Hyperledger Composer blockchain demo with overview of Hyperledger® Fabric™

that's and opened up and have to all of this in the process of communal the one colorful central power and open government so those are the key tenants we posted – lasers taken in just some quick confirmation of a hyper lizard the executive director is brian berger if anybody familiar with that it where you go from yeah besides being a friend of it his greatest accomplishment I think up to date is be pardoned in cash economy and one of the founders of people who brought us the Apache server so he definitely me with this Facebook open source open community and leveraging that to fill content next world I'll also business day and any region the internet probably some cars something that as a result of that project it's the fastest growing project in the history of Learning Foundation started about the December 2015 so that's less than two years and in that time under 20 members have grown under 20 members and a lot of those contribute including smaller firms like Kossoff and a lot of fun but IBM like I said the fillers are open source open community and open government no one power controlled in fact if you notice there that the board shared life matches that some are very small startup so leadership holds I hope life terms of offended and it's not just that something that JPMorgan IBM runs you know one of the four projects under this organization happiness is fabric so fabric the protocol at lawns washing applications and it posted by IBM they also told a doctor if in fact with images getting on new computers and start playing around with it yourself it will put IBM's definitely a premier member of the project and one of the code bases that we help work on this fabric is a little bit more about that today so this visual is an outlay of the different type of members in the organization very diverse no one industry Dominique you can see from digital active Intel into it right either the tax value associates all kinds of levels very collaborative community approach now now that I've explained hi Felicia incipit set the tone for on in the environment that we operate in let's talk about what makes the Block C difficult fabric quasi different from watching that you're familiar with before this presentation actually I got a question about is this a coin this is not pick up this is not a cryptocurrency this is in run on a Bitcoin network isn't on ether it's none of that it's a cool thing and it's built on four pillars once again that I would go to another texture so the person we don't share measure our shared source of a once shared sorta tooth that all party that attitude of privacy the thing is each I think the most important feature is privacy because in a in a business sensitive business network no one does business with an anonymous party that did not happen that there's so many regulations nothing two paces regulation that Colgate's that so a private business network where you control your network trust right which secret sensitive trouble on the party and being able to encode business logic and application into the fabric using small contract in fact the demonstration today will go into how we can do that in a much simplified way in a much simpler way using only JavaScript API so shared less right shared between party the single source of truth participants at their own version this is not artistic conversation I'm going to go we just understand that we all have the same access to the same information would you network smart contract writing logic into writing logic business profited infinitely application yourself using the gold members and JavaScript or working on little SDKs and how to empower developers to do this right in creating smarter small object if you open privacy right produces less the I think the holy grail of what fabric we the most important features businesses want to be able to know who's on their network and when they when businesses don't open on their boxing Network what happened this are you familiar with the Dow attack sin was familiar with that well not be works last summer it was in it there was a cop sourcing effort in on the etherium public network public keywords public and what happened was they did an amazing thing they could they crowdsource in grade one hundred fifty million dollars at kinda like a venture capital on a not autonomous to distributed autonomous organization which is a big small contract code that was put out there and somebody maliciously took advantage and it took about 60 million dollars but no one knows who risk the attack to the economy anonymous attacker later posted a letter time the attacker no one else who was and basically try to blackmail they're waiting retaining that those content it led to a big fiasco and as a consequence there was a split between the organization and safety in classically theory so that's the type of situation that business our sign avoided lastly trust to quote our CEOs in Romania watching will Nicole trust and efficiency in all transaction I think that is the greatest promise the greatest thing that blocks a kitchen so enabling trust among participants and giving them the power in doors transactions in so on and so forth so how can I be enough why I'm here why what's our stake in this disruptive technological revolutions what do we do what can we do to help me well we get to three things one worker were contributing to the technology right stager if the code base that idea is submitted we're building a distributed you know that's the protocol of the technology that's portable that scales well that protects the interest of businesses and address of the key challenges as I said a regulation security scale efficiency so on and so forth another thing we're doing is like if they were hosting and supporting so today you can run of fabric instance on IBM cloud rightfully mix you can run it on a public cloud and get that skill or for those looking for more security we offer what we call the high secure space and network what that means is for scale and other ways the security work this is military education for those at the hospitals and banks are interested in watching and worried about security what we do will give you your own linux one server and you run your fabric lipstick on them again to choose a networking because IBM had in those data centers across the world you think he can't have a global business network that you can run and i'll ask me what we do as engagements with clients so some of the server office that we have it if he was a fertile peasant you want to idea you stick how you want to apply boxing but kind of arts or work more than one walking through that pocket lend you our expertise and our knowledge and sit down will give you what we call ideation sessions with a two-hour workshop and for those want to scale of a build something and run it on cloud or environment that they deem necessary what we have tor designed to do the parking garage over a sequel today we come on quote me on the number we basically build the application with you and show you at a time that the dollars you can hand it off to the global team effort we had people from Singapore or San Francisco design studio New York as well and the beautiful processes so it was a commute a way that we support the community and clients as well thank you all so that cute to me take questions till the end I'm going to going to fly through the sensation that'll composure this is a workshop so a 20 to 30 minutes today I'm going to show you how you can easily create manage of your own blocks an application is an extra very eccentric the only JavaScript API calls for in this address the target mortals but when I was starting in the boxing and for my backgrounds a developer gave started and go to the documentation application it was definitely a challenge and I have a through the other because I love this place actually do but I'd imagine if your affirm your manager and your press with hey how do you make this work you might not have as much enthusiasm let go through all that half of the create something live right so you want to get to it right at the speeder speed to IPS it accomplished and that's what this was made a mock that that's the reason why this tools made the community opening but in the presentations that I do know you'll have two things one is you know exactly where to go how do you start it or to write if we're lucky by the end of tonight to give an idea you can create your own quality applications we get started I disco every so I said since that this earlier right the only new board I just want to clear one thing up accountable pet peeve of mine there's no such thing as an IBM boxing just want you guys to know hyper little community effort is it not IBM taken over by no means is it it's somehow unimportant couple people have said well change the IBM volcanus one of our digital system and we don't want it to be and I didn't think we don't we wanted to be something that impact a community works for everyone across the main industry it changes lives and change this business take a second to read that that is the most important question right when they cannot imagine the architects damn film and all the other guys when they first came out the fabric of all that this is a question they must have asked themselves why start from scratch how many people here are in the technology who has been in it for a while excellent actually I hope you agree with me the revolution interference onto technology has been the goal from creating something that in-house customizable that requires a lot of attention and support from your team to a more off-the-shelf open-source applications most difficult it up in force illogical application instead of building everything from the bottom leg let me let me go find a tool that outfit it does it and in module I think would you prove this that why should it be any different for your branches Business Network right why should it be physical change whatsoever for your watching operating system and it should you shouldn't have to start from Ground Zero you shouldn't have to worry about the grunt work and the heavy lifting that's our job please we'll take my job so today don't want to okay just to each expectations in order to want to these are the topics we'll be covering how to create and deploy above changes in networks how to add assets and participants right how to set permissions and scale advantage of those how to create transactions the lifeblood right configuration options right different environment you want to watching when you develop your test then your test environment if your conduction environment you so on and so close there's a lot of cool tricks out there it'll still in place I want to go over that before we move we move forward this is still something that it built it's far from being perfect and unappreciated or luna llena around versus 0.5 and fabric itself adopters in 1.5 afro for those who know and those who want to know more basically we're ramping up to production ready block season this is something i just want to bring that to offense in create and deploy one of the hardest thing paparazzi like I said before starting with a blank canvas and wanting to know where you know trials first mark where do you start would go I get started all these questions come to mind and out with this tool we make that easier so today what you're going to see me do first show you how to get to the tool and the different options of how to get started there's a tech there's a text editor like also web browsers it how to get pretty cool how to launch a business network now I'm going to use a ready-made I'm going to use a ready-made template it's the second time I want to build up it from the bottom foot I'm going to show you that in a minute this is little regular so edited days you can develop right here on the web browser and scores being locally on the web browsers you also have the option of like a dolphin connected onto the fabric that's live another option is developing on Visual Studio code we have an extension and we created called the fabric composer that allows you to deal with the development clip just wanted to make you aware that and give a quick definition of fabric composer what it is it's simply a program model instead of tools and even radically simpler to develop paparazzi and using only like I said using own JavaScript and API not like I said how to get fitted to go to any browser I suggest either Safari or Chrome or even Firefox but this is the URL composer gasps playground doubt my bluemix.net class sou you put it on when we left composer – playground as you see without my connects dotnet all information let's how to get started that's coming at the end points into that just want you to that it has added into this petition will put up a farm by real quick and efficiently so that's how you get to the point now I guess then this right here is on the template that comes ready to block its business network and the organization of this is there's always a we there's something called a model file which is where the assets in a participant or the script bomb is where the logic right there where you like to transaction constant exhaust great example and permissions like I said you'll be able to set permissions anyone on the network and – what can they apply the configuration off sensitive – but like I said I'm going to start with a different template a car auction right and you can do that real quick by connecting you saw what I did I can hit the import button and I hit authenticate with it up so make sure you get a github account you access that and then there's a ready-made these cases templates that we created I'm going to use a car watching I will suggest it to do this for your first time just because you don't want to start with a blank canvas and then change things around so we're going to start with car off the car auction Network well up we have a fox affiliate network now that he would sit on about days like that's a really is that the model so in this model players with asset the participants are now let's go through Sony active and before we do that keep in mind this the instruction we have here this file structure so you can have multiple crossing business networks running you just want to be able to tell them apart and you do that through the namespace so this makes space points to block some things that would or this just a positive do something but very intuitive easy to understand language let's look at one asset real quick so like I said here's your asset vehicles all that good stuff on runescape taxes and then here's the wazzle keep that in mind there will be important later because I'm going to create a car crate members later on and trade to a car and if they use the Commission's I was able to do in a short amount of time how to get started easy so that's number one thank you I think you will agree with that now let's get to this the second part of the please there's no quick I add asset and participant a business network is available two things leave what you're trading transacting on assets and who can be even in the network participants you want to be able to create them and specify onto your leave and setting their properties accordingly so next what I'm going to do is a few things in they are creating an asset specify the type right and it's already great for me but I'm gonna walk you to how that what that looks like and then create a participant and set the types that the appropriate variables in it I show you how you can do this with your own going back into that and model right let's go through some of the asset as it you know vehicle so just based on the syntax of language you state the asset ID the name you say what is identified by of their number now this is written in natural evening language not learning any anti JavaScript and any language that hard understanding really this particle coding at all anybody in a business might get started on the second asset at the liquid state I can get just we want to be able to say there's a car for sale it has reserved not met it's all equal listing but how to be able to create a vehicle listening out there participant so abstracted that out and we'll create a experts a certain types they all remember an extent is user type the web is very difficult this is a big accomplishment you'll see around then you have an auction right you have your three members operating on the car you have the auction yet controlling it then you have and in here you stay to the transaction type so we have content action types that gonna happen one we're going to allow several members and unable to make an offer to will be able to cool spinning which means look at the offers that are there and pick who's the highest one that's what gets a car now where do they get how did that happen that's in the JavaScript bar definitely on the script father you like the logic right and close let's talk about that function or multiply C note but out there you dissected on also make it an operable super fancy next okay so now I'm going to quickly go to this section so and one half of the tool you get to set all the parameters create the things set up the environment and then second you actually get to create a do stuff and call the test error section where you can go test now I'm going to be these are different absolutely either work like for the participant this is with oxygen although so you go created right here probably notice how India is offered no not so let's call this a lot of buzz clicking things anybody could do it so one go to members on create a new participant and so there is JSON format simply you just fill out information so when a creative person this is the guy was filming his car nice well he told his car so you dancing this one is the haunted of music you've often it inside one specify how you can identify the person that's willing to this email you won't give them charlie pad voila obviously these two more times this person had a late exit for the bathroom it'll be important in a minute I'm going to call a person Allyson and then the final third person get them money specify and the idea behind specifying the name is for local purposes you want to keep track of the network someone giving me Bob okay now when we need to coordinate this will right so let's go to the plug out of the active Harbor on possession credit card we identified one two three four I'm going to set the owner at twelve mandatory at the haunted Alabama he's the one telling Scott I want to make sure that he gets paid for this car Charley's caught now Holly wants to lift this car an option so we created a vehicle isn't you know this right here is it so in this case right you can look at the JSON it's assuming that there's multiple offers and as a novice or not I want to make sure that I'm going to the right VIN number for the vehicle and a lot of velvet you want to go back to the defiance section go to the modify or right to the beautiful listing looks like exactly look see the nature and you get to see what values correlate to why they're there it after a while conservative so surprised description he doesn't matter state this force it offers no offers and literally I am listing ID make it listing 1 this is the first call listing outfit we've created the participant the 3 people or one and seven the carpet the torch on fire and created the car and associated with the vehicle so yeah it created the people and then we create a vehicle listing made sure that the vehicles associated with the owner and at the buccal istic this is associated with the vehicle now the benefit of that is you get to control who and what joins your network while at the top we're going to move on to the next week and then added setting permissions permissions are important because you don't want any malicious behavior on your network you don't want nobody to leading adding updating things that they should write which also employer will want to put the safeguards in there sometimes you have to based on the regulations in your industry in your business and the processor that you have and then again you also want to protect against accident accident do happen you know want to accidentally delete something that you should have you want to actually update something you should have and you don't want to accidentally make the stick I mean one example water is important in the financial industry is 1.4 billion dollars a year spent on correcting mistakes and verifying information what if you made a system or application that was quote-unquote foolproof oh that means your business so next what you're going to see me do is walk through a set of permissions that's already created and explain the value that each has so I'll go back to the define area going to be active control so you can imagine each asset each participant has a set of rules for a particular set of conditions associated with it where you can stand configured and then keep keeping the watch offers is just go through one example and for example in the rule auctioneer you get to fit the description and the comments in this so that the next person who looks at peace set the permissions understands it's going on being a little necessary participating kitted is set if you define what the participant is back in the model file a case on you wants to go to back operation what operations is it a go to duty certificate and we've said it at all what the auctioneer to be to be able to all the operations available to it and the resource which is basically contains a case if them beam say c1 specified was talking about and we actually allow it to take action you could set it and something also that it can take action you wanna if you wanna summon a new participant within your network who is just it can't do it kind of like a Reaper mission can't right this goes on and on so once again for another participant and you get an engine at the specified protest and so on and so forth is kind of saying it's a bit different with how asset and participate the rules apply to them but very true did you lose babies in understanding the key benefit of that is you control what actions are taken I know I've said that forces but keep in mind you get this the issue of scale sources you want to be able to find a way that manage controls for all these part system your whole network as it scales can do this one by one but by being able to say all participants were auctioneers these are the rules apply to you you don't have to manage them separately this is a very handy the more your business goes you know this is something that you definitely ought to be able to control moving forward of creating transactions probably the most important thing that anybody wants to be on their business network the lessons getting a woman I get the trade going get Viktor Globus habit and what I'll do next is go to show you the logic of the transactions and actually place an offer place two offers and close out the bidding pick one was two hours on the Ted associate creative mind my participants create my asset and now I'll go discipline transaction suppose that now the transaction types there's two types if the offer code bid once again going back to the define section we've already stated with those are in the script the script area I'm going to go with the offer I'm going to say the listing one that's why we're talking about and say this offers made by Atlas she's the one with a lot of onions and say she's going to make a bit of $10 notice the difference between when I made times actually when I made an asset that's it what could he do you get delete or update those you can't you be able to change accident that's the key tenets of a box immutability / so let's place another transaction in tight listing when estates for 6000 in this body while the other guy with the money so the office of this let's take the highest bidder listen to do it closely how this I'll have to specify a listening let's say the listing looks at the office and says he's got the most money you submitted a transaction and now what happened in the background is the cosna sold as a new owner let's go check it out so who's the new owner nella who was it before okay now let's call the members let's look at their money Alec spent all her money she attend out and I gave it away actually she made an offer Bob like thousand why don't you change because he get to even wait a bit a bit so he does lose any money and now look at the control he had when he started today he had on eight dollars and I was a rich man that's my endowment if you take student bills all that we went through one example of transaction in okay so you see Q's here or the user interface yeah so I'd imagine it all the participants within the network – and that's one of the things they're still building off the UI for the user but yet if you and you're on the feed boxing basic network and applying it the rules that said multiple users can apply as your question because we're still working on what does it look like in a real world application where a month with a bunch of people using the right a desktop app or something like that right yeah elves men yeah yeah what's the word we're still working out the kinks but I want to make any promises before you guys and building it guys galaxy we're building all of it get to put it – you have access to two level on each team and access to the tools you're using the same namespace we're on the same network and if you point to the same interest on travelin now you get a transaction on the same side why would that be any different if you were sending a chain code there's more contract to fabricate and join any level this onion one former think what they wanted with is my people people is there any comment on things are you thinking kind of early I'll be dad's question she's asking right how you collaborate with mostly people yeah like I said they're still working out the kinks to this application I want to make any promises before but that's something I can follow up with as well what does it look like on a collaborative con Oh w have you been you see with transactions on the blockchain yeah oh you can you open up the idea Michael agency yes I'm in and you're working on the same and actually what I did yesterday I want to count the amount of network and clearly innocence on the tool and I connected it to a running instance on the IBM co-op right I saw the blockage I saw them I counted them I will send transactions that I was telling and then I use another tool which wasn't true that Congress is called respect it's an API to made the calls from an API so using this tool multiple people can interact on the same block chain but it's not like a Microsoft I got a little bit time say the you are editing hours and like a Google now Google Docs but you're both points in same namespace you're pointing to the same fabric do some transaction I'm going to get back to your network but I I can't see I don't see no reason why would it yeah it is professional documents that everybody could mean Darrell if you need to go to let's rock all created a great radius not everybody so family to to create you know the thing that people preventative sweet oh yeah instead of a starting from the bottom for everybody yeah if I launch it and I connect it to look and it's a running instance of blocking when you launch it to the tool you have to recreate the members and participants acted that was your every benefit of that right there is being able to start making transactions easy so now configuration awesome I'm going to show you there's a lot of features are kind of delve into that right now that are in this too and also work in conjunction with the tools and they are how to manage the API call you can do a lot of what I just stated up to API calls and you can specify different environment so I'm going to show you some obstacle new filter works but this is still not the ocean ready yet it came close but how does switch environment I'm going to go to as well example but you came up with this delicacy life and you all get the better in both local to the I'm making some yes I can use innovative presentation video yes I'm testing out I would usually use this tool just to make a radical at a vehicle at a participant using this and I saw him of launching instantly create a block you'll do all those transactions and also open up another tab launched something called a red server and using that API just made pink also created an asset to another interface I was able to query pull back information to all the schools from looking exactly uncle has several editor of the public Explorer who would that work on the painting like what I be able to view the transaction getting back to I'm not too familiar fabulous for you referring to one of the other projects in the correct type list I'm not returning the debt at the exact in blue so on any page if you notice in the right hand corner there's this and it's called connection profile so as if today right now this is running on the web browser everything I've done in locally stored but if you want to be able to see like I said specify a specific fabric instance that you want to point this tool to right if you do that so you can do one locally call the test and you can also use it to point to something on bluemix run whatever card you choose environment you can choose to be there you can set up multiple environment you can set up one that is your test environment you put the stuff out there you transact and create the network and so on and so forth and you can migrate you can also have a production environment you could do that so these are that one configuration option on another one is said you can develop on the web interface where you can develop upon this will studio we have an extension for that those one more comfortable developing method and when you compile the business network and you get the file ready without being a file we will have to follow hopefully involved with them we can go more deep for they more technical stuff will create the file basically and that's what you into work you're importing your business Network the logic the structure all of it that fits into this format and we do you said when you can click it click import play you not possible in the next thing you would have is another that you can over here by the first a booking export this I can export it now Colossians network being able is exported and because I can open it Michael handle visuals to visa code thanks to that extension it will be able to read the file structure the way I wanted to so on and so forth another tool that comes with it the tools and environments gone but if it is an impact editor so I like it going to man mind launch the server go to your web browser with localhost 3000 right and then when I go on there I get now that are doing it here I can make a few calls on the web browsers can create an asset create a participant I can query get that information back which you have to look through it on here but if you want to if you've never really a lot of acid one quick way to say what this is ID one pull it back so there's a lot of configuration options and tools available let me say the person's ability acuteness I'm glad we have question of this great usually configure your network by giving you versatility a set of tools that allow you punch out and do unique creative things so let's summarize the benefits easy to get started control over your who is in your network what's in your network control of what actions would be taken upon the asset and on your network and what access would be taken by the participant to that network how to start and scalable from this by the way also how to start Ricky transaction levy and the configure your network so that you know who has the versatility and configuration options to display anything that you like so you had lean IBM remember the community hyper lizard boxing enthusiast I've been here for how long saying on my stream and I've been you know preaching the good word and telling you about why you should be interested in hydrology Wireless of course make sense while you know so on and so forth but I think a more important point of view is that of our client Patito actually is using this they can speak to the benefit of this suppose a lot better than I could not dictate or manage a lot more than I do it mine or anyone else and a and great example that is we have to conjure and they are mayors large supply chain page she she purchases from there to the daily it ain't exactly as you know the big players and we have convicted smaller and can take it to the port we've worked with all these clients we actually have a deal notice announced to help to allow supply to a digital supply chain solution with Mears at the end of the year helping us save a lot of money in also not lose a lot of valuable goods and we're also helping evicted over that order logistics and payment file that's how what's important and what I want you to take away from that is that these are different times businesses really they have different needs welcome using our approach and the community they were a part of we're able to serve this isn't a lodging for large corporations or boxes or anything it's interested in doing business that little artsy in this life but I know you can tell that supposed to mean IOT and this brain is now bringing I guess yeah you know want to get you the center that what's what's next what's the future of the space a little today we do have applications out there for ball chain and idle to radar is you are Watson IOT platform it's how they can interact looking at that and I know if there was an announcement made last month editing at at one of our events in Vegas where executive objects that there's plans to incorporate Watson or glossy and as to me I'm excited about that play Watson each guy to play the data will be expanded all the good stuff deep learning model networks and to see the convergence of these technologies is amazing not super technology typical for the world thing I truly believe the intersection of IOT blockchain and AI is where human challenges are going to human needs are going to be solved all the problems can be solved and all of this brought to you by the clock brought it which is accessible as you know about everyone else right Democratic Democrat residing computational power that's what the Colorado by making sure that businesses and people of all sides have access to the amazing capabilities i'ma leave with a quick story about that why this was so important in managing the human body right we all have one you have tons of sensors all over your body and they send information they don't know they might have a whistle that they're totally taking information and sending it and then it has to travel up a safe path the network you look up your body reaches your brain which then takes this information turns it into actionable real insight at live real time and then spectrum and that's mean it is prime example the potential we got going on here right I to gather the data while she's securing it right if the ability making sure we know where it's coming from food problems really and then the AI making that into something actionable something that means something at the speed of business and life next steps so we've been working up to this now that I've given you information around you with some tools of insight what you do if you're looking to learn more get out together there's fabric documentation on our version 1 there is information on your school there's labs follow me I'm going to post more information of flood activities but follow for me in far we're looking to get started information like that if you're ready to build you have on that serious conversations about how we can sit down get these ideas going get to musical figure out how this directly class your business today let's work on that what I encourage everyone here to do a greater part of the startup and like at the community building is to join our startup ecosystem Michael they call Silas is actually part of our startup ecosystem it's a collaborative once people were trying to get them together and bring through the power of working together and be the team being around to the comic book song and was pointing at earlier in the reading so crazy can planted some amazing things I added a lot of collaborations after that we had something called the global entrepreneurs program would you understand that for some entrepreneurs funding and getting the resources it was amazing things might be a little bit of honey grass for now so we've created this program so that those who qualify can get out to $120,000 and 12 credits but that's in Canada it's 120 thousand dollars that's a mortal's you can put that out as a resource we have available out there because we want as many firms of different sizes that access to this community access our resources and have the opportunity to build other Boston games so here's my contact info okay for that it's email beyond really responsive actually have the cleanest email I've got a kitchen that I can see thing goes from of when I started a company like if I scroll down that I'm super organized so I'll definitely email there's my LinkedIn love is love LinkedIn very responsive there's my information let's touch this hope it is not the laptop you see we will be doing a lot more work we insolvent over there Sean and thank you again for being the this is the vegan option it's actually my first presentation hopefully I didn't do too bad but I look forward to seeing a lot more faces and chinois pointy nose and calls and helping some people even in this room fill out the treats

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