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hi this is Anna Yeatts from flash fiction
online and I just finished doing an author interview with Samantha Marie who
actually is all the way in Australia and we had a 12 hour time zone difference
and we got everything juggled but do you know what’s like technical difficulty me
my screen recorder turned off halfway through we didn’t actually get that
entire video recorded so I’m gonna recap for you what we talked about so we
talked about her writing process that she is pretty much a panther but she
likes to have an emotional note or a feeling or a goal either the midpoint or
an endpoint and then she writes towards that with a portion of my wife as a boat
for an example with that she was thinking about how we communicate if we
didn’t have words that the other person couldn’t talk back and in the case of
that story it would be a boat how do I say I love you when you can’t say I love
you back and that that was the point that she wrote to you with that story
and then it kind of unfolded and she’s fortunate enough that she normally
writes in one draft she says don’t hate her for that but she can just kind of
sit down and pants that out once she has that emotional point we also talked
about how long she’s been writing which has really only been five or six years
Oh flash fiction oh man was one of her earlier sales she doesn’t usually use
critique partners but she does do really well writing to a deadline so if you
remember codex and you can use the contest and you can use those to kind of
motivate you into writing that’s a great motivator I asked if she had in those
stories that she sent out 40 times and then finally sold it she says well she
does have a large number of stories still on her hard drive that I
personally would like over a flash fiction online but normally she cents
about about ten times or so and then they kind of get retired but she
encourages you to go ahead and continue sending this out the struggle is real
and you’re not the only one as far as where she writes it can be in the office
she’s this right in bed wherever she can take her laptop and move around but
general creative type it’s just sort of on the move on the go we do what we do
obviously it’s working for her as far as advice goes for beginning writers her
biggest piece of ice was just don’t give up just keep going and don’t move that
brass ring that you’re gonna get lots of advice like write every day and just
keep submitting don’t self reject but really it’s just keep going just keep
writing and don’t give up and we were so interesting that she
considered herself a baby writer and then I asked what advice would you give
for writers who are at that point where they’re trying to break through and it’s
really just prepared for rejection like you send your first little story off
into the world and you think somebody’s give a carpenter my brilliance this is
all gonna be great but really know you’re gonna get rejected again and
again and again so just hang in there and be tough and you can do it you can
break through but again I’m so sorry we had technical difficulties and if I
could record it again I will but if not this is my recap episode of the author
interview with Samantha who has a way cooler accident than I do and I’m sorry
have to listen to me again but if you’re not already a patron or flash fiction
online head on over to patreon and do that for more author interviews with the
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subscribe alright have a great day and happy writing

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