How to Write Your Novel's First Page

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  1. Not a native english speaker so maybe I misunderstood this, but I find this advice very confusing. Having the same tone on the first page as in the rest of the book sounds static. As an example: If I'm writing a story about an innocent and naive young girl which slowly gets corrupted by living in a dystopian city, and the book becomes darker and darker. Then setting the dark tone in the start would ruin the surprise of her character development leading to an unexpected destination by the viewer. What if the story is about an evil necromancer that starts off on the first page sacrificing people, but the story conclusion is the necromancer being redeemed and opening an orphanage for homeless cats? Very basic examples. But my point is – if the tone has to be consistent – it leads to a static story? Or am I misunderstanding what you mean by tone?

  2. I don't know if it's a compliment but you have a writer face xd uf I imagine wtiter it's someone like you :3

  3. this is the most humbling video yet. Not only do i need to rewrite my entire book, but i need to finish it first. thanks for the reality check

  4. Thank you for the information. I realized my prologue was wrong in that it pretty much told the whole plot rather than a microversion of the plot. The prologue will be broken apart and seen in flashbacks throughout the book.

  5. would you consider the prologue to the first Harry Potter bad or because harry was included as a baby it was a good introduction?

  6. How's this one: ? OK, hard to tell how well it fits the novel without reading a lot more. Can't tell where the first page ends on Inkitt – the last line in my manuscript formatted file is: I looked very crossly at him. Mum and Dad were between me and him or I'd have hit him. There's a book trailer for it:

  7. Love your very enlightening videos Blue-eyed Wonder. I feel I have been learning a lot from them. Hopefully it pays of someday.

  8. I get the point you were making at 6:40 but I don't understand how you would do this when the goal of the book is saving a family member held captive.

  9. It just seems like you're talking what we should write into our synopsis. A first page can hold very little information and just serves as an introduction ._. you can't expect someone to cram a lot into such a small space.

  10. Thank you very much. I went back and reread the first page of my novel, and it reads like the first page of a book about oceanography. Oops! It's supposed to be a fantasy. I have some rewriting to do.

  11. This video was an example of what not to do on the first page. You spent too much time with introductions and didn't get to the material I wanted to hear until after about 5 minutes. What you did convey, was fine.

  12. Is it good, therefore, to write the entire first draft, and then go back and re-do the first page? Seems like it.

  13. أول صفحة
    – accurate representation of the novel
    – tone – may be wrong
    1- the original opening doesn't suit the book after modulations
    2- the logical point to start the book is not intersting
    3- too busy cramming info.
    don;t go overboard – build intensity
    e.g. micro plot of the main plot = overthrow a smaller authority figure than the main one.

  14. Thank you so much for your advice. Being that I’m writing my first real novel, I’ve scoured your channel trying to find every bit of helpful information. After watching this I have a better idea of how to make my first page more impactful 🙂

  15. How do you best go about the first page when you want the tone to change gradually across the novel as a major part of the premise. E.g. you want to start with a sort of idyllic/cheery/funny atmosphere and end up with something dark/apocalyptic/dystopian.
    I find this a bit of a dilemma. If your first page/prologue starts idyllic, people may think that that's how the whole book is going to be. If you do some heavy foreshadowing or something like "oh, but I didn't know what fate would have in store for me", or you start with some moderately dark tone and then go "back" to the initial ton right after, that may give a way too much of the premise.

  16. I repeatedly come back to your videos for advice. You've got such great stuff to say. It's not elaborate or complicated. It's straight forward and practical coaching that very effectively covers the problems I have. Bottom line, you take me from writer's block to writing, virtually every time.

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