How to Write Better- Writing Tips on Voice, Tense, Perspective, Cliché and Wordiness

21 thoughts on “How to Write Better- Writing Tips on Voice, Tense, Perspective, Cliché and Wordiness

  1. This is terrific. Right to the point. Thanks. Very helpful for beginners, which I'm not, but shared this with a friend. I'll check your other videos.

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  3. Thank you, Justine, for the lovely concise video. Please, could you do a video for technical writing? Cliches are not used in technical writing. Much appreciated. Thumbs up and subscribed.

  4. Appreciate the recording! I hadn’t known exactly what the Essays is before so that your video was most useful. Maybe, the resource could be interesting for you personally, individuals guys talk about most relative issues on writing. Aspire to see much more of interesting video out of your soon.

  5. Smooth the tense throughout the piece.
    Perspective of who is telling the story, first person.. second person.. or third person.
    If you open in first person then you want to stay in first person all the way through.
    When there is a perspective shift then it is called a violation.

  6. Pretty good. Not sure I follow on keeping tenses though, especially in fiction. Maybe, keep tenses where applicable. If you kept the same tense you wouldn't be able to start with second person perspective, in past tense, and have the character "you" start giving dialogue, which acts as a spring board for the narrator to dive into a 3rd person omniscient!

    Or is that even possible? lol.

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