How to Write Great Book Chapters for Your Non-Fiction Book

9 thoughts on “How to Write Great Book Chapters for Your Non-Fiction Book

  1. Green Wizard Guide, 0 chapters. but needed reference points..Thanks for the great help Book Launchers!!!! this made the book in my opinion…not dismissing all the other great help..could not have done the book without book launchers guidance. get off the fence and get Book Launchers for your book….

  2. I love the fact that you give examples to support the ideas that you put out there. As always, another great video 😉👍💡

  3. I'm a fan of short chapters, too. I'm planning on having 19 chapters but the OCD part of me wants to bump it up to 20 🙂

  4. "How many chapters" never enters my mind. My first goal is word count. I've never counted chapters, I don't even number them. I name them.

  5. What if you have writers block? How do you make #noboringbooks if you feel like you are just writing a list or repeating yourself?

  6. I suspect a variety of chapter lengths makes it possible for the reader to pick out something which would match the available time. That, of course depends on the fact that the chapters do not need to be read in a particular order for the book to work. (One of the strengths of non fiction is the lack of narrative arcs, the logical progression of time, etc.)

  7. I’ve been using Toastmasters to help me write my book. Each speech I give is a chapter. It helps me in the editing because my tendency is to cram too much information and collaborating with a live audience aids in making sure I’m communicating my main point.

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