HowExpert Journey – 7/29/2019 – Thank You to Our Readers, Writers, Narrators, & Team Members

are you guys a speech aid the author of the book how to make money with ebooks and the publisher of how expert only published quick how to guys on all topics from A to C today I want to do a quick video right now basically let me get my microphone man God do some updates for how expert actually behind the scenes and I want to document this journey to connect with our readers shoutout to our readers for all topics from A to Z because it's because of you guys were able to do what we love to do to publish how to quick how-to guides on all topics from A to Z but every day experts every day talents all in the world to ultimately make a positive impact in the world to all spheres of influences on all topics from A to Z I know that's a long statement mission but that's our mission you know I first started doing Kindle publishing with how expert one step at a time I was a sucker I project and it was starting in 2010 before that I've been doing full time internet marketing since 2008 but 2010 when is when I discovered about the Kindle and I put up some books of my own that wasn't selling and I take test today I sold and next thing you know you know he gave me the idea the black bulb like let me do hundreds of books and see what happens and I did hundreds of books with how expert you know modeling after some reference companies out there and we've been doing this almost 10 plus years you know and it's been a blessing and just wanted to make do this video to connect with our readers first of all thank you guys for getting our guides because it's without you guys you know this this brand doesn't exist you know and we're continuing every single day we're working hard behind the scenes that's because of you guys you know we're able to hire more and more talents more and more writers top influencers even you know trying out all kinds of things having a team you know behind it's not just me I'm the face of how expert right here but you know behind me there's there's a lot of team members you know who do this whether it's part-time or whatnot they've been working with us for years and you know I want all of us to win you know not just myself of course but my team members the writers you know to be able to hire more writers hire more content creators online course creators to hire more influencers out there you know to hire more team members to keep growing to ultimately live this mission for how as expert how expert which is to discover empower and maximize talents to ultimately make a positive impact in the world okay that's all I want to do online as a full-time internet marketer I've been doing this ten years now I want to make a positive impact you know online you know a positive impact in the world and you know what the place that I discovered the model the the vehicle to do it for me was publishing you know I'm a small independent publisher right now but like I said I want to keep crawling okay so I can hire we have 300 movies as of right now we're gonna have 300 ebooks on Amazon and that's a blessing you know we're still here ten years later you know a lot of businesses you know they're not here after a year what now but we're still here ten years and but we don't want to stop that when I keep going we want to go for another ten years and keep going and actually one of my visions for how experts not just to have 300 books is to have a thousand books you know thousand books where each book impacts a thousand people each in a positive way okay a thousand books that times a thousand people impacted in a possible way through our ebooks ebooks and audiobooks that's a million people impacted every single year in a positive way in all spheres of influences from A to Z so for us to do that we need to grow okay we need to go to that next level and to do that we have to make some adjustments you know and one adjustment we're doing is we need to raise a prices of our books our ebooks and our paperback books okay and that's just being honest with you guys these prices we make you know little Oh a lot more affordable but guys every year you know prices go off for everything right just like that our business we need to we need to increase our prices okay so it's not gonna be ridiculously high or whatnot it's gonna be it's gonna it's gonna for the value that you get from a real life authentic expert who writes the book okay our publishing brand is different okay the most most out there and no disrespect to anybody out there but I know one thing about our brand our writers write about what they're best at we don't hire ghost writers to write about some vanity topic they just researched online that's when day one we've had that mission we've had that good organic authentic Michigan day one where you hired real-life experience people to write about what they're best at so that's why I make sure when you get how expert guides you're gonna eat how x4e books ebooks and audiobooks the value the advice that value that you get is not from some ghostwriter it's from a real life everyday expert who has a genuine real life experience in that topic and I've said this many years ago in one of my first videos back in the days when we're just getting started and we still live up to that mission okay so the value that you get about any topic that you want to learn in how to it on all topics from A to Z you're learning from a real-life person who has real-life experience doing it not just researching it and that's why I just truly believe you know how expert guides the price can be is a lot more it could be high you know attempt or because it is worth that you know compared to some books out there they're written by some ghostwriter and you never know you know you never know if it's your in some weight loss guide is written by somebody overweight you know you're not sure right so that's one of reasons if we keep you effective we keep it real okay so that's why we've been here for 10 plus years okay we doing we've been doing this a long time because we've kept it organic we kept it then take from day one okay so we do have to make that prices a little bit higher for right now to keep growing no there's cops all the time when I hire writers there's costs all the time when I you know hire a post jobs and hire um writers designers virtual team members behind the scenes there's a influencers and and we have more projects that we test out with marketing you know Facebook as you know Amazon asks all kinds of costs and we need to also make up the costs okay we need to grow as well so that's why I decided for right now we're gonna make some adjustments for right now into the future and hope the readers know you know what we appreciate you we're gonna continue to improve we're gonna continue to get better we're gonna continue to give you higher quality books on all topics from A to Z for e-books paperback books and audio books and online courses and better YouTube content okay we have so many ideas right now we want to keep going forward to they'll ultimately be the best independent quick how-to publishing brand slash company in the world as best as we can be okay I'm sure there's great companies out there but we're gonna do our best to be the best that we can be okay yeah what we got and we want to grow and as we grow as we grow we're gonna invest that reinvest we're always reinvesting into hiring more content creators hiring more talent every day experts out there top influencers out there so ultimately you our readers and our viewers better content better advice better value for the long run so that is the reason why we have to raise our prices for right now and we'll keep it going and I just want to say shout out to all our readers and you know one for understanding us and appreciating us and supporting us and getting our books I love you guys I appreciate you guys's because of you guys we're able to do what we do we love what we do our team members myself the writers have the opportunity to become not just a freelance writer but an author so they get more opportunities down online so when you get our expert books we reinvest that into our writers who have better opportunities as well so your alt make a positive impact when you get even one how expert book okay and by the way if you've got one about how expert books and enjoyed it please go to Amazon and make a poem make a review authentic real review okay that helps us we need more reviews if possible because you're at everything that you read your reviews all caps every little action okay and do it for the books I give God only okay obviously okay keep it real okay that's how we do it and if you do that that will help us we really help us to keep going forward because we're actually under books right now we want to get to a thousand we're not finished we're working hard every single day okay and this is our mission and we're gonna keep living in every single day and I want to thank you guys the readers of viewers no matter how small we may be right now it's because of you guys which we're keeping keep on keeping up okay and we want to continue to grow and continue to grow in to develop better higher quality products to help you ultimately get the best quick how-to advice out there on the internet as possible on all platforms ebooks books audio books online courses everything out there okay so thank you guys we appreciate you I love you thank you now talk to you soon take care bye

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