How you can earn money as Song Writer/ Lyricist

do you know the first-ever video between 1 billion views on YouTube yet psy Gangnam style but he was not alone in creating such a mega hit not many people know along with him new consumed co-written and co-produced the song and the song can never be only music its main ingredient is Lillard and for writing lyrics you don't have to be a great musician in this video we are going to discuss how people earn money by writing lyrics for a song so the first one is mechanical royalties for example if you have returned a songs for an album produced by Sony you will get some percentage of shares on every physical fill of CD cash it is these that is albums etc this percentage may vary from 8 to 10 percent of profits made by Sony the next one is analog public performance royalties if you perform your songs in a public event or your song is being performed by some other artist then you share some percentage of profits own from the family the next one is synchronization licensed reality if a specific recorded version of your song is to be used in any kind of television show background music of a movie or any commercial advertisement then according to copyright laws you will get paid if you issue synchronization license to the production company the next one is French royalty if you are a songwriter then priority is the must debt will be paid to you by the company that will print your composition the license is generally offered to the company for a period of three to five years at average new songwriters is paid twelve to fourteen percent of profit this is the least preferred reality by songwriters because the songwriters make least amount of money by this the next one is disallow loop mechanical realities it is much similar to mechanical quality however it includes selling your songs online rather than physical sales if you write a song and distribute it to download music services like iTunes Amazon or Google you are owed a reality for every unit of your music that downloaded the next and the last one is interactive streaming public for men to ante if you have written a song and after it is recorded it's being streamed by interactive streaming services like YouTube Spotify or argue then you will be paid additional songwriter royalty interactive streaming sites allow listeners to choose the songs that are played so remember every time someone plays the song returned by you on YouTube you are earning money pretty cool right if you like that with you please share with your friends and family comment your thoughts and any other ways to earn money as a songwriter that will help earth and others by knowing more information you can watch our video on singer and music producers here the pad to our channel for more awesome videos by clicking here thanks for watching

18 thoughts on “How you can earn money as Song Writer/ Lyricist

  1. Hi all me from Chennai and am Hindi song writer I have lot of songs..and also we wrote a song like amitabh bhattacharya in different way …if anyone need my song plz whtsap me 9884692546

  2. I'm also a song writer but I belong to small village of Himachal Pradesh. I don't know how I reach to singers and also don't know what is the process to sell lyrics. Plzz help me. Thank you.

  3. I am pratik borate In pune. I write English and hindi raps and freestyles. I have over 15 of them. and some love songs. My phone number- 8149260251

  4. Mera nam Chandraprakash Hai, Mai Ek Writer hu Hindi & Bhojpuri Song Likhta hu, Mera Arthik Sthiti Bahut kamjor hai. Jisse Mai Apne aap ko present nahi kar pa raha hu. mai apna Hindi Song Bollywood me bhejna chahta hu. kaise kya koi Rasta hai, Please Batayen.

  5. Plz 1 hindi me bhi tutorial mujhe apne lyrics je fees rukhna hai kaam a raha hai parr mai confuse hun ki kitna rakhu??? Plzz rply kitna minimum hona chahiye ki itna to lyrics ke milna he chahiye

  6. I m a best hindi bollywod song writter nd my some best songs are ready bt I have no plateform .so plz I need help

  7. hello i am a song writer and I have 50 hindi song .and I want to give this song in bollywood but I have not any way to reach the bollywood…and I want to work in bollywood as a song writer…..pls help me what would I do.

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