Humble Pie for Writers

hello everyone I’m Kathryn DeSinaasappelen and today we’re talking about what it takes to become a successful author
and before I begin I want to make a disclaimer that’s saying that this is
based on my own observations and not necessarily my experience because I
don’t have any but I have a business model that I am slowly following and
planned to exact next year when I hope to be walking down the path of
successful author but guys I’m part of many writing communities and the one
thing that I cannot stand is stupid because stupid is what gets in your way
of success I don’t like it when people close off their buying because you’re
being stupid stupid and you’re just getting in your own way and so I’m
really hoping if nothing else if you take anything away from this video just
maybe consider what I’m saying you don’t have to accept it as truth but maybe
open your mind enough to maybe you know make observations around yourself and
think well could she be right because I would be very happy to know that I’m
wrong accept reality tells me different here’s
the sad sad truth is that you don’t need to be a good writer to be successful
because one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and you can see this across
platforms because let’s be real The Bachelor is not award-winning TV and
yet it’s on its 23rd season you have shows like 16 and pregnant that while it
did go off the air it still exists today under a new name of Teen Mom and it’s
just like that’s a stupid show it really is but trash treasure guys and writing
is no different and I say this as a consumer because there are some books
that I read where I read purely for the joy of reading what the author wrote
because in my mind the author is a wordsmith and I think a
really good example of this is I bought Hannah Lee Kidder book little birds on a whim just because I discovered her on YouTube and I enjoy
what she does there and I was so pleasantly surprised by what I was
gifted and it’s not often that I come across in the offers where it’s like oh
wow I really hope that I can be at the same caliber that they are at but she
she is a wordsmith in my mind but you know on the other end
of the scale you have people who they don’t necessarily have strong writing
skills they’re more weak but they’re really smart when it comes to marketing
and growing their audience and so the way that they succeed is by niching down
the types of stories that they tell and then market their stories to the people
who enjoy the most and for myself my guilty pleasure is erotic romance I am
NOT reading those stories for the amazing literary value of the writing
I’m reading it because there’s a guy character there’s a girl character and
it’s like probably gonna get together or aren’t they and then they live happily
ever after the end like this story is predictable the story
is most often stupid I don’t care I love the tropes I love everything about those
stories and if there’s a story that follows that I will buy it it doesn’t
matter so at the end of the day you have to ask yourself what do I want because
if your goal is to be an incredible writer well if you don’t have marketing
skills if you can’t grow an audience if you can’t find people to buy your gold
book that is encrusted with diamonds you’re not going to have success because
if nobody knows it’s there nobody’s going to get it versus if you can’t
write that well you’re not going to be able to really sell your books unless
you really niche down and are able to market to the people who love those
books you sort of need to do both in all honesty I think the greatest example
that people could look at in terms of how to be a successful indie author it
would be Jenna Morecci because I read her first book and it was an OK book in
my opinion and then I read her second book and what
amazing but also sort of really sad is that her second book is so much better
than her first book like it really like it takes her first book and just beats
the crap out of it and throws it into the corner like that’s how much the
writing improved and I know that there are people out on the internet who gave
her crap specifically in the reviews if you ever read them but I can’t help but
think holy crap she is the most amazing genius I’ve ever found on YouTube
because she wanted to be a writer she wrote a book who she herself said that
this is a book that she always wanted to read and she made money off of it and
then she took what people said what they did like about the book and she improved
upon it to write an even better second book and that’s the model that if you
want to be a successful indie author that you should follow you know don’t
worry so much about being the perfect author or in the perfect marketer or
being a persona that can grow your audience and a snap of a finger you know
work on these skills slowly over time and then reap the rewards because they
will come you just sort of need time and patience and you can’t be close-minded
you really can’t anyhoo that’s my half of you guys and I would HIGHLY encourage
you to take my advice with a grain of salt but if you have something to add
please leave it in the comments below because I love hearing from you guys
I’ll see you guys in the next video Tot ziens mijn appelsiens I really need to be
reading next month’s book dissect a book but I haven’t because April is just
turning into this like really stressful ball of just and so I’ve just been
devouring romance novels and it’s so great like I’ve gone through I think
probably thirty of them in the past two weeks and they make me happy because
it’s like oh they end up together what a surprise but at the same time it’s like
Catherine you you really sort of need to like get your butt in gear and like work
on next month’s book because like you’re gonna have to shoot the video for it but
like they got together in the end

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