Howard Shore: A Composer's Dream

[Applause] you I think to a composer music is very much what you see I think I've created an environment in this forest that allows me to dream to think so I'd like to work in that state musically I'm very happy in that dreamlike world rain music every day there's a certain discipline to that and day to day the thing I try to do is not to look too far ahead and in that day if you have done your work you've expressed so many ideas you've done some orchestration you've worked on the film you've worked on the cello concerto then you've accomplished what you've done that day and you're relaxed ready for the next day so what I always try to do is just chip away at it and you look back and there's just masses of music there's so much of it you know the cello concerto I'm writing now I'm basing it on Gardens Gardens that I'd loved and seen but it's not so much of visualization it's more a feeling a realization inner realization of what the piece is that you're writing to you know it's a very internal type of site it's a memory really with the peridot you're literally just going in such detail into the counterpoint and the film music is a broader stroke it's like different types of painting really and using a different brush and you're expressing the ideas differently it's kind of nice it's like your mind is expanding on one and and on the other one you're going into this very small detail each day it's almost like a way to cleanse the palate jaqen Tessa with me everyday morning till the their constant companions and they move when I move and I'm aware of all of their movements and I appreciate bravely being able to coexist with them the writing that I'm doing every day is really with them in the room and they just feel like they're part of me and they're inspiring me and I really think of them as my youth the piano concerto rounin memory took a year to write it was a lovely time I mean I would always have it open on my desk quite often I'd be working on smaller shorter pieces but I'd always go back to the concerto that piece is really a love affair with piano the intimacy the tactile perception of that instrument was really interesting to me most of everything I write is a learning process I want to try something to express some idea there's not a real comfortable nature to it there has to be some struggle I think to create something of value so there's always that searching in words is difficult as it is it's a wonderful journey

24 thoughts on “Howard Shore: A Composer's Dream

  1. This is such an inspiring video. It's always a pleasure to watch a genius work, to me Shore is the best film composer ever.

  2. There's not a real comfortable nature to it. There has to be some struggle to create something of value.

    Golden words.

  3. If you're reborn, I want to be reborn as one of Howard Shores dogs so I can listen to him composing stuff the whole day 😀

  4. I have two questions watching this: what type of pencil is that? What size paper is that? Any ideas?

  5. International Music Industry FACT: In my humble personal opinion..= 'Howard Shore' is the Greatest Composer Alive, nowadays (for sure among the World's 'Top 5' with James Newton Howard..Mychael Danna..Danny Elfman..Harry Gregson-Williams..etc..). His use..of Composition Techniques is a
    "mix of the best of the best..Tech..".
    He uses his UNIQUE MUSIC INTUITION..when woking on his Harmony & Counterpoint (both together "at the same time.." = which is THE WAY..of doing it).
    His Instrumentation..Orchestration..are SUPERB = Creating Truly Unique Atmospheres..
    His Film Scores = yes you Listen to his Music..AND at the same time
    YOU 'FEEL' HIS's the purpose.
    'The Silent of the Lambs' (to me..) is the Greatest Film Score EVER All Levels.

  6. Hi there! I’d appreciate it if you could check out my compositions! I’m a 16 year old composer/performer and would love for you to hear my music. My piece ‘Lost Time’ is a film-style piece. Thanks!

  7. I find it so fascinating to see the man working at his desk in total silence with the companionship of his two dogs and surrounded by stunning nature… The result is such beautiful music.

  8. Thanks for this – Might I ask what the opening composition is? It doesn't appear to be part of Ruin and Memory..? Thanks in advance

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