How To Write While You’re Not Writing – Tips From Author / Attorney Bill Myers JR

how did you find that you’re running a
you know you’re running a law firm you’re on trial you’re handling cases
you’ve also got to research this it didn’t just pop out of your mind how did
you I mean how did you find the discipline to do the work necessary to
get this done that was the hardest part you know when when you’re running a full
time law practice handling cases running the business end of it you have I mean I
had at an hour here an hour there a weekend a half of a weekend day at night
when I would come home like my wife and I we would be sitting on the couch and
the chair and the TV might be on but I’d be sitting there outlining something or
writing a passage of dialogue or for me a lot of times what I would be doing is
every morning I walk my dogs in Valley Forge Park and a lot of times I’d be
walking along and all of a sudden a scene would just pop into my head or two
or three lines of dialogue and what I would do is I would stop I would pull
out my cell phone and I would start typing it in or now dictating it in
right and then I would have it that way but for me aaron one of the things that I
found was sometimes it’s difficult to sit down and actually kind of will a
scene to unfold but if you step away from it even if you’re not really
thinking about it your mind is still working on it and that’s how things come to you in the middle of doing something other than writing I
heard a writer once say that he does his best writing when he’s not writing

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