Hysterical Literature: Session Seven: Amanda (Official)

my name is Amanda and I'll be reading a Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess where I was wheeled two brothers was like no cine and I had ever vidi before true enough one wall was all covered with silver screen and direct opposite was a wall with square holes in for the projector to project through and there were a stereo speakers stuck all over the mesto but against the right hand one of the other walls was a Bank of all like little meters and in the middle of the floor facing the screen was like a dentist's chair with all lengths of wire running from it and I had to like crawl from the wheelchair to this being given some help by another like male nurse back in a white coat then I noticed that underneath the projection halls was like all frosted glass and I thought i viddied shadows of like people moving behind it and I thought I slew sheets somebody cough but then all I could like notice was how weak I seemed to be and I put that down from changing over from prison Pisgah to this new rich Pushkin all the vitamins injected into me right I said the wheelchair wheeling vac now I'll leave you the show will commence as soon as dr. Brodsky arrives hope you enjoy it to be truthful brothers I did not really feel I wanted to vidiian a film show this afternoon I was just not in the mood I would have liked much better to have a nice quiet fatzke in the bed nice and quiet and all on my Audino key I felt very them what happened now was that one wake white-coated vac strapped my Gulliver to like a headrest singing to himself all the time some Vani Kelly pop song what's this for I said and this vector plied interrupting his like song an instant that it was to keep my Gulliver still and make me look at the screen but I said I want to look at the screen I've been brought here to viddy films and video Elms I shall and then the other white coat Veck there were three altogether one of them a DeVotchKa who's like sitting at the bank of the meters and twiddling with knobs had a bit of a smack at that he said you never know oh you never know trustus friend it's better this way and then I found they were strapping my rockers to the chair rooms and my no girls were like stuck to a footrest it seemed a bit bazoom me to me but I let them get on with what they wanted to get on with if I was to be a free young mal'chik again in a fortnight's time I would put up with much in the meantime on my brothers one veggie I did not like though was when they put like clips on the skin of my forehead so that my top glass lids were pulled up and up and up and I could not shut my glasses no matter how I tried I tried to smack and said this must be a real horror film if you're so keen on my video yet hmm and one of the white coat coated Beck said smacking horrorshow his right friend a Rio show of Horrors and then I had a like cap stuck on my Gulliver and I could vide all wires running away from it and they stuck a like suction pad on my belly and one on the old tic-tock ER and I could just about vide wires running away from those then there was a shuma vyd or opening and you could tell some very important chelovek was coming in by the way the white coated under vex when I was death and then i viddied this dr. Brodsky he was a malankov ech very fat with all curly hair curling all over his Gulliver and I and on his buddy nose he had very thick oh jeez I could just vide that he had a real horrorshow suit on absolutely the height of fashion he had a very like delicate and subtle Vaughn of operating theatres coming from him with him was dr. Branham smiling like as though to give me confidence everything ready said dr. Brodsky and a very breathy gloss oh then I could slooshy Boyce is saying right right right from like a distance then narrow to then there was a quiet like humming Shoom as though things had been switched on and then the lights went out and there was your humble narrator and friend sitting alone in the dark all on his frightened body naki not able to move nor shut his glasses nor anything and then on my brothers the film show started off with some very grumpy atmosphere music coming from the speakers very fierce and full of discord and then on the screen the picture came on but there was no title and no credits what came on was a street as it might have been any Street in any town and it was a real dark nachi in the lamps roulette it was a very good like professional piece of cine and there were none of these flickers or blobs you get stained when you vide one of those dirty films in someone's house in a back street all the time the music bumped out very like sinister oh god oh my god I'm Amanda and this has been a Clockwork Orange they hurt ya

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