko present krne ka.kyunki is language mein logo ko content nahi coolness dikhta hai.lage hai hur koi is language ka use kr foreign k culture ko yahan establish krne mein.jara apne ancestors se v kuch sikh lo jis society ko log aaj na samajhne wala batate hai.pehle to koi itna oppose nahi karta tha.aaj kyun itna oppose hota hai in cheezo ka ?.aaj kyun ye bat issue ban gayi hai?kahin aaplog khud to nahi bhatak gaye ho western culture mein or jo sahi rasta chal rha use bhatka rhe ho?sooochoooooo

  13. Wonderful….👍… poem…I really prey…….that our society can understand……this…👍..and change their thinking…

  14. real changes will come if laws of the country would change. change laws{ like- alimony, child custody,} high status job criteria assigned to men, and virginity/character criteria for women, etc.
    women do not put so much criteria for men(like-job etc) and men won't put criteria like virginity. then we would see real equality.

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