hey you my name is Thomas TomSka Ridgewell and welcome back to content my entourage is here today we're gonna be decorating Easter Egg not that one those I'm gonna be there ye Oh sad now like many of you I have dreams and like many of you my dream is to be an egg and so today make that dream a reality it's Easter and I'm gonna become an egg why why why not honestly why anything anymore God just nothing matters does it we're gonna we're gonna die so uh what's this dude I look funny really good my new look I like it anyone help me make it my home welcome to international shave your boss day so I need holidays plans while I was gonna go to the creator summit but I just decided there's no point anymore oh fuck yeah dude oh well cool play a Viking or a bike King the egg is coming yeah boy what are you doing it's too late to be avatar now my hair has never been this sure so this is very new for me I am so let me dive back soup oh cool this is fun this is fun I'm gonna cry when this is done but this is fun hahaha it's a willy that's hot it's a ghost oh there's paint spray what's good about killing a heresy if you have any anxieties over hair like hair loss hair style once you do this you get over them I could always be egg I guess you could stop now will you start okay if anyone wants to just chip in go ahead oh it's my brain yeah man sometimes I put on my Clinton oh honey honestly I'm rubbing potato I'm here Oh guys dragon anyone oh this is a wig look anyone will know it's only Eddie that was from the wing it's only Eddie dude I am the danger oh you have WIC oh I have wig hair my beard well better deal with that then shall we this is hell this is hell hello I am my own father Jesse I I'm a chef Michael Bell I want to eat this world or my name isn't Robotnik Eggman I'm missing it man who egg pingas ha ha ha give him some love fights help good yeah Elliot we're all done I'm totally an egg now just kidding one more things gotta go do you think I wasn't gonna commit fool look me in the eyes no nothing are you getting an immediate that's good for me though I don't need to tell if you're surprised I don't know if I won't need antidepressants good like physically ready able to get angry anymore oh look and here's the man who watched you and here he is now tada I can I can see the monitor vaguely and all I can make out is nothing no no features so we go we're done there is a pirate yard captain no-beard see the thing is the glasses do kind of hide the fact I admire oh yes I'm always a bit concerned alright now we've become an egg but it is easier so you know that means Easter egg obviously okay so the egg design I think I want to go forward is this nice pink one here is pink with a little yellow streak little yellow flowers or blue flowers so I got got me yellow I got my blue got my pink all right here we go here we go is this it is this working egg egg egg okay guys does anyone else want to go with this huge but you deal with the front I'll deal with the back thanks baby we are going for margin boot from my favorite anime Naruto what is this how we all thought we were gonna spend today because for me it's exactly how he knew I was gonna spread the day no one's above occasionally telling their boss into an easter egg what the old good – Jesus don't him into an egg and then he woke up and he was like what the fuck guys I was dead for five minutes and you made me into an egg you feel like yeah he's like not on Elliot going to bed that's deaf deaf deaf dub dub dub dub dub Oh bricks it's important to me what did majin buu sound like Eddie I want you to be on Team Blue I want you to make the top of my head board and then Elliot's gonna do a nice ring of yellow around my face I'm going to get to work on the embellishments can someone please seriously explain why they're wide rabbits or a thing for Easter what does that mean all I know about her is it something about the return of Jesus from the dead very to just do with spring I think that was the first thing he saw when he came on he's fucking kick to it just punted the little fucker right across Jerusalem I was supposed to go to a movie screening tonight I had to cancel because uh egg hello how do I look do I like an easter egg you're like an Easter horror you know what Easter is not for some reason also involves mother freaking chicks and I don't get it myself but you know I've gotta respect people's belief Willy stay in hindsight I should have put the chick in the middle of my head Oh No are you fighting the chicken is that what you guys think you're doing energy energy waves super glue super glue don't do this I would actually like you guys to help me put the chicks on there Wow that burns yeah it was all worth it boys now for the husband they're a bit far oh look I didn't say it was a happy marriage lads have we done it can we make it like F freeze them Oh buddy in the middle – really even in hell we're an unloving Freeway relationship polyamorous polyamorous chicks I think it's perfect ready and Easter I'm an easter egg in a little basket now I'm gonna bus get now Wow oh you're edgy friends oh look this Dave there's Judith there's Dave oh look out here comes mother Goose she's gonna sit on you oh no how do we do dragon I did freestyle it a bit but Eddie's chick is drunk he's got too much on the wedding day Oh buddy oh they're getting too laughs now it's time for a gay relationship gay relationship goodness me well that was a video that we've done now and a thing that's happened and it can never unhappen but I can say that if I ever have children one day and they want to dress up like an easter egg I'm ready as a YouTube ah Eddie your child looks like an egg no I know I'm doing this weekend no well thank you very much for watching and I'm sure that my hair will be fully regrown by the next episode of content as we always say here on content egg TomSka out egg egg egg egg egg egg egg egg egg egg egg egg egg egg

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  1. I want to see Eddie and elliot to do their own content videos. Give them each creative control and see what nonsensical mess of a video gets made

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