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  1. I have two children. The first is 3 years old who reads similar to a grade 1 already. And the another one is 5 years old is a lot like a 3rd grader already in reading. I did not anticipate these great results. I tutored my very own children to read a few books with the aid of this fantastic studying tutorial “Wamzοzο Loli” (Gοοgle it). The guide is very organized. This makes the manual simple to follow by the youngsters..

  2. Could you please fix the captions so that they are easier to read. I'm pretty sure you didn't say "Welcome to Jen's business." The sentences run one into the other and need to be sectioned so that it doesn't read "Arielle Poulos I am Jackie Robinson." Having "I am Jackie Robinson" written by Brad Meltzer, illustrated by Christopher Arielle Poulos" then "I am Jackie Robinson." separated will help the viewer. If you could take the time to fix the transcript that would be great! My students and I will appreciate your effort to provide equal access.

  3. My ELA teacher made us watch this video, the MLK video, and the Rosa Parks one. I'm not saying they're horrible, but they need improvement. The voice acting is great! I enjoyed it a lot. The visuals are what need to be fixed. The intros don't really draw people in, and frankly, they're just far too bland. Also, throughout the book, you really don't see the entire page, and the way it moves around is distracting. I hope my critique helps.

  4. I have a project called the wax museum and you have to be a famous American person l choose to be Jackie Robinson l LOVE HIM 💙❤️💛💚💜💓💯

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