Hysterical Literature: Session One: Stoya (Official)

hi I'm Stella and today we'll be reading a section from super verts necrophilia variations we were at a party you and I in celebration of the long forgotten cause for joy there was ruckus drinking the party pushed on into the darkest hours of the night somebody brought out a video camera to tape the merrymaking your boyfriend was seated at a table with some other men drinking and you were there beside him with your hand on his thigh the camera came and exhorted you all to be witty for posterity jokes were made funny faces and obscene gestures were directed at the camera I happened to be lying on the table your boyfriend picked me up slipped his face into mine put the cheap rubber band around the back of his head he and I mugged for the camera together for a moment he was death personified as a drunk man or was I an inebriated Reaper of souls hue my darling leaned over and performing for the camera pushed your tongue through my plastic mouth and into his you were tongue kissing the personification of death I could feel your breath share your alcoholic saliva your friends all cheered the kiss ended but then sweetness you couldn't pull your tongue back out through my face my plastic lips had caught it tight like a Chinese finger trap he winced old made a sort of open mouth gargling cry the men at the table laughed and jeered finally you managed to extract your little muscle of love but not without cutting it on the sharp edge of my lips afterward the videotaped clearly showed sweet blood on your tongue if you've been sober you might have found it symbolic you can kiss somebody else's spouse and get away with it you can kiss a member of the same sex with near impunity you can give an incestuous kiss on the sly you can tongue kiss a dog or exchange raptures with lab rats but you can't kiss death without death kissing you back death is a passionate kisser I bite your lips to your tongue leave a little taste of blood in your mouth as a portent of things to come if I were to kiss you between the legs you'd see a little blood there too and think your period would come early but it wouldn't be your Menzies leverne it would be your ruination the deaths head with your clitoris in its mouth death is mad about you death loves you do you love me too I'm not needy but I enjoy intimacy especially with you darling go ahead slip your face into mine I like to feel your warm lips and my inert Pacific I like to feel your eyelashes tickling my empty old sockets one day I'll slip my face into yours too and then we'll experience another sort of intimacy I'll be inside you like a lover I'll kiss you from the inside and it will feel like catching a chill you'll get goose bumps up your thighs and shivers down your spine I'll whisk you to my wormy bed and we'll lie there nestled in each other's arms or at least so long as you have arms and even then when you're hideous dust I will remain true I am death and when I love you it's forever and why shouldn't you love me back I know that sometimes you fantasize about me lying in bed at night wondering how and when I will come and what I'll look like when I do and my knight in shining armor fiery dog of Hell do I look like a vampire skeleton go ah you imagine me taking you into my arms embracing you comforting you they are there I'd say kissing your tears away I'll make those awful things go away life won't be a burden to you anymore I promise pull back the curtain to reveal a wonderful new world a party or I hit the ball to the costume affair party God Halloween the festival the Day of the Dead and its enormous fun to prance around in the arm of inevitable doom life is short seize the day go ahead darling slip me on pretend you're me see the world through my sockets laugh live love while you can eat drink and be merry what do you think I do I'm deaf and I laugh and make merry to dance the skeletons and make goblets out of soul skulls mmm to drink from the cranium you should know it's very fine oh when your brains are gone what no Blair substitute could there be than wine [Laughter] hi I'm style and that was and that was super Virts necrophilia variations

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