How YOU can be a better creative writer!

hi everyone welcome back to a recent study guides or grocery destinations for all of the English related teams I read people had an amazing weekend and you're ready to smash it out this way myself personally I love to new life for YouTube they're actually my first glance at all professional life for YouTube so let me know in the comments below if it all looks good to you guys updating a little bit kind of the Sun and the clouds and variations in how they would affect your lighting with my videos so those people that means that I can pretty much sell videos at any time of the day especially at nighttime so how do you out there actually night out I am massive night out myself I tend to find myself working into the late hours of the night and I feel like I'm most productive in the evening which is strange to say but it works for me so how about you guys how do you guys usually work let me know in the comments rollers for creative writing creative writing is something that I feel like everyone wishes they was better at writing itself is an amazing way to exercise your brain to reflect it also tends to stress and craziness out of your everyday life in particular with my students many of them are doing a creative writing assessment right now so I wanted to share if you guys some tips on how you can become better creative writer to write creatively and you need to do creative writing it's true so to read more actually tend to write better an experienced tutor I found that the students who read often especially those promoting reading since I was young tanda has better expression this is also something and hear a lot from you teachers at school so does that start to becoming a better creative writer is to read more widely China expose your search words you must create bright as possible here are some awesome sources of Ryan ranging from the legal to experimental creating pieces and epic number to find inspiration it's all around you following on some reading creatively can find inspiration in what you create and everything around you you'll be surprised where you might find inspiration for creative writing community's writing like ATM skills such as sports or music the more inspired you are the better and more driven you become sorry do short creative writing exercises so I guess values routine it's really often a good frame exercise to write as often as you can and on a routine basis for example you might take your fingers every single night before bed to write about in jail or just anything that comes through that is called stream of consciousness or you might have spent five minutes after thinking about an idea to write about it in your journal whatever it is every little piece of writing no matter how little you get into it no matter how long it is it can often become something amazing later because that can be the basis of a creative writing piece that you'll end up doing at school just remember there is no right formula when it comes to creative writing where you write when you write it where you write it it's different for everyone to find out what works best for you number four share your writing finally there is no better way to improve and to actually get feedback on people so try and think that people won't like your piece any type of feedback is always probably of constructive feedback for you to use and to improve and implement into your next piece you might want to ask your friends or your teacher to help you read your creative pieces or another really good way is to share it anonymously online through a web page a tumblr so now you have a good idea on how to become a better creative writer starting is always hard but just like with anything else once you finally get started and do it over and over again didn't get ten times easier whether it is for school or your sweet self creating value is an amazing outlet that can help you develop as a writer but also grow it as a person as cliche as it sounds so that is something if you like please give a thumbs up if you haven't subscribed already and go ahead and just learn because I release videos every single week a bath of the English tip so until I see you guys next time remember to study smarter not harder bye

26 thoughts on “How YOU can be a better creative writer!

  1. You're so cute! I'd definitelly like to be your boyfriend aushshsg
    Anyway, thanks for the tips!! 💞

  2. What my creative writing looks like:

    "mr. Television popped a pimple, turned into a door and started swimming inside a bicycle."

    That kind of creative writing really made me write better stories

  3. Hey Lisa,
    Thanks a lot for your energy aand amazing videos!☀️
    Can I reach you somehow, maybe email? Have a veeery important question to ask, would be super-grateful if u could answer
    Thank u💫

  4. i just want to let you know you are an amazing teacher/tutor because you just taught me and help me more in English within like 4min when my teacher can;t even do a whole term

  5. I don't think you have to necessarily read a lot to write better. I have two friends that read all the time yet I only read once every few months sometimes less. Yet I got a better mark than both. Its about knowing what the question/stimulus is asking and what the marker is looking for.

  6. Hi, I'm finding it hard to bring my writing to my creative writing blog to a wider audience, I write stories a chapter a week into my my tumblr and wattpad but I am finding it hard to get some feedback. If you can reply back would be greag thank you.

  7. In my school there was a story writing competition . The topic was A orphan child and in my story the orphan child got success at last but in my friend's story the child died. But I don't know how she came second and i didn't come in any position . Whyy….????:((

  8. i used to reaf and write quite a lot as a hobby but ive lost my regularity. i still love these things but social media has been massive contributir to why I stopped. i never get that motivation anymore and i wanna study it in uni but my passion has died a little :((((

  9. I'm just a British year 11 that needs help remembering important quotes in the books/plays and poetry I'm doing

  10. In future SAC's and or the exam, what if you don't understand the prompt or if your struggling on how you can respond to the prompt? Your video's are amazing and so helpful. I hope you can do a video on my question! 😊

  11. My school did a presentation on ur vid, and we all failed, thx a lot. sub for a sub : ) : ): ) ps: i love ur vids

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